hi; anybody her have psp?!

sarraf 01-02-2007 06:21 AM
i'm from kuwait and i have psp anybody elas her have psp to larn me?
Nine Kuze 01-02-2007 07:42 AM
Why, hello there. You must be new, my name is Nine and welcome to our Paradigm. You must be careful though, there are ruthless hustlas abound that will take advantage of you.

Anyway, I have no idea what your post says but if its a PSP (that lil' Playstation portable thing) that you are talking about, might I suggest that you venture over to the Pool Hall for the gaming info here at PCF. Just trying to help and enjoy yourself up here.
Generalissimo D 01-02-2007 01:42 PM
Whats this? Trying to cut into my territory?

For shame, Nine.
Nine Kuze 01-02-2007 01:45 PM
I'm not going "Hi ho, hi ho to the Pool Hall this goes".

So, bad form D. Bad form.
Sharpshooter005 01-07-2007 12:02 PM
200 dollars to play silent hill origins? But its supposedly not even that good, and they havent even released it yet
Larry99 01-07-2007 12:45 PM
I have a DS. So far the games on the DS are a lot better than the PSP games. I have to say Star Wars Battlefront is pretty fun on PSP.
Hollow XXVI 01-09-2007 11:45 PM
No one has a PSP.

Carry on.
Patsai 01-13-2007 09:24 PM
Sell that thing for a DS.
Hollow XXVI 01-14-2007 12:56 AM
LOL at that dude's sig.

Also yeah, do what Pat says, if I may call you Pat that is.
Sharpshooter005 01-14-2007 11:24 AM
The last portable gaming system I had was a gameboy or a gameboy color or something, I only remember they ported rainbow six over to it and it seemed not as horrible as that concept sounds