The Gunion

Wingnut 01-17-2007 06:50 AM
What on Earth could that be you may ask? Well the Gunion is is a parody newspaper designed, created and written by Ben Davis, with additional writing contributions by Adam Weinberg and edited by Chris Guanche. The Gunion makes jokes, puns and cracks at various trends in Mecha and Super Robot anime and cartoons, with jabs at the various aspects of fandom that relate to the typical anime otaku. The entire paper is a satire, from the stories, to the ads to the logo.

Click here and then on the Archives tab to download the issues of the Gunion so far. There are only 2 issues as of this post, but they are very well written and funny.
There is no Big O material yet, but if you want to make one you can write some up and submit it according to the guidelines listed in the link provided on the page that it links to. In fact, please do as one would fit perfectly with the nature of the paper.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat reader or similar program to view the issues as they are in .pdf file format.