Hide your childeren, it's the notorious TRAIN DEFACATOR!!!

Jonny Axehandle 10-27-2006 09:16 PM

A man has been defecating in trains across south-east England, causing damage costing £60,000 to repair.

British Transport Police have released CCTV images of the man, who has struck on at least 30 trains since August.

He waits until he is alone before committing the offence, smearing excrement inside carriages.

"This is a serious public health issue as well as being exceptionally anti-social - we need to locate this man," said Det Con Donna Fox.

She said his offences had resulted in many carriages being taken out of service, causing disruption and cancellations and serious inconvenience to the travelling public.
Travis Bickle 10-27-2006 09:17 PM
I got a great laugh out of this.
David Ryder 10-27-2006 09:17 PM
Haha. This is actually pretty funny. Although a very weird crime spree to go on.
Sharpshooter005 10-27-2006 09:20 PM
Reading this really got me down in the dumps.
Revan 10-28-2006 05:54 AM
That's funny and disgusting at the same time!

Some people eh?
paul1290 10-28-2006 05:59 AM
I guess if you want to take a train car out of service without having to physically destory anything, that's the way to do it. Big Grin