20 Discovering Death Scenarios

Nine Kuze 01-08-2007 03:17 PM
I found this article on SLAMonline.com (a basketball website) nonetheless.

Here's a link to this one article depicting how the world can get chopped and screwed in 20 different ways. The scenarios are grouped up in four different groups; Natural Disasters, Human-Triggered Disasters, Willful Self-Destruction, A Greater Force Is Directed Against Us.

Here's the link to the article as well.

- Asteroid impact
- Gamma-ray burst
- Collapse of the vacuum
- Rogue black holes
- Giant solar flares
- Reversal of Earth's magnetic field
- Flood-basalt volcanism
- Global epidemics
- Global warming
- Ecosystem collapse
- Biotech disaster
- Particle accelerator mishap
- Nanotechnology disaster
- Environmental toxins
- Global war
- Robots take over
- Mass insanity
- Alien invasion
- Divine intervention
- Someone wakes up and realizes it was all a dream

Even though some of the ways and explantions sound like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg running wild during the 1970's, there is some explantion and summaries for the stuff. I like the Chuang Tzu reference at the end though.
Revan 01-08-2007 03:59 PM
Nice one, that was interesting reading. Some of them seem quite feasible e.g. most of the natural disasters. Asteroids, mass volcanic activity and magnetic field reversal have happened numerous times throughout Earth's 4.5 billion year history and are bound to happen again.
Others on the list are maybe a bit more unlikely. The 'Mass Insanity' was quite amusing, I think a fair chunk of people are already like that! Tongue

Oh and they left out when the sun becomes a red giant and exands and swallows the inner planets, that would screw things up a bit! Wink
evanASF27 01-08-2007 04:06 PM
Someone wakes up and realizes it was all a dream

Thank you Twilight Zone for that gem Big Grin
Generalissimo D 01-08-2007 04:49 PM
Reminds me of that one ABC special they had.

Oh, and http://www.exitmundi.nl/
The Baker St. Irregular 01-08-2007 05:08 PM
Originally posted by Mr. D
Oh, and http://www.exitmundi.nl/

Yay! Anime Smile I was hoping I could find that site again someday! Terribly fascinating stuff.
paul1290 01-08-2007 06:34 PM
Pretty cool. So that's 20 ways for the world to end.

If the world does end soon then I hope it's something dramatic, violent, and quick like an alien invasion and not something slow and pathetic like global warming.

Reversal of Earth's magnetic field

This is the only item on the list that I'm pretty sure falls under complete crap.

Although the Earth's magnetic field does protect us from some cosmic rays, most of them are blocked by the atmosphere and not the magnetic field.

So even if the magnetic field were to collapse completely we still wouldn't get a lethal dose of cosmic rays because the atmosphere blocks most of it anyway. We might get some communications problems and a some extra cases of cancer, but nothing we wouldn't be able to fix with current technology. It would be bad, but it wouldn't be the end of the world.
Larry99 01-08-2007 07:07 PM
I love talking about this stuff. There is one that will happen sooner than most of the ones listed. It is Yellow Stone. PM me it you want more info. Also, GRB (gamma ray burst) are released by a star even more massive than a star that spawns a black hole. These GRB's are not is our galaxy. An astroid will come closer than our satatilites? on April, Friday 13th, 2029 and may hit in June or July 13th 2036. PM me if you want any more info. Also, global warming is something Earth goes through (I am not saying it is not happing and human's are not causing it, I am saying the earth goes through temperature phases). I will post more when I think of more. PM me if you want to discuss any of these. Alien invasion will not happen, it is probably hard to find us if we have a hard time finding them (I know what a planet needs for life to exist).
Sharpshooter005 01-09-2007 06:51 AM
- Alien invasion

I'm sure some MIT grad with a heavily augmented HAZMAT suit and a crowbar would handle that.