Dec. 22 B-days.

Yomiko 12-22-2006 09:05 AM
We have some birthdays today on December 22, 2006. And here are the lucky birthday people, who all happen to be twenty something, espally our own Schvarzvald who is turning the year that is the same as the day Big Grin ...
Bakan (24), Doorknob Patrol (21), Sapphiriana, Schvarzvald (22), Shishio (21)

Have a very happy birthday everyone! Pleased Big Grin
Nine Kuze 12-22-2006 02:52 PM
Three days short...

Happy Birthday, you five non-postin' twenty year olds (the most posts there in 4). Hope wherever you are, your having a good day.
Chitter-Box-Kat 12-22-2006 04:09 PM
Alright! BIRTHDAYS!!

*pops a bottle of champagne and spikes some eggnog* I can't drink, but you guys can. Enjoy, and let your birthdays be fantabuloso!
David Ryder 12-23-2006 12:32 AM
Happy Birthday I suppose, even though most of them never posted.