Google Buys YouTube

Mr. Fortnight 03-14-2007 09:16 AM
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Meh, this may turn out really bad for Google. They overpayed for the site it self, that was there first goof. Unless they somehow boost security by a lot Google just bought ad space, community, and lawsuits. If they do remove all the copywritten work it'll only leave community, which in the long run won't be able to bring in a profit worth a damn.

Good job Google you eliminated your video competition but you also lost millions.

Here's the thing. Youtube has no DRM on its videos. It's too easy to download videos from Youtube...even copyrighted material. For instance...about several weeks ago...I noticed the Bruce Springsteen video clip Born in the USA. It was so easy to download this clip...especially if you're using Firefox. Just click with a certain Firefox plugin..and have Bruce Springsteen's video clip on your hard drive. I just went to iTunes and bought a legal copy. Video quality is far superior than the pirated one.

I just visited Youtube again today and I'm seeing the Bruce Springsteen clp has been removed. But inexplicably...other Bruce Springsteen clips which are just as copyrighted...are still sitting on YouTube. They clearly have to clean up their act now they've been bought up by Google. (I'm predicting Microsoft will buy Yahoo at some point.)

Here's the rub...some of the copyrighted material uploaded on Youtube is hard to consider copyright violations...because some posters have made some really creative videos with the material. I wouldn't call it copyrighted material if the users "creatively" mix things up. An example...someone posted a video clip from Titanic using an extremely rare music audio of Kate Winslet singing an unreleased tune for the movie called "What If".

I've been unable to find this song on iTunes or anywhere else. So how the heck did this poster get the material? It doesn't matter but the usage of that music to the video clip made sense. So some of the stuff on Youtube qualifies as being on the fence. Could be either way. I believe the lawsuits that Youtube will face will be very interesting because it will pit copyrighted material against believers of fair usage of copyrighted material.

I also believe copyrights will have to be modified in light of sites like Youtube. It's clear Youtube pushes the limits of copyright to such an extent that the Digital Copyright Millenium Act will need futher refinement.

Further refinement, or more draconian? As long as the dinosaur of the music and movie industry has their RIAA/MPAA supporting lobbyists out there, the DMCA will forever be a shadow on fair-use and parody.

It's one thing to post an unauthroized episode, it's another to post a parody or derivative work that you do not profit off of.