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Asirt 12-10-2006 10:23 AM
Originally posted by Nine XXVI
Wait, Blossom has a sister? That's crazy, man. Somethin' so crazy.

Even though it was her first appearance, it was mentioned by Momoko way back in episode 3, but I guess you wouldn't know, since I never pointed it out in the pans thread. Tongue

She doesn't have any super powers as well, does she?

Nope, but then again, why need them when old Mojo can be destroyed by cuteness alone? Wink Now that I think about it, Mojo can be defeated by anyone in Tokyo City, lolz.

And whatever happened to ol' boy HIM?

The evil spores will come back next week. Oh wait, you want to see him fight, don't you? Cool
Asirt 12-16-2006 03:32 PM
A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

Once upon a time, The Ultimate Evil decided to unleash the end of the world. By doing this, "HIM" has released evil demon spores that was meant to cause doom on the city.

One object was a certain pen, who loved to cause mischief across the city.

"HAHAHA! I'm the evilest pen this city's ever seen!"

"Here's your new friend: Mr. Eraser!"

"I don't need any stupid friend! I can handle being evil just fine!"

The blue eraser left the city shortly after, because of the pen's rudeness.

And so he contined to draw, and draw, and draw.

...until the people have had enough.

"Hey, what's going on here?!"

And so...

Seems like the blonde has forgetten her school supplies again.

Turns out that the effects of the spores have worn out, leading to believe that feelings can destory the evilness of the object.


Episode 25.5 - How to Kill Flowers

A cheerful night in Tokyo City!

I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of all time, and it looks like I'm not alone.

Yes, all of Tokyo City is getting ready for the holidays as well. They're also looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus.

You better hurry and get home, little girl, before your parents get worried.


This flower wanted to spread peace and love to the city, despite it being affected by the evil spore.

The sign still says, "Become Sexy Through Plastic Surgery!"

The next morning, all of the city is covered with flowers.

"Ahh! Daddy, save me from the evil flowers!"

"What's this? People don't like my flowers?!"


"WAH! Beware of the flowers, kids! Someone call the exterminator!"





HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-- err I mean, how terrible.

"WAHHH! Don't get close to that flower!"

"Hey, flower! *Insert heartwarming speech here*"

And so, thanks to Sakurako, the flower returned to its normal state.

All of the flowers in the city are gone, too.

"Time for a well-deserved bean paste bun!"

"Yum! This is sooo good!"

"WAAH! They're all gone!"

And so, the day is saved, with FEELING!

Asirt 12-24-2006 09:39 AM
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Tomorrow will be a special day; a day that only comes once a year. Yes, that day is Christmas: a day of happiness, a day of peace, a day of love. It's my favorite holiday of all time. However, at these unfortunate times, there are people out there who won't have such a merry Christmas.

Even if this story is only a piece of fiction and cheezy to the max, I hope this story will make you smile, and remember the good times you have with your family and friends.


Hey, girls! Would you like to hear the story of how Christmas in Tokyo City was saved?

"Oh yes, Asirt! That would be great!"

"Bubbles, you always want to hear those baby stories."

"HA! You're just jealous because he's the best storyteller out there."

Girls, please! Just let me find that book... Ah, here it is!

This book takes me back to my narrating days. It seems like yesterday that I started narrating PPGZ back in September. I have really gotten this far. Well, let us begin!


Tokyo City, a peaceful place to live and celebrate Christmas.

On this day, everyone, even the villians, be nice to one another and hope for good health in the upcoming years.

This is a very big year for Ken Kitazawa, but he doesn't know that yet.

Christmas Eve is upon us, and here is where our story begins...

...At the professor's lab, where everyone is getting ready for the arrival of everyone's favorite jolly old man, Santa Claus.

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra."

"Miyako, it's fa la la la la, not ra ra ra ra!"


"Hi Ken! Are you ready for the arrival of Santa Claus?"

"HA! That guy's nothing but a fake! I've ripped off 50 beards today to prove my point!"

"Ken... why are you so mad?" "I'm not mad!"

"Besides, how would you know how I feel? You didn't lose someone important in your life!"

"Hey, Ken, wait up! What's wrong?"

The girls expressed their concern for Ken, wondering why he would be so sad in such a cheerful holiday.

Everyone went to their homes, so that they can spend Christmas Eve with their families.

Momoko's House...

"OK, Momoko! Tree's all done!" "Great! Hey, Kuriko? You know Ken, right?"

"That kid? He's in love with me!" "No Way!" "That's right!"

Miyako's House...

"Miyako, have you made your list? Remember, Santa will be checking it twice."

"Yes, Grandma."

Kaoru's House...

"Hey, Kaoru. Don't you want to watch the rest of the wrestling match with us?"

"No thanks, Dad! I have to write my letter to Santa!" "Huh. Thought she stopped believing in him."

It was at that moment that the girls realized why Ken was so mad. He had lost something he once had in the past.

And so the girls raced to their nearest post office to send the letter as quickly as possible.

"Ken, it's late. You should go to sleep. ...The tree sure looks beautiful, doesn't it?"

"Yes... Yes it does."

"I hope you will be here with us this time... Mom..."

Elsewhere, at the North Pole...

Santa Claus prepares for the busiest night he faces every year. It must be hard having to do that job all in one night.

"Sir! We just recieved a letter from one of the Powerpuff Girls Z. I don't know why they bothered sending the letter through the post office, but what do I know?"


Dear Santa,
I know I've been a good girl, and want the latest and greatest rollerblades out there, but I need your help!
My friend's in a real slump. I think he lost that special someone in his life and it would be really great if you could grant him that wish. Thanks a bunch!!


P.S. In case you didn't know, it's the Rob Thompson 2 blades I want. Happy


HA! Kaoru always wanted to be the best at roller blading. We'll have to take a break from here, girls.

"WHAT?! But you were just getting to the good part! And I have to finish my Christmas list! I can't believe you won't tell us what happens next!"

"Well, duh! Of course he wouldn't. He would rather have I, Princess, hear the rest of the story!"

Err... that's not it. If I keep going now, I'll be over the character limit. Just wait until later, OK?

Say, let's check on what Mojo Jojo is doing right now...

"Oh boy, I can't wait to put this Christmas decoration on the Christmas tree, which will have the Christmas decoration on it, and the Christmas tree will have been decorated!"


Asirt 12-25-2006 01:00 AM
"Tree's all done!" "Great! We can finally hear the rest of the story!"

That was quick. Let's continue from where we left off...


Back at Tokyo City...

Remember what I said about the villians celebrating Christmas?

Yes, even old Mojo Jojo is ready for his share of the Christmas joy. Huh. Where is the monkey, anyway?

"HO HO HO! Buy some delicious chocolate from Santa, and your wish will be granted! Well hello, little girl. Would you like some chocolate?"

"AHCHOO! Oops." "WAHHHHH!!! It's a monster, and he's going to eat me!!!!!"

"Darn it! I always scare the children!"

"I try to be a good monkey, but I just have the evil spirit!"

"I don't care anymore! I will ruin Christmas by stealing all of Santa's presents and ruin the hearts of people worldwide, mojo!"

"But first, I must enjoy my Christmas dinner, mojo!"

"Ahh. Now that that's over, I can finally ruin Christmas!"

"This robot will do quite nicely, mojo."

And so off Mojo went; to ruin Christmas for everyone in Tokyo City.

Elsewhere, Santa Claus and his companions race across the world to deliever presents to the good boys and girls.

"Ready, Men?" "READY!"

"HA! Time to end your gift-giving once and for all!" And so with the robot's amazing nose, it sucked all the Santas along with the presents.

"HAHAHA! I will surely take over the world now, mojo!"


"Mayor, would you like to listen to some Christmas music?"

"I'd be glad to, Miss Bellum."

Just then, the Mayor has been sucked by the mighty nose of Mojo's robot!

"Girls! You must save the Mayor and the Santas from Mojo. He's going to ruin Christmas for everyone!" "Right!"

"So, you girls are here to ruin my plan. Well then, time to unleash the DARK SPIRIT!"

"You don't stand a chance against us, Mojo!"

"Time to unleash the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!"

"NOOO!!! It's too much! Run away!"

"Bubble Poyon Xmas Special!"

Great job! You saved the presents!

"You're not getting off that easy!"

"Shooting Xmas Cake Special!" "Swing Sonic Xmas Special!"

Lights of different colors lighted up the city with the words, "Merry Christmas".



"Powerpuff Girls Z, thank you for saving the presents from Mojo. However could we repay you?"

"But Sir! It's almost morning! We won't be able to deliver the presents on time!"

"Oh, I've got a plan. Never underestimate the power of Fairy Dust!"

And so with Santa's power, he turned the Powerpuff Z into his assistants.

"Girls, with your colors so bright and your speed so quick, won't you deliver my presents tonight?"

And so, the girls raced across the world to give all of Santa's presents to every good boy and girl.

The North Star is shining brighty on this cold night.

"Wonderful job! Is there a gift you girls want from my bag of toys?"

"Actually, Santa, there is a gift, but not for us. We need you to grant a miracle..."

Ken watches the snowy night, waiting for a miracle to happen.

Just when Ken thought he had lost all hope for a wonderful Christmas, Santa Claus appears before his very eyes.

"What are you waiting for, Child? Come with me; there's someone who has been expecting you for a long time."

And so, Santa and his special reindeer went to the place where Ken would meet someone he thought he had lost.

"Go, my Powerpuff Reindeer Z! Make this young boy happy once again."

They flew to outer space, where someone special is waiting for them...

"Who's coming? It can't be...!"


"Ken! What on earth are you doing out here?"

"Oh mom... I miss you so much. I wish you can come home with us for Christmas."


"That is so beautiful... *sniff*"

The Next Day...

Christmas is finally here! Time to join in the fun!

"Hi, Ken. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the lab for Christmas this year."

"That's OK, Mom. I'm just glad you're all right and your space mission has been going according to plan."

Elsewhere, everyone was happy to receive their presents.

"Wow! New clothes for me to look cute in!"

"All right! New skates for me to try out!"

...except for her.

"What's this?! I didn't ask for Bubbles and Buttercup action figures!"

"Sorry, Momoko. Here's your real present!"

"Lameo Man A?! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

And so, Christmas is saved, thanks to SANTA CLAUS!

Asirt 12-29-2006 09:44 AM
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