[Fan Art] "Your Sense of Fashion Roger, Really Reeks..."

Revan 03-05-2007 01:35 PM
So I decided to boot my brain up and do something creative for once.

The result: a bit of humble fanart Cool

Looks like Roger doesn't always stick to his dress code. Hope you understand it! Tongue
I'm really a digital art noob, no graphics tablet or anything. The lineart was drawn by pen and due to a lack of scanner, I took a picture to photoshop up. I like how Dorothy's hair turned out but I'm not so impressed with the background and a semi rushed Roger.

Enjoy! (First thread as well, woo!)
R. Daniel Olk 01 03-05-2007 03:38 PM
Hahaha, very cute.

Some points for future art, though. Imagine Dorothy's face more shaped like an upside-down water droplet, instead of a lima bean.

Also, a quick tip to greatly improve your Roger--whenever drawing a human figure, always make sure that the figure is about 8 heads tall. You know the 8-heads rule, right?
Chitter-Box-Kat 03-05-2007 04:03 PM
Aw man, that is funny! X3

But yeah, you need to work on drawing Dorothy's face and porportions.
Revan 03-05-2007 04:23 PM
Thanks for the comments and critique. Big Grin

I've never really studied proper drawing techniques in school- even when I used to do art a few years ago, so I understand some bit of my work may be a bit rough in places. Most of what I know has been cobbled together from doodling and the odd book and website. My normal style is quite good in semi-realism but doesn't always transfer well over to anime/manga. Which ends up in a few dodgy proportions/shapes sometimes. Roll Eyes

Practise makes perfect...
Dangerous 03-05-2007 04:32 PM
Big Grin Pretty good !
The_Big_G 03-05-2007 08:09 PM
Heh heh, nice!

.oO (what is Dorothy doing sniffing around Roger's dirty laundry?!)
Umbrella 03-05-2007 08:56 PM
Well well.... It appears as if Dorothy has stumbled upon Roger's dirty little secret. Tongue

Very nice.
Revan 03-06-2007 03:10 AM
Originally posted by The_Big_G
.oO (what is Dorothy doing sniffing around Roger's dirty laundry?!)

Heh heh, just doing a bit of ironing, Norman should be glad she does the tougher jobs. Wink
Heavy Metal Instro 03-24-2007 10:09 PM
Haha, that's what the Spanish call El Terrible (accent mark over the e)
evanASF27 03-24-2007 10:12 PM
That's wrong...on so many levels.... that's hillarious!!! XD Bravo!
Big Jauln 03-24-2007 11:20 PM
Nice one, Revan! Not bad, not bad at all.
Revan 03-25-2007 06:13 AM
Originally posted by The Stoned Guest
That's wrong...on so many levels.... that's hillarious!!! XD Bravo!

Looking back I wonder what on earth I was thinking, it was a pretty spontaneous picture but I'm glad you liked it! Big Grin
The_Big_G 03-25-2007 08:43 PM
Ya don't need to be Vincent van Gogh to draw comics!
Draw more!