[Fan Fiction] Idea. Ranma1/2+BigO cross idea I've had!

Old1 12-08-2006 05:47 PM
Well, the title is pretty much that really. Not much an idea, and even less of a fic, but here goes nuthin'...

My case for an insanity plea is as follows, as firstly there are none, count 'em ZERO Ranma fics that even elude to the slightest bit of the anime The BigO (that I've been able to find mind you). True, BigO is a short, and oddly metaphorical anime, but still... you'd think that there'd be at least one fussion fic.
Then in Ranma the character of Ryoga is supossedly cursed to be forever lost, or pretty much like that. Now it's eluded very lightly in the anime (maybe once) but much more in fanfictions that Ryoga is in fact "teleporting" or the equivalent.
I draw this from a line in the anime where Ranma said something to the affect that Ryoga crosses continents, on foot, without getting wet. Conclution, teleportaion.

Now then the basis for my proposed fiction would be onna-Ranma and Ryoga are walking together for some reason I've yet to decide upon(though the Kio rod misshap seems like the best idea). When the infamous 'curse' of Ryoga's kicks in, but there's a new variable in that onna-Ranma is within the parimiter of the teleportaion vortex (perhaps she seeing what was happening tries to stop him from 'getting lost?).
Anyway, with Ranma added to the mix, the teleport goes awry, and they end up in a strange domed city (alternate universe in the truest sense), right smack-dab in the middle of a megaduese (giant robot) battle.

After that I'm still a little stumped as far as a whatchamacallit.... 'plot' goes.
Though I'm thinking that along the way Roger Smith takes in onna-Ranma (she'll stay a 'she' so as to avoid confusion and calmity #snort# yeah riiiight ) and Ryoga to his mansion, for a good reason I'm still trying to come up with. (HELP! please)
Then after a short while into their stay while Ranma and Ryoga are staying/working in the mansion (onna-Ranma in a skimpy black maids costume? Hmmm..... BEGONE HENTAI THOUGHTS! BEGONE!), R.Dorothy will begin to percieve Ranma as a threatening flirtateous tramp with HER Roger, and gets jelous of Ranma's 'natural' beauty and to compensate will become 'clingy' and attempt to be affectionate with Roger with less than stallar results. (rod 'A' goes into slot 'B', so says IKEA: simple enough for the cybernetic brain of R.Dorothy right?))

Durring all this, the powers that be in Pradigm find out that there are new 'memories' in the city in the forms of Ryoga and Ranma... sooo
#kidnapping sequence#
#Roger comes to the rescue in BigO#
Ranma being OOC for a reason I hope will makes sense (perhaps the initial teleport in this Paradigm universe will skew her mind? Naw too convieniant) kisses Roger on the cheek for saving her anf Ryoga, which will cause R.Dorothy to fly-off the handle in righteous jelous female rage... and... and... and...

It seems that's as far as my sleep deprived nuerons can go for now as this idea is pretty much thought up on the fly.
And just to note, my writing style is of the comedy genre, and the only other thing I've written so-far, is this little Ranma fic, filled with cameo-bit-roles. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2822208/1/ Just in case you want to see what filth I spew out into the fanfic world. Really, a fic by Zola on this site is what got me into reading fanfics and thusly writing, so blame her. Tongue
Helps? Comments? Suggestions? Death Threats? I'll take them all.