Is this the Griffon or what?

Capt. Quekolis 12-16-2006 09:45 PM
Look it up

1960 Cadillac Fleetwood
Big Big Moon 12-16-2006 10:13 PM
Or you could... just post the images in the thread?

Amazing catch. How did you stumble across this one?
Capt. Quekolis 12-16-2006 10:15 PM
I tried to but I couldn't thanks alot.
Chitter-Box-Kat 12-16-2006 10:40 PM
Wow. That's cool. Classy and shiny and. . . it could certainly pass for the Griffin. I like it. Maybe one day I'll buy one. . .
R. Daniel Olk 01 12-16-2006 10:49 PM
Nonono, somebody at SBO found the exact match. I'll find out what it was and post it here. Wink
Capt. Quekolis 12-16-2006 10:58 PM
Im actually looking into buying one and fixing it into the Griffon but its not like the one above. Too much money for me. Its going to look badass when im done with it though.
Nazrael 12-17-2006 05:27 PM
Wow. Looks almost exactly like it.

Didn't Dastun say the Griffon was a Sedan? I think he syas in Beck Comes Back.
R. Daniel Olk 01 12-17-2006 09:10 PM
I found the match. You were very close, but the closest you can possibly get is actually the:

1963 Cadillac Series 62

The 1960 and 1963 are highly similar, but nonetheless different. The 1963 is more square, just like in the show. Angles carry greater masculinity and therefore, the 1963 better suits Roger's character. The 1960 has a more bulbous profile.
Capt. Quekolis 12-17-2006 09:33 PM
Youre right about that. The back of the canopy on the 60 slopes downward which looked more like a picture from one of the shows. Theyre both very fine cars though.
Dangerous 12-20-2006 09:18 AM
No, the Griffon and all other vehicles in this anime are all different than the real, existing cars. You have to watch act 14 Roger the Wanderer to see real Cadillac, etc .... in a street that Roger took.

PS: However I noticed there were two French cars we see im this anime, and they were not modified. One car and one van, from Citroen. a free mason car builder.

a Citroen Traction Avant in act 12, just at the entrance of the building at the end.

and a van, a Citroen HY, in act 18, on the road Dorothy took to join Roger when he was Beck's prisoner. There were the police with her, and at a moment we see this van.
Capt. Quekolis 12-20-2006 05:44 PM
We were just interseted and sharing what we thought was the closest thing to his car. Of coarse its not going to be the exact same, the car corporations would have a fit.
The Worst Negotiator 12-24-2006 06:37 PM
1967 Cadillac Eldorado
Capt. Quekolis 12-24-2006 08:21 PM
thats a nice lookin car also
Larry99 01-06-2007 09:32 PM
Roger's car is most a sedan. The Griffin is most likely several highend cars put together in a Batman way. The combining of real cars keeps the Griffin looking like a real car.
SEELE 08 01-06-2007 09:35 PM
Does anyone know what car Alex drove?
Capt. Quekolis 01-07-2007 08:23 PM
Sometimes he rode in a white limousine but in one episode he was driving a small white convertable.
NotAsleep 01-28-2007 04:31 PM
Rosewater's little white convertible is some kind of Alfa Romeo Barchetta, not sure which model year though.
SEELE 08 01-28-2007 04:35 PM
Originally posted by NotAsleep
Rosewater's little white convertible is some kind of Alfa Romeo Barchetta, not sure which model year though.

Thanks, I still find the little car a funny choice for such a big dude....oh well his limousine is like a small house.
Mike 01-28-2007 05:38 PM
Eh, it's close, but other than having wings and being black it's not that similar. Roger's car has square headlights, a round thing on the grille, and its front wheels are cowled. Compare that picture to this one.
Capt. Quekolis 01-30-2007 05:32 PM
Theres not going to be a car that looks exactly 100% like it, but there is a car that is the basis for his car.