New Japanese Big O DVD Release!

Shredder 01-31-2007 11:31 PM
It looks like Japan hasn't completely forgotten about Big O after all! A new 26 episode Big O boxset is being released in Japan on April 25. Besides including the entire series on six discs, it will include both the English (with Japanese subtitles) and Japanese audio tracks. The extra features include a 16 page liner notes booklet, a 12 page illustrations booklet, and textless OP/ED. Please note that since this is an international release, it will only work on Region 2 or region-free DVD players.

The current price for the set is (a steep) $300, although it looks like Amazon Japan is offering it for $230 (25% off). For more information on the set (including where to order it) as well as discussion about this release, check out this thread.

A huge thanks to Asirt for finding and posting about this!