Duo 03-12-2007 04:05 PM
I've been pulled too far into this show...every since I first saw it on Cartoon Network in its first run this has been my favorite show. Everyday it tears me up inside there is no season 3 Frown I *never* tire of watching both seasons over agian (mixing it up with Super Troopers every so often).
I think I should be committed to a room with padded walls so I can scream about tomatoes and giant robots all the time.

Anybody else have this problem?
Dangerous 03-12-2007 05:07 PM
Me too I met this problem. Cartoon Network Europe displayed the big o over one year already, but only twice for the second season. So I have just watched the second season twice in my life. A "chance" that youtube exists to give me the episodes, but in the original version (I don't understand, but I know what the characters mean).

CN gave up the Big O. The worst thing is that I can't find the second season on store, but just on internet.

However there is a new interest for this anime in Japan, so there will be new fans of the show.

The third seaosn will not exist according to me. No interest.
Big Money 03-12-2007 05:08 PM

S'why I bought the DVDs.
Pygmalion 03-12-2007 11:46 PM
A Clockwork Tomato was so caught up in the show he wrote a 13-episone season 3, one episode a week. It starts with Act 27: Life Goes On.

Revan 03-13-2007 07:04 AM
Yeah I experienced this around May-Dec 2005 during which I finally watched all the episodes for the first time. And thus began another quest to scour the web for information, fanart/fiction and fans. Eventually leading to becoming a memeber on PCF!

But life goes on, while I still love Big O as much as I did back then, part of being a fan of anything is realising nothing lasts forever. Frown
Capt. Quekolis 03-14-2007 07:32 PM
I also suffer from this. I love Big O, Ihave said it I admit that I love it. But yeah it does suck that there is no season 3. I would love nothing more than that
Dangerous 03-14-2007 08:10 PM
A third season ? Hum .... this idea of infinite cycle disgusts me. Mad
Sharpshooter005 03-14-2007 08:23 PM
Yeah I experienced this around May-Dec 2005 during which I finally watched all the episodes for the first time.

I joined after seeing 2 episodes during the first airing of the show, and somehow managed not to have every plot-point spoiled for me (then again I dont even know if season 2 EXISTED at that time, I dont think so)