Angry Video Game Nerd

FatFrank 04-28-2007 02:31 PM
I love this guy and his many reviews of NES games from childhood. Beware though, if you are not fond of cursing you should not watch.

AVGN Videos
Inigo Montoya 04-28-2007 07:08 PM
This guy is awesome. I've seen a lot of his videos and remember thinking the same things as I played through the games he reviews. What does that say about old games??
Mike 04-28-2007 07:25 PM

I've been watching all of this guy's videos for like an hour, I think I found it from someone's sig, or something, and then I check here and there's a thread about it.

Anyway he's hilarious. I remember the immense suckitude of the Ghostbusters game.
Generalissimo D 04-28-2007 08:00 PM
Spiderman one was lol.
FatFrank 04-28-2007 08:58 PM
The Powerglove and the Ghostbuster series are my favorite.

Do note though, that some of his newer videos are on

For some of them the direct link does not work so you have to go to and then search for Angry Video Game Nerd.
StevieV019 04-29-2007 01:40 AM
YES!! He is so dead on regarding Double Dragon III...everything he said was correct. I remember experiencing the same crap he went through...Cyclone kicks that wouldnt work, an ungodly amount of enemies...and ONE F'ing life...hahaha

Hilarious...he must be on his own personal crusade...
The Baker St. Irregular 04-30-2007 11:04 AM
Oh, the fun my friends and I had while watching his review of the Bible games...