you can relax....

d-d-d-dumbass 03-30-2007 05:28 PM
Holic and Tsubasa

are recent crossing mangas by CLAMP.
true genius.

i am not a hippie. im just...
i hit a hippie once with my car.
it was pretty stupid.
because they werent being nice at all. they said they didnt love me.

i almost shed a tear.
not really.
Nine Kuze 03-30-2007 05:36 PM
Originally posted by deathhaseyes
i hit a hippie once with my car.

She's doing Gopd's work. Interesting, go on~
Dangerous 03-30-2007 05:38 PM
You are a dangerous girl .... You are able to crush a person with your car just because he or she said something bad to you. I myself often want to kill a lot of persons who don't respect me, or people who just stared at me with a bad eye. WHOOOOO I have a great imagination !!! But when I am doing something else than just thinking about those persons I feel better for I momently forget them. But when I am doing nothing or if I see them, or hear them, I bacome aggressive ! We can't stay like this.

Stay quiet ! Are you crazy ? Mad
d-d-d-dumbass 03-30-2007 05:41 PM
Originally posted by Nine XXVI
Originally posted by deathhaseyes
i hit a hippie once with my car.

She's doing Gopd's work. Interesting, go on~

go on?

i hit the hippie with my car....and...he LEFT A FRIGGEN DENT! I WAS SO ALMOST ANGRY!!!!!
well, anyway, he wsnt hurt. and it was his fault for not looking both ways before J-WALKING.
i got in trouble with the insurance people, but my parents didnt care.

they dont care about a lot of things.


actually....they're still very VERY young
Nine Kuze 03-30-2007 05:52 PM
Originally posted by deathhaseyes
Originally posted by Nine XXVI
Originally posted by deathhaseyes
i hit a hippie once with my car.

She's doing Gopd's work. Interesting, go on~

go on?


actually....they're still very VERY young

Exactly. Haven't you seen The Godfather, Part II? You have to take them out while they're still young, hop up on weed at the moment and just in the planning stages of their riots and peace functions and what else have you.

Or they'll come back like Vito Corleone and kill you first.
d-d-d-dumbass 03-30-2007 05:55 PM
my daddy is italian.


then he starts laughing.
because he likes those movies.

Vito Corleone is a G-E-N-I-U-S
Dangerous 03-30-2007 06:00 PM
Be careful when you drive please. Even if a pedestrian is wrong, he or she is right for the insurance.

LOL, you have a big chance to drive a car. Did you know that the insurance companies in my country don't allow me to insure my own first car ? Why ?

1. I live in a zone where there are a lot of infractions and violations of the goods towards the car.
2. This is the first car I want to insure in my name.
3. I have my drive license since 2001.
4. I am young.
5. This is a utility car, so they don't want to insure a professional car like delivering and taxis ones.

The worst thing is even if I lie to them, even if I tell them that I never got any problem with any car (it is true), and if I say I will use my utility car for personal use (I lie), they don't accept.

So my car is rotting inside a garage, without any chance to get it. I called for a specialist now.

That's better like this, because every persons I hate I can kill them, then place them inside my little van, and throw then to the canal. Big Grin
d-d-d-dumbass 03-30-2007 06:04 PM
thats interesting.

my car is white.

thats all i know.

because my parents take care of everything.

because they ignore me so when they pay for my stuff it helps them feel all nice and loving inside.
Dangerous 03-30-2007 06:09 PM
Your car is white ... Hum, it is too banal. Mine is green !

this is the same car I have, but in green. We can hide a lot of corpse inside Big Grin
The_Big_G 03-30-2007 08:08 PM
Electric vehicle...cooooool.

Very progressive and environmentally-minded of you.

I'm not a hippie or anything...I just felt so guilty driving around in a 1968 international scout with a 304 v8 for so long...that thing was a toxic waste site on wheels.

It was bad ass though. Sometimes I regret getting rid of it. I've been dreaming about getting another and converting it to biodiesel...then tricking it out Big O style

"The little big O truck"'d be sweet.
Dangerous 03-31-2007 03:37 PM
You know this logo of this car ? It is a Citroen. There were two Citroen in 'the Big O'. One on act 12 when Roger enters the building (a brown Citroen Traction Avant), and a last one in act 18, when we see an old Citroen H van on the freeway Dorothy took on a bike to join Roger.

PS: My car is not an electric one Frown It is a diesel. I showed this link just to show what kind a car I have. Too bad, I have still not an ecological mind, even if I worry for the future of this planet, but .... what can we do ? Nothing I guess.
d-d-d-dumbass 04-02-2007 10:45 AM
i care very deeply for my white car. i named it sanzo.
its name will be Rodger when it gets its black paint job in July.

green is cool too, though.
Inigo Montoya 04-02-2007 04:01 PM
I still need to fix up my classic Beetle.

Got myself a '56 Beetle in awesome condition. I just need to get a new engine (this one has cracks and corrosion in it like the Titanic), and a new paint job (because chipped green isn't my personal favorite, not sure why).

But again, welcome.
Dangerous 04-02-2007 04:52 PM
My father got a white classic beetle in his youth.
The problem with this car is the fact that it consumes A LOT OF BENZINE. Frown

To repair yours just call West Coast Customs. Big Grin

They did one !! Have fun with yours ! Tongue You will normally easily find an engine. Maybe if not try to repair it. It depends on the damages.

Good luck !! Thumbs Up
Inigo Montoya 04-02-2007 05:18 PM
Aren't West Coast Customs kind of... oh, I don't know... out the ass expensive?

I think I'll do it myself for now. But thanks for the tip.
Dangerous 04-02-2007 05:24 PM
Yep, WCC is very expensive, but it is free for anybody. It depends .... Big Grin

Ye right, repairing a car like your beetle is something passionating. Good initiative ! Smile