Best Albums of 2006

Volt 11-02-2006 07:04 PM
Yeah well it's almost the end of the year which means we won't be getting much more than county Christmas albums before the end of the year, so shoot off your favorites for this year.

Fear Before the March of Flames - "The Always Open Mouth"
Every song on this album is diverse and amazing. The alternating vocal styles (ranging from a robot-sounding voice mask to what sounds like some big black dude) plus the wide range of influences apparent in the guitarists make each song completely different, so each song is basically shniztastic.

Glasgow Drive - "Languages"
This is a small band that I found out about and they're pretty dern good. Somewhere between Dillinger Escape Plan and Fall of Troy. A lot of the songs are kinda too crazy and the bass is too trebly (cardinal sin no. 8 ) but it's worth it.
David Ryder 11-02-2006 08:07 PM
Gorgoroth: Ad Majorem- Another amazing album by Gorgoroth. Solid production, some great riffs, and often cryptic lyrics, example "Pride and Race" in the song white seed. To sum it up, it's hateful, and very dark, in short, it's Black Metal.

Ihsahn: The Adversary- A masterpiece of music by Emperor front man Ihsahn. A perfect blend Prog, Thrash, Black, Death and Classical metal, with classical music trimmings. An excelletn debut album.
Buck Buck #1 11-02-2006 09:40 PM
Destroyer- "Destroyer's Rubies" It kinda takes a while to get into, but after a couple of listens it becomes obvious how great the album is.
Blue Crow 11-19-2006 02:01 PM
the strokes - first impressions of earth: not as great as the first two strokes records, and it takes a while to get into, but it's still a solid album. the guys were obviously trying to expand their sound and i think they did so successfully without sacrificing who they were. some songs drag on a little longer than they should, but you appreciate the extra length in some of the better tracks.

standout tracks: razorblade, you only live once, killing lies.

my chemical romance - the black parade: the long awaited third album from MCR. a lot of people thought it was all downhill for them, but they put out the strongest and most diverse album of their career so far. the songs are undeniably MCR with fast punk beats and death-obsessed lyrics, yet there is a refreshing touch of classic rock jamming, horns, and marching-band beats. the song structures on this disc are amazing.

standout tracks: dead!, cancer, mama.

camera obscura - let's get out of this country: i heard a song from this album back in september and i fell in love with it. later, when i bought the album i was just in awe of how beautiful the singer's voice mixed with the organ and soft indie guitar. every track has something new to offer, and it's just a lovely adventure from start to finish. i played it for my mom and she thought it was from the sixties. haha.

standout tracks: if looks could kill, country mile, Lloyd I'm ready to be heartbroken.

islands - return to the sea: i was so stoked to find out earlier this year that two out of three of the unicorns were still recording together and that their album was about to be released! then when i heard it was a continuation of the unicorns legacy i was even more excited! then the album ended up being really really good! i'm so excited to hear what they'll do next!

standout tracks: where there's a will there's a whalebone, jogging gorgeous summer, bucky little wing.

keane - under the iron sea: i had been waiting for this album for like a year and a half. i was counting down the days until it was released, then i borrowed my mom's car to go buy it at like 9 AM. haha. but i've read so many bad reviews of this record that i just don't understand. then i realized that every critic in the world just hates keane. so they could have put out the most amazing thing since sliced bread and they would shoot it down automatically. but i digress.....this album is more progressive(well as progressive as three guys with 3 instruments can get) than their debut. there are more keyboard and synth effects in some songs, but they still know how to do a mean piano and voice song. i'm really excited to hear the thirteen or so B-sides that will be released with the singles! eeeee!

standout tracks: atlantic, hamburg song, the frog prince.

- BC