Nine Kuze 03-26-2007 10:11 AM
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...I have to be the only one who saw the movie and isn't falling over themselves to proclaim how kickass this is. It was straight pretty much.

My bad, is all.

I dunno, I think you really had to be in the mood in order to consider this truly kick-ass. I had a midterm due the in the next week and had been working on it during the weekend. I was really in the mood to see flying limbs, action, and whatnot. In short, just to have a fun time without worrying about the flaws in a film.

Sorry Fujicakes, I should correct myself and make it more clear. It was a kickass movie yeah, but just because of that, I don't actually garter it was a good film. There was just... no life in it really. Like now, I can't even remember like half of it since it kind of bored me. Although the end was cool, even though some of it was a cheap ripoff off of Gladiator.

And a good time for me is looking out for the flaws in a particular film. That's just how I roll I guess.
The Question 03-26-2007 01:51 PM
I saw it yesterday with my friend, it was pretty good but some of it was a bit ridiculous and I think parts of it were just scrambled scenes of violence and pointless nudity. 6/10 for me