[Other] PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid!

Asirt 01-05-2007 06:00 PM

Everything you know about them is a lie...

Welcome, lovers and haters, to the second season of Asirt's newest and greatest show, PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid! Join me each week as I present a new "episode" that will surely have you going "WTF?!"! Same rules apply for this new thread: I watch the episodes and make the pans so that you don't have to!

The Random Specifications will be updated each week!

Total number of pans: 295
Number of episodes aired: 12
Number of episodes expected: 26
Current Status: 46% Completed

Here's what people said about the new series!

"Very good work indeed! Need to watch this eventually." - Falcon 7
"It's interesting to see this new style for the girls. Thanks for the MST3K commentary as well, Asirt!" - Pygmalion
"Damn good stuff as always, Asirt. Somethin' so brilliant." - Nine XXVI
"Great!! I love it." - Larry99
"Gah!! Cuteness! I love the ones you did diagonally!" - Blue-chan of To The Z!
"These are always so awesome to check out. That's why I appreciate Asirt's weekly pan uploads." - pKjd of Moetron
" God Asirt, this is so good. Your accuracy is amazing. How the hell do you do it?" - Starks of Freelance-Raws
"Asirt, keep up that amazing work with the Japan-amized Powerpuffs. Thank you for bringing "HIM" in! <3 " - Chitter-Box-Kat
"Maybe this is Asirt's idea of payback for the One Piece dub." - Big Money
"Those are good screencaps! I love the episodes." - mysterykidd522 of To The Z!
"PPGZ Panoramic Images is pretty funny even if it is a bit childish and maybe a little tacky. - Ace378
"So... freaking... cute... Thanks for posting those Asirt!" - Umino
"Kudos to your work, Asirt." - Rev XVII
"Egad at PPGZ Panoramic Images. Egad." - X-sah of TDotOL
"I can't wait to hear about how they go Super Saiyan and collect small Pokemon!" - Volt
"I hope PPGZ Panoramic Images is going to be canned, and if it does, I'm so going to laugh!" - Gaddes
"Nice screens Asirt." - Master Pogi of To The Z!
"Great job on these pans!" - nathjan
"I had a bad feeling PPGZ Panoramic Images would never capture the same magic as the "Beat-Alls" episode. I was wrong." - Diverse Considerations
"Great job!" - Lots and lots of random PPGZ fans.
"It's total crap!" - Lots and lots of random PPGZ haters.

NOTE - Some quotes are "enhanced" for entertainment purposes.

Want to take a blast from the past? Check out They're Here! PPGZ Panoramic Images!


People from various places asked me these questions, and I've finally decided to answer them for everyone to view.

Q: "GASP! Where's the earlier pans?! I want to see that one pan where Miyako does *SPOILER* to Kaoru!

For the first 26 episodes and the DVD episodes, please check out the first PPGZ pans thread: They're Here! PPGZ Panoramic Images

DVD episodes are still coming to this old thread, so check back often for the latest in high-quality PPGZ pans. Plus, for those who missed the ride the first time, you can relive the first 26 episodes to your heart's content.

Q: "What happened to the other thread? I thought you were only going to use one thread!"

The old thread has caused some problems for users with slow Internet connections, so I made a new thread so that people with slower Internet access can view the pans without waiting for the others images to finish loading. This thread also marks the start of the second season. Note that although I try my best to give people the chance to view these pans in lossless PNG format, users with dial-up will still have to wait for the images to load (thus the thumbnails).

Q: "But wait a minute! The Powerpuff Girls turned Japanese?! Did all hell break loose or something?!"

Someone hasn't been checking out the general thread: And They're Off! Powerpuff Girls Z

I update the thread with breaking coverage almost every week from various sources, so check back often for the mayhem that is PPGZ.

Q: "But Asirt, the majority of the forum hate this show! Why do you still insist on making the pans or post news updates when no one but yourself views, cares, or posts in those threads?"

Pissing the haters off has always been one of my favorite hobbies. Tongue You should try it sometime.

Q: "I'm serious!"

In the end, does it really matter if people hate the show or not? Regardless of their opinion of the show, people still view these threads, for various reasons. Hell, thanks to good old "spreading the word", I've managed to get a few members interested in the show, but they're not as open to admitting that as I am.

To put it simply, people are interested in PPGZ; the members liking it or not is another story. That, and I'm one hell of a storyteller.

Q: "Why don't you make a pans thread with the original PPG series or [insert better anime series here], then? You'll get more people to hear your storytelling that way and compliment you."

Read my previous answer again. People are complimenting my work regardless of their opinion of PPGZ. Even if I made a pans thread for say Naruto, Bleach, or AIR, it'll be the same thing, just like the PPGZ pans thread. You can't please everyone, you know.

Q: "What will happen if PPGZ goes on forever? It'll be like the Dragonball or One Piece series! You can't make PPGZ pans forever!"

There will a point in time when I'll retire from making pans altogether, due to personal life. That time is not now. Besides, everything ends at some point. We all die at one point, so there's really no point in asking this question.

Q: "You don't have much competition then, huh?"

Not really, no.

Q: "I don't like your style of storytelling, Asirt. I want to help make it better!"

There's a reason why I'm the only one making pans for PPGZ. That said, if you've any suggestions for making the thread better, feel free to tell me.

Q: "I just noticed that another person is using your pans for his own purposes, Asirt! You should beat him up right now!"

You mean Moetron's site? The owner of the site has been given permission from me to use some of the pan images. That's why you're seeing them there as well. Remember this, though. Not all the entries will have my pans, so you're still getting the best of the best in this thread, fans.

Q: "Asirt, my internet connection is 10Mbits, and it still takes a while to load the images! What are you doing to do about that?!"

Since a number of members have asked me about this, I will re-host the images on Imageshack, since the thumbnails size is much smaller. Future episodes will be hosted on Imageshack as well. I cannot guarantee that the images will stay up forever, though.

And now, the battle for Sushi and Pets begin soon!

In the meantime, enjoy the 2nd opening and 3rd ending!
Asirt 01-06-2007 04:00 PM
A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

"And so, class, that is where babies come from. Remember to study for the oral exam tomorrow." Happy

Hmm... what's going on at the Sushi Market?

At the Professor's lab...

"Ahh! Evil sushi has taken over the city. Ken, call the Powerpuff Girls

Run, Girls! You must save the city from...

"Ugh. This is who we have to fight? So much for our 'comeback'."

"HA! We may be small and eatable, but we're pretty tough!"

And so...

"Yay! Playing with Sushi is fun!"

"Time for my ultimate hammer attack!"

"OK, Professor. They're all yours!"

"Sushi hates blood, so we're dumping blood all over them!"

Hurray! The sushi has been killed by blood!

And so, the day is saved, thanks to SUSHI!


Episode 27.5 - Robotic Puppy Love!

A romantic night in Tokyo City!

The sunset sure is nice. Everyone's relaxing after a hard day at work.

For the Powerpuff Girls Z, however, it's another night on the job.

"Man, Princess Redhead always ruins our fun at the nightclub. Haruhi's even worse, but this has to stop!"

"I'm busting out of here!"

"Stand back! I'm going to shoot her down!"

"All right, Peach. We're going back to the nightclub, so you stand guard, OK?"

"Yes, Sir!"

And so...

"Hey! Who's there?!"

"Wait! Where are you going?"

"Hehe. I like you."

"What do I do now? I've never dated a cat before."

Wow, Peach. You're such a great dancer!" "I know. Let's make out!"

"Like I'd kiss a stupid dog!


"Oh yeah? Well I hate you too!" POW!



"We're back, Peach! Do you have fun at the lab?"

"...what's wrong?"

"None of your business!

And so, Peach's heart is broken, thanks to SAPPHIRE!

Nine Kuze 01-07-2007 03:52 PM
I love the first post. Somethin' so brilliant.

Also, the girls have weapons now? I saw that Buttercup had a hammer, what do the other two have as weapons then?

Damn good job as always Asirt, even if "no one but yourself views, cares, or posts in those threads". Lol.
Asirt 01-07-2007 04:04 PM
Originally posted by Nine XXVI
I love the first post. Somethin' so brilliant.

I'm quite proud of that post myself.

Also, the girls have weapons now? I saw that Buttercup had a hammer, what do the other two have as weapons then?

...you just realized this NOW?! Someone needs to take a blast from the past. Blossom uses a yo-yo, and Bubbles uses a bubble wand.

Damn good job as always Asirt, even if "no one but yourself views, cares, or posts in those threads". Lol.

Thanks. Remember that the next DVD episode will be out this month, so the old thread is not done yet. Wink
Larry99 01-07-2007 04:06 PM
Great!! I love it. I am guessing you created this, correct me if I am wrong.
Asirt 01-07-2007 05:55 PM
Originally posted by Larry99
Great!! I love it. I am guessing you created this, correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks. All pans were created by me using the latest version of The GIMP. I basically take screenshots from the show and make pans out of them. The "episodes" were also made up by yours truly since they don't represent the actual episodes of PPGZ.

I have a suggestion for making the thread better.


Keep updating it.

Will do, Big Finale. Wink
The Big Finale 01-07-2007 08:28 PM
I have a suggestion for making the thread better.

Keep updating it.
Asirt 01-14-2007 09:38 AM
[Pans also featured at Moetron]

A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

Popularity sure is big here in the city. I remember those days...

Looks like the Z Girls have gotten popular lately. I hope it doesn't go over their heads...

"Look! The Powerpuff Girls Z are going to get their own STATUE!

The Girls can't help but wonder...

"All the boys will fall in love with me when I have my own statue..."

"It would be nice to have a statue of me that Kaoru can look at all day long..."

"Hehe. I'll finally be the star this time, and Miyako will fall head over heels for me!"

Just Then...

"Sakurako, I don't love you anymore. I love the Powerpuff Girls Z now!"


"Uh, yeah. Sorry, but those girls are just way cuter than you. See ya!"


The Blob Gangstas decide to buy some PPGZ posters for their house, but in order to do that, they must disguise themselves as humans.

"Wow. Bubbles sure looks cute in that poster..."

"I see. So you would rather hang out with those GIRLS than with me. I'm leaving!"

"Wait! I was just joking..."

"Powerpuff Girls Z, can we give you a kiss?"

"Eww! Like I'd kiss a bunch of BLOBS!"

Meanwhile, at Himeko's mansion...


After that odd turn of events...

"Those Powerpuff Girls Z! Always trying to stand out more than ME, Princess Redhead!"

"I HATE those Z Girls. They always are the most popular with the boys."

"But what can we do? As long as the girls save the city, we'll never get popular with the boys."

"We should join forces and defeat those girls so that we will be the most popular girls in Tokyo City!"

And so...

"I can't wait to try this stinky makeup on! I'll look sexy for sure!"

"You sure won't smell hot, though."

"Professor! Princess Redhead, one of the Blob Gangstas, and the Sleazy One are stinking up my place, making me build a statue of them! Send the girls at once!"

"I'll summon them with this awesome pose!"

"All this flying is killing me! Couldn't they have picked a closer place to destroy the city?"

"On the other hand... we will finally get to see our statue."

"Don't worry about a thing, Girls. The statue's safe with us."


"Bring it ON!"

After the fight...

"Oh no! The statue's all ruined!"

"Don't worry about it. I can rebuild it."


"Great job building that statue, Ken."

"Thanks, but shouldn't we wake the girls up so they can see it?"

"Let them rest. They'll see it soon enough."

And so, the day is saved, thanks to STATUES!

Asirt 01-15-2007 09:59 AM
Originally from Moetron
The above works are from artist Seiryuga. As you might of guessed, the Princess one was a request by me Tongue I would also like to thank Hetdegon for his beautiful drawing of Himeko up on the very top — also a request; as well as Asirt for providing a few panoramic imagery for everyone to share.

Pan that he used [for some reason, the image on Moetron is darker, and is a lower quality version of the pan]:

Thanks, pKjd, for using one of my pans. My storytelling's a lot better, though. Tongue


"Oh my, what a nice SWEET TOOTH for me to rip apart!"
Nine Kuze 01-15-2007 01:14 PM
Cool to see you get some recognition for this, Asirt.

Originally posted by Asirt

"Oh my, what a nice SWEET TOOTH for me to rip apart!"


Sir Laurence Olivier from Marathon Man. Couldn't help myself.
Asirt 01-21-2007 03:16 PM
[Pans also featured at Moetron]

A sweet day in Tokyo City!

Uh, you shouldn't eat so many sweets, Momoko. You'll get fat.

"Asirt's right. You should stop eating, unless you want a toothache."



"MUST... EAT... MORE... SWEETS..."

"You're going to the dentist, and that's FINAL!"

And so...

"Stupid Asirt! He just HAD to say that, didn't he?"

"Welcome, friends! Need to get those teeth cleaned?"


"Time to check those teeth out. You haven't been eating a lot of sweets, have you?"


"We'll see about THAT!"

"Hey, watch it!"

Much later...

"Your teeth's all cleaned. You're next, monkey!"

"I... can't do it."

"Don't worry, Mojo. We'll support you all the way!"

"I even brought the school band with me!"



"Thank you, everyone! I will try my best to stand the pain!"


"Screw this! I can't take this anymore!"

And so...

"Oh no! Mojo's escaped! I got to stop him!"

"Time to send you to another dentist!"

At outer space...

"What's this, mojo?"

"...someone need their teeth cleaned?"


And so, everyone's teeth was clean, thanks to THE DENTIST!


Episode 29.5 - The Nightclub

A groovy night in Tokyo City!

"All right, people! DJ Asirt is coming to the nightclub soon. Let's make sure the club is in top shape by then!"

"Sir. I'll be the main star tonight, thanks to the AFRO DANCE!"

"Just get the paperwork done first. You can dance later..."

"I hate nightclubs. They're always noisy and have bad rap music."

So, you thought the nightclub was just something I made up to add humor to the story? Well, you're WRONG! Oh, I'm on now!


"Yeah, shake that groove thing, Girls!"


"Aren't you having fun, Buttercup?"

"No way! I can't believe you always drag me here each week!"


"Where's that guy?! He should be here by now!"

"Sorry I'm late, boss. I'm gonna make everyone do the AFRO DANCE!"


"Today's your lucky day, people!"

"WHAT THE?! I don't like these afros!" "Who cares! Just shake that groove thing!"

"Did the Girls always wear afros?"

"Don't worry! You'll get your own afro soon!"

And so...


"Oh man! I'm finally dancing with Miyako! This is the greatest night of my life!"

"WAH! This is the worst night of my life!"

Hey. There's something I've always wanted to tell you." "What's that?"

"I lo--"

Sorry everyone! Show's over. Thank you for attending this week's event at the nightclub!

"What?! But we weren't finished with our dance yet!"

Sorry, kid.

And so, everyone got their groove back on, thanks to DJ ASIRT!

"Remember, kids. Don't eat too many sweets, or you'll end up like that fat Momoko!"


Guess who's back for a second round...
Capt. Quekolis 01-23-2007 08:36 PM
Haha the professor looks like a very happy Roger
Nine Kuze 01-23-2007 10:48 PM
Originally posted by Ltwhipporwill
Haha the professor looks like a very happy Roger

Yeah, he does. And I like the last pan. Except his belt. Hell no on the belt.
Asirt 01-28-2007 07:45 PM
[Pans also featured at Moetron]

A peaceful day in Tokyo City...

...but not for everyone.

Throughout the life of the Powerpuff Girls Z, they had to fight evil monsters day after day.

"I'm sick and tired of fighting monsters all day! Let's go have some fun instead!"

"Hi, I'm here to get my afro back and--"

"Shh! Asirt's just getting to the good part!"

Even though they have managed to beat them easily, they have yet to meet the last villain. A villain so diabolical, a villain so sinister, that his name cannot be said here. The safest way to call this "Ultimate Evil" is simply, ..."HIM".

"Brr! It's so cold in here! I need to destroy things right now to keep me warm!"

"My power is so great that no one can defeat me... but the cold brings back bad memories..."

Blast from the Past!

"Fire is so much fun! Go and DESTROY THE VILLAGE to millions of pieces!"

"Huh? Who are those girls?!"

"Hold it right there, "HIM"! We will stop your evil ways!"

"For we, the-- hold on. We didn't come up with a superhero name yet."

"Don't be stupid! We don't need one. Everyone already knows us!"

"HA! Enough talk! Time to get rid of those who stand in my way!"


"HAHAHA! You cannot stop me from destroying the world, little girl-- huh?"


"AH! MY FIRE'S ALL GONE! HOW WILL I STAY WARM?!" "Now's our chance, Girls!"


And so thanks to the power of goodness, "HIM" was sealed away in a coffin, where he was to never be reborn again.

Back to the Present!


Keep going...

Look, Girls! There's an art museum here. Let's check it out for a while!"

But then...

"Woah! What happened to the lights?!"

"Hehehehehehe..." "Who's there?!"

"Hello, Girls. Allow me to introduce myself."

"I am what you people call 'The Ultimate Evil', but I am also known as 'HIM'!"

"That's impossible! You're supposed to have been destroyed hundreds of years ago!" "Hehehe..."

Flashback to Episode 22!


"OH NO! Forget Mojo, girls! The mummy's eating all the meatballs!"

"There's the meatball stealer! You're going down!"


"HAHAHA! You cannot defeat the ULTIMATE EVIL, little girls!"

"You see, I used that mummy to steal your powers so that I can be reborn once again. I should THANK YOU GIRLS for bringing me back to life!"


"You've saved this city for far too long, and now it's time to destroy the entire world and KILL you lovely little girls."


The Ultimate Showdown is NEAR!

Extra Pan -

Chitter-Box-Kat 01-28-2007 09:43 PM
HIM is always a favorite of mine. He's pure evil goodness and a good dresser. Big Grin

Thank you for bringing HIM in Asirt! <3
Asirt 02-01-2007 12:19 AM
Due to the success of PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid!, it looks like I'm Moetron's "official pan maker". Expect some of my pans to appear on the newest PPGZ entries, but remember, you saw them first at this thread, fans. Big Grin

Thank you for bringing HIM in Asirt! <3

No problem. He's my favorite villain as well.
Nine Kuze 02-01-2007 01:34 AM
Originally posted by Chitter-Box-Kat
...and a good dresser. Big Grin

Bad form, Kitty. Bad form.

Also that's interesting, HIM with a backstory and past relating to PPGZ of the past as well.

Originally posted by Asirt
Due to the success of PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid!, it looks like I'm Moetron's "official pan maker". Expect some of my pans to appear on the newest PPGZ entries, but remember, you saw them first at this thread, fans. Big Grin

Nice. Asirt's got the Internet going nuts.
Asirt 02-04-2007 08:06 AM
A peaceful summer in Tokyo City!

Today we look at the wonderful world of nature... it sure is quite a beauty.

Here, the insects are working hard to make a living. They have it much tougher than humans do.

However, there is one insect that is different from the rest of them...

"All right, bugs! You're going to follow my orders from now on! Anyone who tries to slack off will be eaten!"

That's how this bug's life went for the rest of the summer...


A peaceful winter in Tokyo City!

Winter has now arrived, and boy is it cold!

Here, our favorite girls are sitting around doing nothing.

"Hey, girls. Want to come with me to my insect room?"

"Hmm... No way! Bugs are totally gross!"

And so...

"Wow, Ken! These bugs are so tight! I want one as a pet!"

"Hey, Kaoru," said Miyako. "You would look so cute if you were a bug!"


"What, who said that? Was it Asirt?!"

Asirt: Roll Eyes


"Darn this city! I can't even find the perfect crap to impress a lady bug."

"Every bug is suppose to have a female to please the male bug. I haven't found the right type of crap to please her, though."

"It looks like there won't be any love in my life this time..."


"Hi there. I noticed that you fainted for a while. Are you OK?"

"Oh my gosh! That's the prettiest bug I've ever seen!"

"Don't worry, my love! I will provide the biggest crap that you have ever seen!"

"Wow. That sure is one huge piece of crap!"

"Wah! HELP ME!!!!!"

"Buttercup, I hate crap! Save me!"

"All right! Now it's my time to shine!"

With Buttercup's super strength, she was able to stop the crap from destroying the city.

"Wow. That's the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen! Will you marry me?!"

"Yes, my love."

And so, they lived happily ever after, thanks to LOTS AND LOTS OF CRAP!

Asirt 02-04-2007 04:22 PM
A sleazy day in Tokyo City!

Hmm... looks like Sakurako's out of it today...

"Hmm... her cake's not as good this time around. I wonder what could be wrong with her."

Momoko decides to actually talk to Sakurako.

"What's wrong?"

"It's my ex-boyfriend. I'm still upset from that breakup the other day...

Flashback from Episode 28!


"Sakurako, I don't love you anymore. I love the Powerpuff Girls Z now!"


"Uh, yeah. Sorry, but those girls are just way cuter than you. See ya!"


"Don't worry, Sakurako. I'm sure he was just kidding around."

"No, he isn't," said Ken. "It's all very simple, really. You see..."

The conversation was so long and boring that I didn't even bother mentioning it here. The girls seem to think the same thing...

Later that day, Sakurako became so upset that she put her lipstick on! What will happen now?!

"Hey there, Baby! Lookin' good as always!"

Oh no! It's The Sleazy One! What mischief is she up to now?!

"My oh my! That is one hunky man!" "Hey handsome!" "Huh?"

"I need to talk to you about something!"


"Hahaha!" "OH NO! Save me, little man!"


"Oh my god! That is so sexy and sleazy!"

"Sorry, lady, but I have to go!"

"Darn it! Time for Plan B!"

Plan B...

"Hey there, guy! How about some food from your new girlfriend, The Sleazy One?"

"Um... I think you got the wrong--"

"OK, little man. Time to open wide!"

AH! Run away!!!" "Darn it! Time for my next plan!"

Plan C...

"Huh? What's going on?"

"Hello there, little man..."

"Wow! That's a beautiful..."

"MOVIE SET! Bye now." "Darn it!"

Just then...

"Hold it right there, Sleazy One! You're going down!"


...I think you're going to be the ones who are going down!"

"Ah! Blossom, HELP US!!!!!!"


And so...

"Sakurako, I'm sorry for breaking up with you. Those girls mean nothing to me now! Here are my magic beans! Will you forgive me?"


And so, the two lovers are back together, thanks to MAGIC BEANS!

Nine Kuze 02-04-2007 06:38 PM
Lol, Memoirs of a Geisha parody. Nice stuff, Asirt.