Big O Video Game, What would you want in it

kidistight 09-29-2003 08:30 AM
If there was to be a Big O video game what would you want in it, would you want it to be story based, or a fighting game, or both. If it is story based, would you like to be able to play story mode as any of the Big's pilots, or even some of the megaduses pilots. I say some because characters, like the old guy in the episode with the original Hydra, wouldn't go very far, since he hasn't made a reoccurence. If it was a fighting game, would you like all the megaduses to be in it, with a few hidden ones, that you have to unlock. All the Big's would have there super mode, but after a certain level is reached, or after doing a button combination. Both would be just that, a mix of both of them, which would probably be the best, and most likely if they did make it. Also one last thing, which game company would you like to see make it? Post your comments, this is just a quick idea that hit me, while I was sitting here, reading about Hyrda. Tell me what you think, I am interested in hearing what you have to say, and what everyone else would picture the game like.

P.S. I hope a lot of people respond, with a bunch of creative ideas.
StevieV019 09-29-2003 08:36 AM
RPG game powering up Roger and Big O with different abilities and attacks per leveling up and finding "memories" in the city of Paradigm...something to that effect...a la Front Mission/Final Fantasy...but RPG style, NOT like Final Fantasy Tactics (but that would be a cool Big O type game army of characters trying to take down the evil doers in Paradigm...)
kidistight 09-29-2003 09:51 AM
I guess we are the only ones who would buy the game, how would you go about having Roger and Big O, level up. I have never played Final Fantasy, so I don't know how it works, the only role playing game I have played is Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. "Leveling up" in that game works on the base that anything that furthers the storyline, or any fights you get in, you get XP points.
David F 09-29-2003 09:53 AM
Yea if the gameplay is reminiscent of Front Mission and storyline is written well I’d certainly buy it in a heartbeat. Otherwise if it’s a fighting game or some other genre I would probably stay away.
StevieV019 09-29-2003 10:17 AM
Well, you know...leveling fight (random) battles and choose actions based upon terms (loosely, RPG's have advanced a lot in recent years, but this is just an example), and then based upon results, you gain experience and items to help along the quest....

So, you can level up with experience, which enables more attacks and more power, etc. in your encounters with enemies....

So something like that involving Roger Smith and the Megadeuses...

Front Mission is a "mission" based rpg where you command a set of characters on random battlefields that are usually squares. Your movements and attacks, again, depend upon the character experience and so forth. You move turn based, moving and arranging your characters on the battlefield to win the battle....
Shady Dark Lady 09-29-2003 11:33 AM
I suck at video games..I have to cheat and give myself infinite lives. I would love if they did a Big O game. I'd buy it if it were story driven and you got to fight as well. I'd want to play Dorothy though..If they can make that happen, I'd buy it regardless of the details..
SharpDressedMan 09-29-2003 12:30 PM
HAHAHA! That would so be great. I think by far a great idea that could actually happen is like have Big O put into a Gundam game... well maybye not but since bandai has the rights could it happen? That would be pretty nice I suppose but not as great as a full fledged game staring our favorite megadeuce. Now the only question is whether or not it would be action or fighting for me.... I love 2d fighters but are there really enough Megadeuces to actually make the game seem full? Maybye a few new original mechs here and there but I dont think anyone would want to play with the construciton robot from eyewitness... one hp on his lifebar. Maybye an action title would be cool but I dont think it could so completely follow the story the the point of total accuracy not that I would so much want it to. Might be nice for it to be like a side story.
Mike 09-29-2003 01:57 PM
I think it would be best as a fighting game with RPG elements to it. Or as an RPG where the fights are mostly 1-on-1. And as you gain experience you get new attacks, starting with just pistons then Chromebuster, and missiles and guns then that cool arm gun, and then that thing Big O did yesterday, finally until you
spoiler (highlight to read):
fight big Fau and use the Final Stage Attack.
Sharpshooter005 09-29-2003 04:05 PM
MGS style game where you played as Dorothy in that ninja suit thing. Unlockables would be her normal outfit, a giant robot at the end (ala Metal Gear Rex). And a mode where you just ran around as Alan, shooting up everything.

Ok, the thing with that? HORRIBLE idea. Im just waiting for max payne 2 and Halo to come out, dont mind me.

A robot fighter with RPG elements would be good possibly, especially if you could wander around paradigm inbetween stuff (think the whole...yeah, walking around aspects of the early, NYC and hong kong levels of Deus Ex, but also you'd fight various megadeuses). Oh, just please dont make the combat like ZOE2, or even Z0E1 for that matter, we dont need a bunch of megadeuses zipping around at insane rates of speed, firing bizzare beam weaponry, and also I just sucked at both those games. Smile )
StevieV019 09-29-2003 04:23 PM
see...I agree with the whole "dont make it like ZOE"...thats why a Front Mission/Final Fantasy Tactics game could work, or else and rpg could work well...thus, almost negating the whole exaggeration of speed or something...
Chibi Dorothy 09-29-2003 05:38 PM
A Big O RPG would be great, the battles don't have to be turned based they could in real time with the ablitiy to move around the screen. But not like a fighting game system. Something like Star Ocean or th Tails of Destiny series. But either way would be fine with me.

There could be secret side quests and multiple endings.
Then they could have a arena mini game where you can fight against all the other robots in the game for money. If you made it to the top rank you'd get to fight a 'secret' Big.

A tatical game would work great too but an RPG would be my first pick.
GoGoArlo 09-29-2003 05:40 PM
play the the PS2 game R.A.D (robot alchemaic drive) Its the closest thing we will ever come to a big O video game. you see, you start the game out as a little dude walkin along the streets of tokyo BUT THEN...A giant robot just pops out of nowhere! So whatya do? why summon your robot of course. Now heres the cool part, the way you controll the robot is allmost the same way Roger controlls Big O. You use the trigger buttons activate its feet one leg at a time, and you use the controll sticks to move its arms around. so the right stick moves its right arm etc. plus you get money from doing stuff as a person (negotiations? in this game i guess) and you get even more money from killing robots which you then use to upgrade your robot and outfit him with new parts and uprades ( i guess you could buy newer atttacks like Big O's gattling gun arm or so on from Norman) But yea, RAD rocks and i found it for only twenty bucks so try it...TODAY!
gur2009 09-29-2003 07:10 PM
i'd get it cuz big o is awsome and i would make a mixe of fighting and story also you would beable to do the story of each big pilot

star ocean wasnt that good of a game but i guess the combat system is good

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NVWC2006 09-29-2003 07:12 PM
Hmm. My ideal game would come out in GCN, XBox, and PS2 versions for all fans.

It would have 2 main modes that would reflect on each other. There would be a multiplayer battle mode, where 1 person vs. a computer or multiple people (very SSBM style) vs. each other pick any megadeus among a list of many. More will be released and able to be used as you progress through the game. Most of the original robots would be season 1 robots, though some would be saved as secret characters.
The other mode would be a story mode, where you would play out the series. Depending on how well you do will cause you to recieve upgrades (ie, missiles, energy 4 Chromebuster, etc.) and you will level up depending on how well you do. There is only one 'life' and if you lose, you start the stage/level all over. You normally will play with Big O, but after beating story mode completely, unlocking certain characters, and winning so many battles in the Vs. mode, you may then play as other robots in story mode, such as Big Fau.
The final boss would be the robot featured in the common spoiler clips around here, but unlike the show, would not be invincible.
Beating the game under different conditions will cause different things to happen
spoiler (highlight to read):
such as rewinding back to the beginning, with all your upgrades of course
or allowing to simply run around Paradigm doing as you wish, whether that is smashing buildings or playing with little kids.

That's all I can think of right now..
gur2009 09-29-2003 07:13 PM
yeah that would be freakin awsome but still u should start out with mor than just the piston arms
mAc Chaos 09-29-2003 07:14 PM
As long as Big Duo is involved, the game will be the win.
Mr. ? 09-29-2003 07:14 PM
A Big O game, im my case, would have to be a lot like Metal Gear Solid 2. A very story based game with LOTS of cutscenes of video clips. The action asspect...Im not sure. Maybe a FPS? 3rd person game(GTA3)? I just wouldnt know...
Lupin IV 09-29-2003 07:17 PM
I actually made a joke response in a video game thread awhile ago, saying a big o game should be like grand theft auto.Now hold one stay with me for a moment,Embarrassed Sweatdrop
Think of it this way: practiacally no unnecesarry(gta patended) violence,Full exploration of Paradigm(W00tz), interaction if wanted with citizens, can go in and out of buildings(the speakeasy, nightin gale,etc.) and instead of "missions" you negotiate...sometimes the negotiations go a tad hairy and,well, you know what happensBig Grin Maybe at this point, the game would turn into a fighter/ R.A.D. mode style...

^BANDAI, I hope Your Listening!!! If the simpsons can have one, so can Big O...(eh, I can dream)
Btw, After the Lupin game, Bandai's working on a bebop game,though they themselves don't even know what stlye it'll be yet.So I suppose A Big O game is not out of reach
Mr. ? 09-29-2003 07:20 PM
WHOOMP WHOOMP WHOOMP *Roger jumps up on Fau, pulls Alex out and shoots him. Gets in and walks away* WHOOMP WHOOMP WHOOMP *Police Sirens in backround...*
C.R Foxhound 09-29-2003 07:26 PM
What about a megadeus fightling legue game

with online play and fully customizable megadei