Official Deja Vu Topic

Jonny Axehandle 12-03-2006 10:27 PM
I'm suprised no one else has posted this.

Has anyone else seen this movie? I went to see it a few weeks ago and it was awesome. I knew I would like it, but it really blew my expectations away.
Nine Kuze 12-04-2006 12:34 AM
Cool you liked it Jonny. But from what I've been hearing and reading, the movie is kind of garbage.

Denzel Washington gives a good performance (of course) but its sounds like the emphasis of the movie is completely idiotic with confusing dialogue of how the everything works (like the time travel and all that).

Also, I haven't seen this. But hell, it sounds like a good premise and Denzel is in it. It just sounds like the time traveling business hurt the main plot of the movie.