Question about Matisyahu

dawnstrider 12-20-2006 05:27 PM
Jo. Okay, I've exhausted nearly every other avenue, so I'm trying this....

Forthose who don't know, Matisyahu is a Hasidic Jew who performs with an interesting blend of Reggae, Rap, and with a slight rock twist, and is currently my favorite new artist. What I am asking for is a very specific request: In his second cd Youth, there is a song entitled "Dispatch the Troops", of which there are three verses. I understand the first two verses well enough, but - to my embarrassment considering that I am, you know, Jamaican - I'm having difficulty understanding the third one. "No problem", you say? " I can just Google it"? Well, here's the snag - that verse doesn't exist, at least according to every internet source and lyrics website I've looked at. So I extend that request to anyone who knows that song well - or even if they have a better cd player then mine. Thanks in advance.

Peace Cool
Heavy Metal Instro 01-31-2007 04:20 PM
I don't know the lyric, but this band played one of his songs at a Battle of the Bands at this school, and the guy sounded just like him. A white kid. Who'd thunk it?