[Other] The First Ever PPGZ Panoramic Images Contest! [Ended]

Asirt 02-24-2007 12:38 PM
...I underestimated this. Somethin' so time-consuming and you do it just like that. Damn...

Yeah. This isn't your average Panoramic Images thread. There's also coming with a good story with a limited amount of images and also having to do that every week. By the way, I was joking about the whole "gift" thing, lolz. Tongue

I like that idea with both of us narrating an episode each.

That's good. I'll wait for Green_Bird's reply if she agrees with that.

And since ol' girl G_B has the short attention span, I think I should do the longer episode... (I'm kiddin' girl, much love).


When I choose who will do what episode, I will PM you guys the details and provide you with the pan images.
Green_Bird 02-24-2007 08:11 PM
Originally posted by Asirt
I like that idea with both of us narrating an episode each.

That's good. I'll wait for Green_Bird's reply if she agrees with that.

Yeah I like the idea too....
Nine Kuze 02-26-2007 01:12 AM
My Night Cruise submission, Part II:

...when we last left off, Gino was on his way to fly over to the chairman's residence and go down shooting in a blaze of glory well taking the lure of a hooker with him. Wait, that didn't happen. Oh yeah, he just finished throwing up when...

After an apprently heartmeal, Gino gets ready to do some flying.

Take who home?

Oh my, it's getting somethin' so hot up here.

What are you waiting for, man? The meter is running... or flying. Or however the hell that works in a plane, just starting running your game on her man!

Nice start, nice start.

Er okay, take it easy with the "charm" there, pal.

What the hell? No, what are you doing?

Okay, you lost her... badly. This is how you usually pick up chicks? Bad form, Gino. Bad form.

Don't do eet /b/ he's crazy!

With the way you just ruined that moment with her, you'll be releasing something alright. Just not with her and by yourself. See how this works?

...oh, you can't tell me you're falling for this.

This hooker ain't right, Gino. This hooker ain't right at all...

...you just released your chances with this chick is what you did. Oh yeah, the whole assassisation attempt gimmick you're going with.

But... you'll be an accomplice to murder!

He's won the sucka award, that's what he's won.

Hey Batou, you've been missing since... wait, this hooker is the Major?!

...oh my.

Oh. That explains the whole "one-minute man" crack I made a couple of pans back. Still lol.

Damn, a cyberkinetic version of the clap? That must have been somethin' so nasty.

Hold on, if this is all a delusion, then what is this whole narration thing I'm doing then? o_O

In short, she's not going home with you and you're not getting laid tonight... again. :o

So, that's my first-ever narration with Ghost in the Shell. Sorry, if it was a bit crude but it was based off of a Scorsese picture. What did you expect from it?