[Fan Fiction] BIG O: Visitors (working title)

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So, a few notes before I begin.

This is set in the show's first season (mainly because I've yet to see season 2. eh-heh...), and thus I've tried to make all characters act accordingly.

This is done in the same format as a movie script. I chose this method because it seemed rather appropriate for the show. Also, because I'd be able to keep description to a minimum. We're all fans: we know generally how an episode of the show plays out, and thus it shouldn't be hard to figure out how things should be.

Finally, this is a bit of a crossover. I'm not going to say what franchise(s) will be included. You'll see.

Feedback of any sort is greatly appreciated.

So, without further ado...

First Chapter

*Cue Opening*


Big Ear’s Bar. Early afternoon. ROGER SMITH is there, looking for information on a missing person. He was hired by the family to find him; at the very least, to find out if he’s still alive. It’s a routine stop. Scene plays out like all the other visits to the bar.

So, this guy had a run-in with Beck?

Big Ear
That’s what I’ve heard. Seems Beck managed to break out of prison again. He’s gone, well, nutty from being in there twice. From what I gather, your Mr. Young had borrowed from money from Beck a while back. Not long afterwards, the Megadeus showed up and kicked him back to the bighouse. Young forgot about the loan, seeing as how Beck wouldn’t be getting out for a while. And once Beck did make it out a few weeks ago…

Damn. The family isn’t going to take to that too well…

A few moments of silence.

Where was he last seen?

Big Ear
Check the area outside Paradigm Co.’s dome. The street dwellers there may know something.

Roger gets up to leave. He hands Big Ear his payment, but suddenly, there’s a noise akin to an explosion outside. Windows and bottles shatter, and a blinding blue light can be seen through the broken windows. Roger rushes outside to see an enormous glowing meteor, not 300 feet above the ground, blazing over their heads. It’s about the size of a jet (not that they HAVE jets), and seems almost like a miniature blue sun. It races past, and a few seconds later, an impact is heard and felt.

What the hell…

Roger gets in his car and drives towards ground zero. Sirens can already be heard in the distance.


Impact point. An enormous crater, several city blocks in diameter. Buildings surrounding the crater have sustained severe structural damage; only rubble remain from the buildings that were hit directly. Oddly, there’s no trace of the meteor itself. Police commander DAN DASTUN is already on the scene. The police are in the process of fencing off the area. A large number of people are sifting through the rubble, searching for survivors. Several have already been pulled out, barely breathing, as Roger’s car pulls up at the edge of the perimeter. Our title is overlaid here:

Missing Act: Visitors

(with megaphone) Alright, I want a perimeter set up! We need AAA guns out here STAT, in case this thing was a missile. Get some civilian help out here, too. Anyone willing and able needs to be sifting through the rubble there. Any witnesses need to report to me!

I suppose that includes me?

Datsun starts. He turns around to see that Roger’s car has pulled up along behind him. An exasperated look flashes across his face.

(no megaphone) Dammit, Roger, I can’t be bothered now. I’ve got a…(megaphone up) get those people up here, the medics are coming!…(no megaphone) crisis here. I don’t need a negotiator…

Well, you do need ‘willing and able’ civilians, don’t you?

Roger crosses the perimeter and starts to search for bodies. Datsun gives a sigh, and returns to directing the operation.


Several hours later. Sunset The search goes on, but it’s died down somewhat. It’s believed that most of the bodies have been found. Wounded are being attended to by medics. Roger and Datsun are standing by one of the military vehicles, still taking the occasional witness statement. An officer approaches Datsun.

Latest report, sir: 856 found dead. 10 survivors found at the impact point, all severely wounded. An unknown number injured by the shockwaves. We’ll begin identifying bodies and notifying next-of-kin now.

Carry on, soldier. (to Roger) You got a decent look at the thing. What was it?

Well, it was no missile, that’s for sure. It seemed almost like a giant shooting star. It was giving off a blinding blue glow; that’s what confuses me. Think it was radioactive?

We already checked radiation levels. Nothing above average. (he sighs) Go home, negotiator. We have the situation under control.

Roger just sighs heavily and nods. Unlocking his car, he drives off into the fading light.


Roger’s home, the old bank building. Establishing shot of the exterior. Cut to the interior, in Big O’s repair bay. The black Megadeus looms over Roger, who is standing on the catwalk spanning the space in front of it. NORMAN BURG, butler to Roger and mechanic to Big O, is sitting in the cockpit, checking the readouts.

Norman! How is he?

Oh, Master Roger. I didn’t hear you come in…

He gets up and jumps to the catwalk.

Norman, cont.
*inspecting a clipboard he was holding* In top form , sir. I’ve replaced the shield plates on the arms, and reloaded the machine cannons and missile launchers. Power core fully replenished, so the lasers and the chromebuster are recharged to maximum, and… *glances at watch* oh dear, I’ve left the roast in the oven. I’m terribly sorry, sir. Perhaps Dorothy was able to rescue it before…*takes a good look at Roger, and sees how his clothes are stained and dusty and such* …May I inquire why you look so rough today, sir?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Norman. *a heavy sigh* Check the radio if you want to know; it’s bound to be on the news soon…

*quick moment of silence*

Very well, sir. I’ll check that while I see to dinner…

Norman moves towards the elevator. Roger stays behind, staring up at the face of the megadeus. The metal giant seems almost to stare back at him, cold and expressionless.

Suddenly, a feeling of extreme terror overtakes Roger. He sways drunkenly, trying to stay on his feet. Grabbing onto the railing of the catwalk, he desperately tries to stay upright, but his mind is passing through a haze. Glancing up at Big O, he sees the megaudeus’s eyes are aglow!

Roger (weakly)
What……what the ……

A voice seems to emanate from the megadeus, noble and powerful.

You are Roger Smith?

Roger (now very much freaked out)
What?……who the hell……are you?!

Voice (more sternly)
Are you Roger Smith?

Roger (still freaking)
Yeah I’m Roger Smith!……now who……the hell are you?!?!

The megadeus now turns to face Roger eye to eye. Roger, more afraid then ever, falls back and backs away as far as he can. Which, considering the width of the catwalk, isn’t all that far.

Listen carefully, Roger Smith. What you witnessed today is only the beginning. Your city is about to go through hell. You must be prepared for what is coming. You are this city’s ONLY guardian. YOU are the people’s only hope!

Roger, still overcome with fear, covers his eyes, refusing to believe what he is seeing.


And then it passes. He warily uncovers his eyes, and sees Big O, de-active and resting peacefully. Severely shaken, he gets to his feet. What has just happened to him?

The elevator opens, and R. DOROTHY WANYERIGHT exits.

Roger, Norman says that your dinner is ready.

If she notices how shaken Roger is, she doesn’t acknowledge it.

Yeah…yeah, thanks Dorothy…

Both walk into the elevator, and we FADE to commercial.
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Come on now, 30-some views and not a single reply?

Fine. Next round, coming up.

Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

Chapter 2


Several days later. Around noon. An apartment building, the home of Mr. Young. Roger walks out of it to his car, having just informed the family of his death. As he sets off for the police station, we get a glimpse into his thoughts, as we do every episode.

Roger (V.O.)
This place, Paradigm City, is a town of forgetfulness. Forty years ago, every person lost their memory in “The Event”. It’s widely believed that this city contains all that remains of humanity. Yet, even with no recollection of what took place before, the people here have managed to live on. The rich have constructed enormous domes, providing them with light and warmth. The poor live in the shadow of these structures, getting along the best they can. In a place like this, a person like me is needed. I’m a negotiator.

He drives by the impact crater, completely fenced off by crime scene tape. Military police stand guard.

Roger (V.O.), cont.
And yet, I find myself unable to negotiate with my own mind. What happened yesterday, I cannot even try to explain. I’d like to think it was only a hallucination, but it seemed so real. I could just be going insane: hell, I’d like to think I were. But, that warning that voice gave me…
In the end, I suppose what I THINK doesn’t matter. I’ll just have to see what happens, and adapt the best I can…


Paradigm’s police station. Roger is telling Dastun what he found out about Young.

So, he was offed by Beck. You may want to send some men down to the port to recover the body. Dock 15. You may get some leads on Beck as well…

Yeah, yeah…whaddya want?!

A young sergeant had just entered Dastun’s office. He immediately snaps to attention upon being shouted at.

Sir! News from the hospital! The survivors of the impact have all escaped!

What? Both Roger and Dastun jump to their feet, looks of shock plastered on their faces.

The hell?!

Dastun (shouting)
WHAT?!?! They were all critically injured!! Most in comas even! HOW COULD THEY HAVE POSSIBLY ESCAPED?!?!?!

The sergeant winces, but remains at attention.

That’s all I was told, Sir! They’re asking for you to come immediately, Sir!

All right then! Get a full unit out there ASAP! (to Roger) You feel like coming?

Roger (still a bit stunned)
Yeah, sure…


Paradigm Hospital, within the Paradigm Corp. dome. Establishing shot of military police surround the building, fencing the entire thing off with crime scene tape. Dastun and Roger enter, walking quickly.

The critical care ward, looking very rough. Alex Rosewater, president of Paradigm Corp. and virtual owner of the city, is already there, talking with the doctors. His secretary, Patricia Lovejoy, stands with him. Roger and Dastun enter. Roger seems rather surprised to see the secretary there.

Roger (under breath)

She gives him a nearly unnoticeable smile.

Mr. Rosewater, doctor. What’s happened here?

CSIs file into the room as the doctor begins giving his account.

Well, sir, you’re not going to believe it. I hardly do. As I was just telling Mr. Rosewater here, about an hour ago, the impact survivors began to act very strangely…

We FADE INTO a flashback, B&W and all that. All that is described in the doctor’s account is shown to us

Doctor (V.O.)
As you know, all but three of the victims had fallen into comas since the impact. About an hour ago, the three that were still conscious began claiming they were seeing demons. A monstrous creature was appearing in front of them, staring them down and demanding their souls. I was unaware of any mental condition that that could have sprung up so quickly. They quickly became hysterical, claiming the thing was trying to take over their minds. They went into convulsions, and we had to sedate them. But that was only the beginning.

Not five minutes after that incident, we began seeing major fluctuations in our patients’ conditions. Pulse, temperature, blood pressure, everything; it was all over the scale. All of them started, how can I say it, speaking in tongues. They were all chanting in some foreign language, all in unison. It was truly as if they had been possessed. Of course, there’s, pardon the expression, no way in hell they could have been. Demons don’t exist, no matter what some religious types say…

Dastun (slightly annoyed) (V.O.)
Get back on track, doc…

Doctor (V.O.)
My apologies, officer…

So yes, they were all acting rather strangely. All of a sudden, though, their condition stabilized. And they all awoke.

It was as though they had become animals! Every one of them leaped out of their beds and attacked the attendants, ripping and clawing at them just like a beast would. We barely managed to escape the ward; they followed us, though. Our security attempted to use tasers, but they did nothing. Whatever happened to these people, it had affected them physically as well. The victims took down our guards and fled the building…

We FADE BACK to the ward. Rosewater and Dastun can hardly believe it. Roger has been wandering around the room, watching the CSIs at work.

Offhand, I’d say the condition of this room supports what he’s saying…

Well, I’ve had all exits to this dome closed off. They’re trapped here. And considering they’re wearing hospital tunics, they shouldn’t be hard to find.

He chuckles lightly. Dastun is already on his radio, sending out orders to his men. The police begin their search.

Roger is looking out the window, towards Paradigm Corp., when a feeling of intense terror take hold of him. In his head, the voice returns.

Voice (commanding)
Roger, summon the megadeus! It’s begun!

Roger nearly collapses again. He braces himself against the window frame, and the feeling passes.

Roger (under breath)
It happened again…

He looks back at the room. Dastun is checking on his men, inspecting their work. Rosewater has returned to talking with the doctor. Only the secretary seems to have noticed what happened to him. She shoots him a quizzical look, and he simply mouths “showtime” back at her. Suddenly, a minor tremor is felt. Then another, and another. A rhythmic beat, almost like footsteps…

The megadeus?

Everyone seems surprised: why would it be inside a dome? Roger is especially shocked. After all, he hadn’t yet called for Big O. But then, a horrible, almost unearthly scream splits the air, and the sound of wrenching steel can be heard. Roger dashes out of the ward.


The roof of the hospital. Roger stands on the rooftop. Far off in the distance, an enormous creature tears at the dome wall. The thing resembles a dinosaur somewhat, but is completely bipedal and has a stance the same as a human. Highly muscular arms and legs provide a stark contrast against its rather small head. Its color, a pale yellow, blends rather well against the dome it’s trying to destroy. It lets loose its scream again, and smashes its powerful tail against the dome. It desperately wants out…

Roger brings his watch up to his mouth. He utters a single word:


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The first part I can only describe as ballistic.

The second, meteoric.
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Originally posted by Call Me D. Just D. The D.
The first part I can only describe as ballistic.

The second, meteoric.

I didn't understand this at all, yet it makes perfect sense.
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*mildly confused* Well, I, uh, guess that's positive feedback there...
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Wow very interesting. Must have more.
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Moving right along.....

Chapter 3



We return to see the Prairie Dog charging through the subway tunnels, towards the Paradigm Corp. dome.


The military police moving in towards the monster. Dastun’s APC takes the lead as the armada rolls out at full speed.

Roger running down a now abandoned street. The creature is closer to us now, and we begin to get a sense it’s as tall as Big O. His watch beeps, signaling the megadeus is coming up from below. The street beneath Roger begins to crack, and the megadeus breaks through.

Outside the dome. Through the yellow-tinted glass, we see the creature turn as the megadeus rises from the street. Distracted from it’s job, it roars out a challenge to the metal giant.


The cockpit of the megadeus. The mechanism comes down around Roger, and he grasps the control sticks. The megadeus gives it‘s judgment:


Big O! Action!!!


The interior of the dome. Big O’s eyes alight. It takes a defensive stance as the beast charges. They clash, the creature punching and clawing at Big O. It doesn’t even manage to scratch the metal. Big O’s eyes glow brighter, and laser beams lance out from them, burning the beast badly and causing it to stagger backwards.


The roof of the hospital. A good number of the medical staff are on the roof, along with Rosewater and the secretary, watching the two titans duking it out. They witness the beast attack again, this time aiming low with its tail. The megadeus’ legs are swept out from beneath it and it lands hard, shaking the very foundations of the hospital. Rosewater looks on in a terrified fascination, his mind obviously hard at work. He sees the beast close in on the megadeus, but then jump back as a salvo of missiles launch from compartments in the megadeus’ chest. They hit home, and it shreiks in pain.


The interior of the dome. The missiles easily pierce it’s scaly skin, and hundreds of gallons of red blood splatter down upon the street. It nearly collapses, but stays on its feet, feeding off its hatred of the black giant. Using this lull to his advantage, Roger brings the Big O back to its feet. He charges at the beast.

Roger (V.O)
Let’s see how you like it!

Pulling back, he punches the beast squarely in the chest. A sickening crunch is heard, and it cries out in agony. Another, and then another punch. Barely able to fight back now, the beast turns tail and runs as fast as it can towards the hole,


The exterior of the dome. Nine people, dressed in hospital tunics, escape through the hole left by the creature.


The interior of the dome.

Roger (V.O.)
You’re not going anywhere!

Two of the Big O’s hip anchors shoot out, sinking deep into the creature’s back. Another shriek of sheer agony cuts loose as the beast is pulled back in towards the Megadeus. It’s trying everything now, trying to get away, but it’s useless. The piston on Big O’s right arm shoots back and air fills the chamber as it yanks hard on the anchors. The beast flies backwards through the air, and it feels the megadeus’ hand grip its tiny head.

Roger (V.O.)

The piston shoots forward, compressing the air and sending an incredibly powerful shockwave through its metal hand. The concussive force completely blows apart the beast’s head, practically liquefying it.

It’s body falls to the ground and shakes the buildings yet again.


The police convoy. From their perspective, we see the megadeus sink back into the ground, leaving the enormous carcass behind. A huge dust cloud rises, obstructing our view of the megadeus.

Dastun (pissed off)
Aw, dammit! Fire! Don’t let the megadeus get away!!!

Bullets and rockets are fired into the dust cloud, but it’s much too late. By the time the dust clears, the metal giant is already gone.