[Comment] Robot Features section

Wingnut 05-11-2007 02:53 PM
It needs completing ASAP.

Not for my personal enjoyment or anything like that, but because the info is actually needed elsewhere.

On the forums of MAHQ.net I am the unofficial CO of a section called the Colosseum. A forum similar to our own MFL, but we use pre-existing mechs and pilots in the fighting. Mostly the matches are Gundam based, but we have been using many other units as well, including Big O itself. Now the problem is that the only sites we have for reference material on Big O is here and wikipedia, the latter being unreliable as any moron can go in and change things for the worse/add incorrect info which will obviously be a problem.
Thus we have to use PC.com instead. However the robot features section is not up to the task right now.
I would like to see it brought up to that level and completed. I will gladly help with that in any way I can, just let me know what I could do. Profile writing, pics of the attacks, whatever. Let me know and I can round up people willing to help that are not members here even.
Shredder 05-15-2007 11:45 PM
Actually, we're getting very close to completing the Robot Features section. We have almost all of the descriptions ready to go, and only need to grab some screenshots. We hope to have it posted and done within a month or so. Sorry about the delay, but the priority of posting new content on Paradigm has gone down some due to less than enthusiastic responses to previous updates...thanks for everyone's patience.