you can relax....

d-d-d-dumbass 03-28-2007 11:03 AM
im here. this is my first time being on forums in several years.
so i feel that a grand party should be thrown in celebration of my returning to the internet.
you may rejoice now
Dangerous 03-28-2007 11:11 AM
Welcome Death Has Eyes. And have fun in being in this city of amnesia ... Smile

This is your first time being of forums in several years ? How crazy ! Are you sure you didn't lose your memory, like everybody in Paradigm city ? Big Grin LOL


I would say you didn't lose anything in not being in any forum.

Here you are well welcome. Prepare for opened arms for you !
Nine Kuze 03-28-2007 02:58 PM
No, I can never relax. Once I do, the competiton will finally win and my life is in their hands...

...oh hi, no idea who you are but welcome (back?) to the PCF, the forums that never sleep and where we are always droppin' it like its hot.

Enjoy some vertigo with your return as well.
paul1290 03-28-2007 03:27 PM
Hello and Welcome! Big Grin

Be sure to watch where you park your car because your car insurance might not cover damages caused by megadeuses.

Also, encounters with evil cyborgs and reporters wrapped in bandages may be hazardous to your health.
Dangerous 03-28-2007 03:52 PM
Originally posted by paul1290

Be sure to watch where you park your car because your car insurance might not cover damages caused by megadeuses.

No need for the insurance companies to insure her for she is young, and those insurance don't want to insure young drivers. Frown I personally met this problem, plus I live in a "risked" zone.


Just ignore what I just said deathhaseyes. Big Grin
Chitter-Box-Kat 03-28-2007 03:59 PM
deathhaseyes. . . Points for a cooly name.

We've enver met before, but I'd like to welcome you back anyway. I'm Chitter-Box-Kat, and I'ma resident freindly psycho. I'm mostly harmless, and I like chatting with people.

Have fun seeing what's new!

Look to the skies!
It's deathhaseyes!
A daughter come home at last!
You may realize,
Things have changed deathhaseyes.
So make some new memories to last!
Dangerous 03-28-2007 04:05 PM
Originally posted by Chitter-Box-Kat
Look to the skies!
It's deathhaseyes!
A daughter come home at last!
You may realize,
Things have changed deathhaseyes.
So make some new memories to last!


Look how people are crazy in this city deathhaseyes !! Big Grin
Chitter is a crazy poet ! Paradigm City does not need poets ! Big Grin
Don't stay in Paradigm City anymore, you are in danger !!


Things have changed indeed since you 'left' this city some time ago. You don't remember do you? Okay ! No problem.

PS : good poem Chitter ! Wink
R.Smith 03-28-2007 06:51 PM
Welcome deathhaseyes! Big Grin I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Pleased

Please check out the Orientation thread for a quick guide of what's here to see, and the Visual Rule Guide. And stop on by the Forum Rules to get an idea of what's ok, and what's not.

Also, if you have a question, feel free to pm me.Big Grin
d-d-d-dumbass 03-29-2007 10:21 AM
i feel joy...
or something similar to it.
and all because of the warm welcomen from the residents of this forum.

sort of like suburbia.
joy, joy, rejoice, rejoice.

all hail jambi.
or lily chou-chou.

either will do.

i prefer me...though i wasnt a choice.
Dangerous 03-29-2007 02:10 PM
Guys ... there is a hippie with us now. We have to throw her where she comes from .... I am afraid of her Oh Well She is scary. Read how she writes ! Laughing BRRRR Neutral

LOL Anime Smile

I am joking huh ! Tongue
Inigo Montoya 03-29-2007 02:13 PM
Fear the Planeswalker, and welcome.
Hollow XXVI 03-29-2007 05:36 PM
Lol, hippies.
d-d-d-dumbass 03-29-2007 05:57 PM
lets play pin the knife on the hippie

no, thats not nice...
but its funny.

yes? yes.
Generalissimo D 03-29-2007 06:51 PM
May you prosper.
d-d-d-dumbass 03-30-2007 10:46 AM
perhaps i should properly introduce myself?

im in high school
im short
i love animals, especialy dogs
i love art, and music
i love to read. and i love poetry and plays...
and i very much enjoy anime and manga.

im a senior

my favorite artist is Michealangelo, who happens to share the same name as my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

My favorite type of music is classical, and my favorite composer is Mozart.
i also enjoy indies rock and not sure what category they fall into but my favorite band is the Dresden Dolls.

my favorite books are The Picture of Dorian Gray and Candy by Mian Mian.
my favorite plays are The Important of Being Earnest, by Osar Wilde and Macbeth by Shakespeare.
My favorite poem is The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, my favorite poet.

there are several anime and manga that i enjoy. so ill name a few.

Fooly Cooly
Big O
Samurai Champloo
and more...


From Far Away
Here is Greenwood
Petshop of Horrors
Fruits Basket
Genju no Seiza
RG Veda
XXX Holic
Wild Adapter
and more...

thats me. get to know me. i might smile

Dangerous 03-30-2007 11:07 AM
You have big centers of interests. Indeed, you are a hippie ! Big Grin LOL
You don't know what you want.

BOOOO I was joking.

You love to read. Try the Bernard Werber's books. Fantastic and anticipation. Trust me, excellent crafts ! Thumbs Up

I always suggest his books to people I know. Very great ones !

Have fun deathhaseyes.
Umbrella 03-30-2007 12:22 PM
Hello and welcome deathhaseyes. I hope that you enjoy your stay at Paradigm City. Smile
Dangerous 03-30-2007 01:21 PM
Of course she will love to stay here. The worst thing that can happen to her is to sing under a bridge or to beg at the Central Dome, near Oliver and his saxophone ! Big Grin
Chitter-Box-Kat 03-30-2007 04:33 PM
Cool a HoLiC and Tsubasa fan. We could disscuss lots of stuff together.
Dangerous 03-30-2007 04:39 PM
What is HoLic and Tsubasa ? Neutral

I just know Frolic (food for dog) and Shubaka. Big Grin