Is CBS going to fire Katie Couric?!

DorothyFan1 11-15-2006 08:17 PM
I've heard rumors saying Katie Couric could get fired for the poor showing on the CBS Evening News. What I don't understand is...why would CBS need to fire Katie Couric for something she didn't do? She's not responsible for the ratings problems at CBS. The network simply doesn't have attractive programming to generate buzz. No "Desperate Housewives" or "Lost" is frontlining that network.

What really gets me is the impression I got from the hiring of Katie Couric: CBS seems to think hiring Katie as a sexy eye candy was the way of bringing up the ratings...and I'm saying this in reaction to this possible shocking development. They dished out 13 million dollars for Katie fronting their new Evening News and 60 Minutes. To have them fire Katie Couric over the network's problems with the ratings is a sour way of showing it's appreciation for Katie Couric.

But there is a deeper issue at stake here. Here was the first woman to anchor the network evening news. Faster than you can say "cheeze"...CBS "fires" Katie for the poor showing of the Evening News. They simply replace her with another man...or even Bob Schieffer again if this happens. To me...this will symbolize the problem with the news in general. It's male dominated and a decision to push Katie Couric out is symtomatic of sexist thinking at the network. But this doesn't mean ABC or NBC get to dodge the bullet either. My opinion is neither ABC or NBC are doing such a great job too.
Sharpshooter005 11-15-2006 10:05 PM
People still watch network news?

Also, speaking of CBS and reportage...When is Andy Rooney going to just die. Seriously. The world would be better off with him decaying inside of a pine box I'm pretty sure

a decision to push Katie Couric out is symtomatic of sexist thinking

Not really, no.

It's all ratings. If people weren't watching, they'll attempt to rectify that. If dropping Couric means higher ratings, they'll do it, if keeping her on means higher ratings, they'll do it. Theres no sexist conspiracy here, just ratings. The presence of ovaries dosen't suddenly make CBS stop acting like a network.