[adult swim]'s Thread of Anime...

Nine Kuze 01-09-2007 10:59 AM
...or possibly, lack there of.

I got this thread idea from the numerous of other threads covering the other anime series that are on [adult swim], such as Bleach, Eureka Seven, FullMetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, and what else have you.

Basically the notion that's been going around is that [adult swim] doesn't show that much love to anime fans, and let alone even anime itself. Despite bringing a number of different anime series from all different genres and fanbases, it has been pretty shown that [as] caters more to the comedy aspect of its programming (and when not that and focusing on the anime, then its InuYasha then).

Just wanted to bring this up and see what you guys thought of [adult swim] and its anime context. Like what you like, what you don't like, and also what kind of other anime can be brought into the [as] fold as well.
dominusofdeath 01-09-2007 12:54 PM
ADult Swim's only good anime were. Outlaw Star, BeBop, Lupin, Case Closed, Champloo, Big-O, Shin-Chan, FLCL, 08th MS Team, Trigun and Voltron. And NGE was ok.
Sharpshooter005 01-09-2007 01:11 PM
[AS] aired a bump listing the premiers of its new shows/returning seasons of shows. At the end was something like "new anime year round".

I tried finding a list of what was picked up, if this was a joke, a schedule for 2007, but not knowing where to look I didn't. I wouldn't doubt they may pick up something and retire something else (maybe the 2 episodes of inuyasha per night is so they can burn through it, and send it off into oblivion, hopefully to be replaced by something good). I doubt if though, the last show they really stuck into pergatory was blue gender which was universally loathed...witch hunter robin seems to be gone for good also which dosen't bother me in the least.

I'd guess the reason they 'berate' the fans is

A) When people get angry, they produce humorous board posts/emails which are bump material. AS just loves messing with the viewers..all of them, its sort of a staple

B) Ratings wise, saturday (the anime night) is almost always soundly trounced by other nights, or by the rerun of futurama on saturday.

what kind of other anime can be brought into the [as] fold as well.

I used to think Noir would do well, except then I realized ADV has some sort of on-demand channel and if they decided to air it, they'd probably air it on their own instead of selling the rights to another network.

It'd be nice if they brought back...something at least watchable. Trinity Blood wound up even losing its unintentional humor to me after 2 episodes.

I forget what company would be the ones who own hellsing. They might as well air that, considering I always viewed both trinity blood and witch hunter robin as really pale imitations of hellsing (which is saying alot considering how much I dislike the last few episodes of hellsing). Just stop beating around the bush and air it.

Serial Experiments Lain would be another and possibly better one to air. Paranoia Agent (which is really the last anime they aired which I enjoyed) is somewhat similar in tone, and it seemed to go over fairly well.


This is probably one of the shows they'd have meant with that bump, apparently the "test run" they did for that went well, and theres more in the pipeline.

NGE was ok

I'm still wondering what the hell they were trying when they test-ran it on some block at like...2 in the afternoon or something, and heavily cut up the three episodes they did decide to show. Granted it later made it onto AS itself (and got what, 1 to 2 runs, and now its just gone?) but...yeah I never got why that seemed like a viable strategy.
Chitter-Box-Kat 01-09-2007 02:56 PM
Hellsing is from Studio GONZO. And GOD YES I would love to see this on AS. But there's not enough viewage for anime and Inuyasha is taking forever. Outlaw Star would be a treat, or maybe even Tenchi Muyo. *sigh* I guess we'll have to wait until Paranoia Agent finishes up and pray someday Inuyasha will end until we see something close to new. Oh Well Damn.
Sharpshooter005 01-09-2007 03:04 PM
pray someday Inuyasha will end

It did already, this is the second run of it. In fact, because I hate the show I'll spoil the ending unapologetically. They never collect all of the jewel and the last episode apparently ends on the juvinile soap opera tripe between dog-demon and bitchy archer girl about how they need to keep hunting for the jewel.

Also, I assume the marathon AS did ran through all the inuyasha movies. So they can basically drop the series...its over, whoever was skewed enough to find it appealing has seen all of it.

Again, hopefully it'll just 'disappear' along with witch hunter robin and blue gender, and we'll never have to have it crammed down our throats again

I guess we'll have to wait until Paranoia Agent finishes up

They can keep re-running that for all I care. Sure I've seen it but...it was damn good and if I'm channel hopping and come across it, I'd have no complaints.

then they buy Family Guy, the proverbial a-bomb to Anime's Hiroshima.

Comparing family guy to the atomic bomb is denegrating to the atomic bomb.

I would however say that anime isn't going to "leave" the entire block. I dont have numbers on hand, but I think eureka seven (which I never watched) got fairly commendable numbers ratingswise, and I have no clue how the other series have performed.

At the very least, FLCL probably will continue to get a periodic marathon/airing. Seemingly they just love that show. Which I guess is a rare lapse of good taste.

get Anime Network

Is this the ADV one, or is that just called "ADV on demand". I dont really use on-demand channels so I dont know.
Scourge 01-09-2007 03:07 PM
AS doesn't care about the anime branch, but it shows anime because it took the Midnight Run over and I guess CN feels it still needs a late night action block. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they start phasing out their anime entirely, I mean they have good reason to. When AS started it was heavily action based due to the audience Toonami's MR brought in, slowly they bring out more and more comedy series and then they buy Family Guy, the proverbial a-bomb to Anime's Hiroshima.

They realize now that only a small fraction of their overall audience even watches anime. Also they mock and degrade anime fans due to their obsessive bitching and moaning. Topics like this for instance are what AS seem to hate anime fans, they always want more and they always want it better.

If you are that hard up for anime get Anime Network and stop beating around the bush.
Mr. Fortnight 01-13-2007 04:36 AM
Even better yet, buy the series you like, and forego the networks all together.

I'm collecting series left and right now that DVDs are so cheap overall.

Then again, with the Comcast empire taking over my area, Anime Network oo Demand is a pretty nice thing to have. (Here's to hoping we get the regular network too!)