Spoderman 01-27-2007 02:02 AM
My friends and I first learned about Berserk through AMV Hell 3, where a number of segments featured clips from the show. After we acquired the series, we were completely blown away from episode 1.

The series just keeps getting better and better; there isn't a bad episode throughout the entire length, and aside from obvious liberties, much of it is quite realistic. Even the armor worn by the characters matches the time period and setting on which the show is based. Berserk has quickly become pretty much my second favorite show ever, and I reccommend it wholeheartedly.

Since I have very weird tastes, I just so happen to enjoy the anime much more than the manga, even though more events happen within the manga. The anime has some of the best character development, dialogue, and action I've ever seen, and it's just incredible.

A word of warning, however, and do not take this lightly by any means: The series is violent, and I mean VIOLENT.

If you're looking for a new series to pick up, try Berserk, you will not be disappointed.