PCF's Best Quotes From Anime

Nine Kuze 11-30-2006 12:53 PM
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As for an Anime top 100 list... I'm certainly intrigued by the idea, just not sure if it could be done.

That is an interesting idea. Should we try to have a go at it anyway?

I imagine that PCF could come up with a list on its own one way or another. Asking around on the rest of the Internets would be a messy affair, not to mention potentially unpleasant, since it could involve having to deal with the--*cough*--"hoi poloi" of anime society...

But anyway! I think it might be interesting to see what we could come up with. But where to start?

Pretty much got the idea from this. If you haven't been following the show for a minute, this is what's been happening so far; Green_Bird posted a thread showing the 100 Best Catchphrases from TV Land and people posted in it. Zengiata came up with the idea first to do something in the same nature with anime, Mistress-Samwise liked the idea and I found it to be interesting as well. Roll credits of that thread and so, I made this thread as a spinoff to accomdate for the "100 Best Catchphrases in Anime".

The way this works, I suppose, is that we could just post down quotes, debate about them and then try to fill out or narrow everything we got at one point to a 100 list of quotes from anime.

I guess I can head things off first with:
"It was like watching a dream I thought I would never wake up from" - Spike Spiegel

"A bird whose wings have been plucked will shead all its feathers, and return back into the beast it was before it evolved into a bird." - Roger Smith.

So, anybody willing to run with this and have a go at it?
The Baker St. Irregular 11-30-2006 02:47 PM
Ahh, what the hell! I kinda brought it up in the first place, anyway.

Let's get this party cracka-lackin'.

"Bide your time and hold out hope." - The Count, Gankutsuou

"To the sky." Alex Rowe, Last Exile

"I am not a doll." - Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion

"I am you, and you are me." - Johan, Monster

"Sneaky kitty!" - Alan Gabriel, The Big O

"How bothersome." - Shikamaru, Naruto

My brain hurts. That's all for now.
Generalissimo D 11-30-2006 05:05 PM
"I CAN'T DIE! I WON'T DIE" - D-Boy, Tekkaman Blade
Green_Bird 11-30-2006 06:08 PM
"Bang." - - Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

"Sit!" - - Kagome - Inuyasha

"I am...JUSTICE!" - - Spoken by both Light and L - Death Note

"Humans are interesting.../Humans are a Riot!" - - Ryuk - Death Note

"Stupid Monkey..." - - Sanzo - Sayuki

"Prukogi...Prukogi" ("Wig Out" in the dub) - - Teddy bears, Don Patch, Bo-bobo, just about everybody - Bobob-bo Bo-bobo

"Dattebayo" ("Believe it!" in the dub) - - Naruto - Naruto (So going to be shot for that one...)

"Chi?" - - Chi - Chobits

"De Arimasu" - - Keroro - Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog (I don't know if that would fit. Seeing as how it's just what he ends his sentences with...)

"You could say, (insert idiom here)" - - Angol Mois - Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog

"Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!!!!!!!!" - - Jessie, James, and Meowth - Pokemon

I'll probably think of more later...And behold all the one word catchphrases!
evanASF27 11-30-2006 06:57 PM
"CRAP!" ~ Koichi Zenigata, Lupin the 3rd
Scourge 11-30-2006 10:16 PM
"Did you have a nice dream?" ~ Ban Mido, Get Backers
Tickle Tickle 12-01-2006 10:38 PM
"In the name of the Moon, I'll puinsh you!" - Sailor Moon
"Ai no senshi, Cutie Honey-sa!" - Kisaragi Honey (Cutie Honey)

spoiler (highlight to read):
"Akito-san.. Right now you're... Alive."
- Honda Tohru (Fruits Basket)

And of course..

"Where's my kitty? Oh, give me back my baby! Poor old Louise, all she could do was beg.." - Eugene (Big O)
Blue Crow 12-02-2006 02:46 AM

- vash the stampede

- BC
Raven 12-02-2006 03:01 AM
There are two cool villain quotes from Cowboy Bebop that I always liked.

"And you will shed tears of scarlet. " - Vicious right before slicing his katana across the eyes of one of the Red Dragon leaders.

"I have no fear of death. To me, it just means dreaming in silence. A dream that will last for eternity." - Vincent

Honorable DBZ mentions:

"I am a warrior! Not... a variety of flower!" - Vegeta (WTF Funimation?)

"Having these balls makes me feel something that resembles joy, I think. I want to caress them." - Frieza
Revan 12-02-2006 04:46 AM
Hmm lets see. I only know Big O and Cowboy Bebop so here goes...

"There are three things I particularly hate. Kids, animals, and women with attitude. So tell me Jet, why do we have all three neatly gathered on our ship?!" - Spike

[To Roger] "She's a two seater, have yourselves a good time!" - Ship builder guy in act 7 of Big O
seraphjei 12-04-2006 08:16 PM
minespatch 12-05-2006 12:50 AM
"i love to kill! i love to kill so muchi don't know what to do! i kill, therefore i am! that's all the proof i need to know that i exist!"-barry the butcher(fma)

"ho-yo-yo?!"-arale(dr. slump)

"i'll show you my blood if you show me yours."-alan gabriel(big o)

"my arm... IT'S HEALED! oh wait, it's still broken..."-kohroku(princess mononoke)

"fist of the nose hair!"-bo*7

"GAHHHHHH...."-anyone fighting(dragonball and z)

"GAHHHHHH..."-tetsuo shima(akira)
The Ghost of Ember 12-06-2006 01:47 AM
"...Must not Talk about Him... Must not Think about Him...."
-Maniwa, Paranoia Agent.

"Fear. It is something vital to us puny creatures."
-Schwarzwald, The Big O

-Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z
Wingnut 12-06-2006 09:58 AM
"When someone strays from the path of mankind, you hit that person to correct them." -- Jamil Neate, Gundam X.
Buck Buck #1 12-06-2006 10:32 AM

StevieV019 12-06-2006 02:53 PM
The greatest anime quote of all time comes from none other than Dragonball Z...from the Super Android #13 movie:

"Free will? Pitiful humans; war, segregation, hatred, is that what you've done with your free will, boy?! Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar haircut. Goku dies!" -- Super Android #13 to Trunks.

"Now I cant believe that the great Goku is catchin' an ass-whippin' from those boys. If he cant even handle the Indians, why bring out the Chief?" -- Super Android #13

and of course, anything Vegita says is hilarious:

"Now you stay in the back and keep quiet, woman. I don't have time for your stupidity right now." -- to Bulma.

"Hand me a drying cloth, woman!!" -- to Bulma.

"It's amazing that every time you open your mouth you prove that your an idiot." -- to Bulma.

"What's the matter,clown?" -- to Goku.

"This is what happens when you don't train for seven years!He's completely lost his fighting sense...disgraceful." -- to Goku.
Green_Bird 12-09-2006 08:03 PM
You know something? I'm surprised I forgot this one...

"Die, die, die, die, die!" - Harry McDougal - Outlaw Star
StevieV019 12-11-2006 08:02 AM
Funny you mentioned Harry McDougal...I just finished watching my Outlaw Star boxset this weekend...good stuff...
spiked-knives 12-14-2006 02:09 PM
"Hunger is the best spice."~ Spike Spiegal

"Total slaughter, total slaughter. I won't leave a single man alive. lahdy lahdy dah. All I can see...is an ocean of blood."~ Vash


"It's really hot."~ Fuyutsuki

"Indeed"~ Gendo

"Just because your trapped in a room with a girl, doesn't exactly make it a honeymoon."~Roger Smith
The Baker St. Irregular 12-14-2006 04:49 PM
Originally posted by spiked-knives
"It's really hot."~ Fuyutsuki

"Indeed"~ Gendo

Is that from the Japanese dub? 'Cause I have a running joke with my friends that concerns the quote from the English dub.

I say, "It's hot."

And they respond immediately with, "Yes."