The other roles of each Megaduce

Wind 05-04-2007 07:56 PM
I hope I'm not duplicating another discussion but I was just looking at the Japaneses companion book and I recalled the Behemoth the mega duce that was only shown for a moment in act 25 or 26. What if what Beck and Angel have stated before to Rodger about Big O being his alter ego is 100% correct. Aphysical representation of their role and mental state.Run with me for a bit.

The Behemoth is a digger or tunneler type machine. The union's goal, Veria's in particular was to undermine Paradigm City's status quo which revolved around the status quo the Rosewaters had and Alex Rosewater was improving on in his own twisted way. Veria and her union were cloak and dagger as evidenced in the Stripes episode when all the member revealed themselves. The Behemoth may have been one of her tools/weapons/options but to use it outright would have brought too much attention to her and the union.

Beck not having a megaduce fit's with his mental state he always seems on the brink of losing it and he does so in the last act. When Beck is trying build or steal a megaduce it is a representation of him latching onto someone else's identity. Much like a insecure kid with pretend he is a confident and popular hero like Spider man.

Big Duo a flyer that once operated by itself. Schwald mentally thinking on such higher levels Questioning reality, seeing things or looking at things from a vastly different perspective, etc. and thus was comfortable operating without a master or something holding him back or down other then his quest.

Big O Never flew, had chains that could hold it to the ground. Rodger's confident, down to earth/ grounded nature. The sheer powerful weapons or use of force representing his no nonsense or no beating around the bush way of getting to the truth.

Angels's Megaduce only appears after Angel has made her decision about who she is and her role and her decision to "reset" (Used loosely) the world. Walking confidently erasing all around her without fear or hesitation.

Rosewaters Megaduce is all about power and control just like the man himself.

Dorthy Wayneright needs no alter ego. In a sense she is the director's assistant. I always got the sense that she knew more then she let on since she tares up Angel's card before she meets her and tolerates Angel upon meeting her. She acts like an anchor kinda like when a director of a play gets caught up in what he/she wants the asst. director helps keep things flowing in spite of weather or not the director is focused on the script or her/his own desires for the show. Perhaps she gave up her role as the human Dorthy (An active and full fledged part within the show) to help keep the show going smoothly. But then again Sometimes what a person works on "takes on a life of it's own."
Ollen70 05-06-2007 09:57 PM
I think you're on an interesting track, and I think the writers were probably pretty picky in the way they designed the megadeuses for each character, but I don't know if it's all that simple. Nothing in this series really has an easy answer - Big Fau was never meant to be Alex's Megadeus, hence the 'Cast in the name of God, ye not' that scrolls across the viewer when he starts getting full of himself. Swartzvald was also about as connected to the Leviathan as he was to Big Duo. I liked your idea about Vera, though.

Overall, I've always sort of thought that megadeuses were like people and their cars. You pick one that suits you, but it doesn't necessarily represent every aspect of your personality. (If it does, then I'm apparently 31, missing some of my chrome, and my leather's starting to peel...and none of those things, so far as I'm aware, are true.)
Larry99 05-08-2007 08:00 PM
Great connection between character and Megadues. All make sense to me except Bethemoth. We don't see what Bethemoth is and what it does. I guess it is a reflection to the Union itself.
Capt. Quekolis 05-09-2007 08:04 PM
Yeah it is hidden, underground, and mysterious. Much like the Union like you said.
Malkhos 06-01-2007 11:07 AM
The word I think you're trying to find is Megadeus.