:: Your Moments in 2006 ::

Nine Kuze 12-12-2006 03:20 AM
It's getting around that time of year... you know, where the year is almost over. Just from now in 19 days, the year of 2006 will be over.

I did the same thing last year (and also, on the same day as well) and I was wondering; what are some of your biggest moments in the year of 2006? What are some of your lowest moments, funniest moments, weirdest moments, memorable moments and... you probably get the picture.

So, what are some things that happened to you during 2006?

Just for fun, here's the link of last year's version of this thread.
The Baker St. Irregular 12-12-2006 04:31 AM
I defeated the evil orgre that was high school education and started my illustrious career as a tired and hungry college student. I also experienced just how much it sucks to work in retail.
Revan 12-12-2006 04:54 AM
Defining moments...hmm let me think...

Strong contenders for me are going on holiday to Florida (again). We stayed in the Keys for a while and did the usual snorkelling over reefs, popping down to Key West and getting exhausted kayaking against the current in the resort's waterways. Cool

Then later on in October there was my college/school trip to Normandy with the history and geology departments. Memorable moments are wandering aimlessly around the lovely town of Arromanches, seeing the American War Cemetary above Omaha (so sad Crying ), standing under a cliff in the rain doing a geology field assignment whilst wearing a red hard hat and finally feeling a bit ill on the fast ferry back to England.
Chitter-Box-Kat 12-12-2006 05:27 AM
This year has brought hell and heaven to me. I went to Fordham University Campus to take an SAT prep class. And I hid in my home for much of July due to the un-godly heat.

Then someone showed they really love me, and I went to Canada during August. This was the first time I had been outside the USA EVER. I got a plush beaver, went to Montreal, stayed at these two b*tching hotels, won a giant green bear at a ring toss game, found out Canadian money does look like Monopoly money. . . I did sh*t.

Oh, and there is such a thing as redneck Canada. I saw it myself on the way to a nature preserve. And as for Ripley's: BELIEVE IT! O_o They have some freaky stuff.

Something else also hapened in August that I will not speak of due to personal content. But it made me sad for a while. And on October 13, my grandpa passed away. I ended up flying out to Las Vegas to attend the funeral and mourn the loss of my last gradparent.

But I also made some new discoveries in the world of words and movies. I bought a few new manhwas like Let Dai. And mangas like Bleach (which I'm practically obssesed with at the moment). Okay I am obsessed. A little. Tongue I got Vampire Hunter D on DVD, which kicked major ass and I am falling in love with Sukisho.

And I also got a few romance stories tha appeal to my tastes. And I giant collection of Edgar Allan Poe stuff. LOOOOOVE. The gore and horror. Drooling

So all the crap crap that happened was essentially canceled out by my obsessions and the cool crap that was handed to me.
Schwarzwald_X 12-14-2006 02:47 PM
2006 has been an interesting year for me.
I mean, there have been many good and bad times, but overall I have no regrets.
I've met a lot of cool people, completed my first semester of college and been arrested for playing with a Nerf gun.
Good times.
paul1290 12-15-2006 07:22 PM
Not much happened to me this year worth noting. Come to think of it, I forgot most of what happened this year. I hope I'm not losing my memory or anything like that.
(OMG my memory is going away! The megadeuses are coming! Shocked )

I'm almost going to get my drivers license, but that's probably going to have to wait until early next year. Big Grin
evanASF27 12-15-2006 08:05 PM
Biggest Moments
-- arranging a superb version of "Hey Jude" for brass septet, which has led to me arranging and composing other music.
-- being part of the 1st place High School Jazz Choir at Hershey's "music in the parks" competition (we won: Best Women's Choir, Best overall Choir, Best Jazz Choir)

Lowest Moments
-- Leaving the MFL
-- saying goodbye to many of my classmates from high school
-- my car accident

Funniest moment
-- I have no idea... performing as Mr. MacAffee in ByeByeBirdie.
-- a couple of MFL battles before my leaving.

Weirdest moment
-- my roommate's name is Evan?! O.o

Memorable moments
-- Performing my arrangement of "Hey Jude"
-- my graduation
-- starting college
-- my first Wind Symphony concert

Most Miraculous
-- writing a 10 page paper in one night.
Mr. Saturn 12-22-2006 04:14 AM
-Winning that DDR Freestyle tournament by using the same moves over and over, one of which being the Chappelle's Show Robot

-Posing as a techno jazz fusion band to get into that convention for free

-Stripping to "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred at karaoke night.

-Calling Mario a furry during Console Wars

-Being 90% responsible for the "OVER 9000" video being made.

-Getting all those people to do the electric slide at that rave at 3am

-having an epic battle with the Hamburgler on the dance floor.

-When my friend yelled "YANKEES SUCK" at that kid and his mom stormed the car to yell at us.

-Walking outside of the Hilton with Tim at 3am and seeing Gainax Boy auctioning people off.

-Becoming the king of Para Para.
Nine Kuze 12-22-2006 04:21 AM
Originally posted by Mr. Saturn
-Being 90% responsible for the "OVER 9000" video being made.

WHAT! 9000?!

That was you? Good show.
Dangerous 12-22-2006 04:34 AM
Nothing interesting in general.

Like Chitter Box Kat my grandfather passed away in october the 13, but it was in 2002. There were a lot of death around me. Not from my family. :-)

Night between 31 dec. 2005 and 01 jan. 2006 : Murder next door, in my street, at 100 meters right from my home. Two fathers, both Turks, died because of a violent quarel between them. They used two Kalashnikov. My aunt took care of them at her clinic. They arrived dead.

Day 01 april : my birthday. I am not joking. Banal day.

Day 01 may : Murder next door, in my street, at 150 meters left from my home, at a bar. One Bulgarian and one Turk died.

march : I present myselft to an unemployment office. Got a lot of problems. That's it, the administration, the functiunaries, they provoke those problems. I resist.

Chitter-Box-Kat 12-22-2006 05:49 AM
Originally posted by samirsouleyman
Day 01 april : my birthday. I am not joking. Banal day.

April 1? That's the same birthday as Watanuki-kun from xXx HoLiC. That's kinda lucky, 'cause Watanuki's a butterfly (not literaly). Tongue
Patsai 12-23-2006 05:24 PM
- Graduating from high school (finally!) Big Grin

- Making it through the most grueling, challenging, and most rewarding experience in my life, US Air Force Basic Military Training. I'm officially an Airman in the world's greatest Air and Space Power!

- Graduating from Tech School.

- Moving to the beautifully dull interior Alaska, watching Russian spy planes and Japanese boats attempting to collect information from the military, even as I'm typing this (yes, even our allies can be trusted only to an extent, because they want to know what we have and are up to, and we can't have that).

Could perhaps be the best year of my life. I hope it's even better in 2007. Big Grin
Inigo Montoya 12-23-2006 05:29 PM
- Graduating from BCT

- Becoming M16, M9, M2, and M249 qualified

- Getting discharged

- Getting dumped

- Being told I could lose my leg

- Being told I could lose my life

- Drinking 16 shots of bourbon in one night

'07 better be better.
Hollow XXVI 12-26-2006 04:51 AM
I broke up with my ex who was already my ex but was clinging on and using me for frivolous purposes. Sucks when you love people, man. Just sucks.

Things were looking down for a while, for my family, but they're doing pretty damn good now at least.

I lost the only two people I truly, utterly confided in with everything, and I think this is causing me to slowly become insane.

I gave Mister Prime a Christmas present. Just wait til the other holidays rear their ugly heads! ;D

I learned I suck ass at checkers because I haven't played it in ten years.

...I dropped the Megaman X series and latched onto Phoenix Wright. But no one heard that. Because that's just sad.

I didn't draw enough this year and have suffered because of it.
Shaoblane 12-31-2006 02:59 AM
Liz's New Years Resolutions:
(Pasted from the post I made at the Red vs Blue forums)

1) Start the 12 step program to kick your myspace addiction
2) "Douchebag" is not a way to greet your father's 4th wife.
3) Your pets never liked you.
4) Stop referring to your cellphone as "balls."
5) Stop referring to all your previous employers as "Adolf."
6) Take your f***ing webcam down. Only 4 people watch it.
7) No.
8 ) Stop throwing spontaneous parties while everyone is either working or sleeping.
9) Derek cant go grocery shopping anymore
10) Your a spamwhore n00b. Grow up.
11) Stop screaming about the end of the world every time someone at the transfer center asks if you have a cigarette
12) No more dancing the Timewarp on the MAX, or the Numa Numa on the bus.

14) Abercrombie prep bitches are people too. Sorry.
15) The telephone is NOT trying to kill you.
16) Seriously. STOP referring to your cell phone as 'balls.'
17) Stop selling n00bs as pets.
18 ) Be less like Caboose and more like...not Caboose.
19) I said no goddamnit!!!
and finally
Seihou 12-31-2006 10:23 PM
Well, the biggest things that happened this year for me was a move from Alaska to Wyoming. Then two trips to Japan; one in July for a month and another in August for two weeks for my grandfather's funeral. Then, I got news in early November that my family and I are going back to Japan again for five weeks next year, which means I go into otaku mode once more and buy all the fine comics, games, and collectables I can get my hands on in the time and money allotted. Tongue
Mike 12-31-2006 11:03 PM
Pretty much sucked, was okay for awhile, went to sh** yesterday and today.
Big Money 01-01-2007 12:13 AM
I went from the most difficult semester I've ever had to the easiest one, with a fat government job in the middle.

So that was pretty cool, I guess.

P.S. Five years 'till singularity, end of the world, etc. etc. things of this nature...
Yomiko 01-08-2007 09:30 AM
I gradutaed from high school.
I started collage.
My main and great job stopped because of a fire. Crying
I got work study within the theatre department as assitance props master.
Hobodoken 01-08-2007 11:33 AM
Taking a Suburban full of friends at various levels of drunk to Denny's, and fitting in a single booth meant for 6.

Road trip to Maine with three of my best friends

Graduating High School

Probably more, but not now.