[Other] Essays on Ghost in the Shell

The Baker St. Irregular 12-12-2006 05:20 AM
If you've got gobs and gobs of time on your hands, maybe you might like to check out these crazy essays I wrote for my Media Theory & Design I course.

Media theory is basically all about tearing apart every form of media, from movies to books to Internet memes, and applying crackpot theories that need not be appropriate or relevant to the subject. In short, it's your typical B-S college course that uses a lot of high-falootin' language and is convinced that EVERY SINGLE THING in life has something to do with a Marxist social-economic class structure.

However, my professor is a really cool dude who also is a really big anime fan, so I felt comfortable using Ghost in the Shell in my papers. The two essays I have here are my second project and final project.

Project 2 – GitS: SAC & 2nd Gig: Here, I try to use GitS to discuss intertextuality, semiotics in cinema, and Marxism in literature. I end up doing my own thing with it, though, and talk about the social message about Japan. (I got an A+ on this one! Anime Smile )

Man and Machine: One Ghost and No Shell: (Note: This is, like, four megs in size.) My final project for the course. This ended up being nine pages in teeny font, and I could have kept going (I wanted to talk about Batou and Kuze), but I was already late to class and needed to get there to turn it in. The simplest way to describe what this paper is about is that it has something to do with man's identity crisis due to technology and the "next step" in evolution. Some other stuff, too. My brain is still reeling from this essay! Dead

It would mean a lot to me if you took a gander at these and told me what you thought. Thank you, comrades!
Nine Kuze 12-17-2006 01:55 AM
I finally got a chance to read this over Mistress, and I have to say that both articles are nicely written and overall its a very good job.

Although I thought the random lines of your own thoughts weren't really needed, I liked how your included many of the anime's (I haven't read the manga) themes, ideals, and even lingo into your paper. I also thought it was kickass that you included some text from Susan Napier's "Anime from Akira to Howl’s Moving Castle" because I read that book and its a good read for anime fans.

Also, nice touch on going into Kuze, Motoko (I call her by her first name, and yeah its an alias) and especially on Togusa. I like to think that he has a rightful place in the technological world of that is Tokyo, Japan in 2030 but you made a great point on how he is the last of the old world and because of that, has an important stake of the new world as well.

Again, good job Mistress. And I should watch the movie, because I haven't seen that in years.