KH2 AMV and many other YouTubes of mine...

Sara Comatori 10-12-2006 12:16 AM
Kingdom Hearts: The Noose

This is I think the sadist AMV I've made. I wanted it to original be a Roxas Tribute but I ended up not having enough clips so I just made this instead.

I hope you watch it and if you do, comment and watch a few more of my videos if you want.


David Ryder 10-12-2006 12:39 AM
Well I'm no KH's fan, it's not to bad.
Sara Comatori 10-12-2006 12:40 AM
Thanks...I Knew someone would watch it...*Huges*
Shew 10-15-2006 10:31 PM
It's a nice AMV. I don't really know the storyline or story of KH or KH2 but I know bits of it that I get from roleplays. But I get a bit more of it from the AMV. I like how you blended the story, or at least what is happening in the clips to the song. I like the song, who is the artist?
Sara Comatori 10-15-2006 10:51 PM
I don't remeber the artist but I'll look for it and get back to you on that.
Shew 10-16-2006 12:55 AM
Thank you very much. Happy