Auto Accident < Big O pwning Beck's Van

evanASF27 10-15-2006 11:04 PM
Well since there's a reoccuring theme of wierd thread topics around here, I figure I might make one myself. (Subject to change depending on whether Shredder/Krang threaten me after this Tongue lol)

Well last night I got into a car first to be exact. It was dark and I was taking one of my close friends from high school (who, like myself, is also now in college) back to her house after a quick detour to visit another high school companion. So I decide to take a short cut to bypass a notoriously vexxing traffic light... and I realize when I'm about to make a left turn that the intersection I'm at is one of the worst lit intersections in town.... from there I suppose the rest can be logically connected together.
-- A car was making a very slow right turn at the T (with me on the street that has to make the R/L turn)
-- I couldn't see past the car
-- I slowly move up to get a better view
-- WHAM broadside another car going around the other vehicle
-- my front license plate flew 15 feet down the street

yah... thankfully no one was hurt and the damage to both my car and the other car was minimal (no lawsuits thank God), and heck even the responding officer was a friend of me and my friend (err, in better English: Me and my friend knew the officer as the father of one of our other friends). Yah, a pretty small accident with only my front license plate getting damaged the hell outof, but it was an accident none the less....and I was pretty shaken up. I mean, I'm a good driver and it really startled me. I'm just glad no one was hurt.

So that's how great my Fall Break weekend was Neutral
Nine Kuze 10-16-2006 11:17 AM
Since 2004, I've been in, oh say, four car accidents. After the first three, you tend to forget and they're all the same afterwards.

Anyway, sucks to hear this happened to you Evan and good thing nothing serious (like injuries or totaled cars) went down. Also plus for having a cop as an acquintence (I need to get one those).

Hope you're doing alright.
David Ryder 10-17-2006 06:34 AM
Well as long as your ok, that's all the matters if ya ask me.