[Other] They're Here! PPGZ Panoramic Images

Asirt 10-11-2006 09:59 PM
A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

It's quite a normal day today.

But man, is it HOT!

Mojo is sad that he can't beat the Z Girls...

"I wish those girls could just drop dead!"

Just then, he spots the Blob Gangstas!

"Hmm... I could use those blobs for myself, Mojo."

"Look, mom! It's the Blob Gangstas!"

"Join me, and together we will take over the world!"


"OK. You got yourself a deal, monkey!"

"Destroy! Destroy the entire city!"

OH NOES! Who will save the city?!

Why the sun, of course!


"We meet again. Payback time. This time, it's for real!"

About time you showed up! You have to clean up the mess!

"Great job, girls. We didn't have to do anything this time!"

And so, the day is saved, thanks to THE HEAT!


Episode 13.5 - Mission Failed!

A black and white day in Tokyo City!

Follow the arrow, kids.

"What's the car doing over here?"

"I'm very disappointed in you girls," said the Professor. "Look at what you did!"


"LOOK! Look at what you're done to the world!"

"Because of your efforts, everyone in the world is now like this."

"Not even the best doctors in the world can cure this sickness!"

"It's not our fault! We tried our best!" [Flashback Time!]

The city at its best.

"I remember a monster trying to take dirty pictures of me on the streets."

He was a camera-like monster. He was mistreated by it master..."

"Don't you dare take a picture of me without permission!"

OH NOES! Time to transform!

"We heard its sob story, and we felt sorry for the Camera Monster because he was lonely."

"As soon as the monster was zapped, the entire world was doomed!"

"Mayor..." said his assistant. "You fell on wet paint last night, remember?"

"Don't listen to her, she LIES!!111one"


And so, the mayor lied, thanks to THE CAMERA MONSTER!

Sara Comatori 10-12-2006 01:46 AM
Is there anyway to watch this at all? youtube? Download? Bootleg? I need to watch these!!!
Asirt 10-13-2006 03:26 PM
Is there anyway to watch this at all? youtube? Download? Bootleg? I need to watch these!!!

Yeah. Just click here for details. Look for the section titled "Z Girls on TV!". Wink


A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

"The sunset sure looks nice," said the girl with the red bow.

"Hey, let's go out to eat!"

Time to go out to a resturant!

Dinner sure was delicious!

Uh-oh. Looks like we got some green guests for tonight's dinner.

"Psst. Those green guys are really ugly looking..."

The green guy's got something up his sleeve...

"You green guys don't belong here!" "Yeah, you're ugly!" "You're scaring the normal people as well!"

"Well, then. Looks like we'll have to fight for the turf!"

"Let's fight to the death, then!"

The battle for survival begins!

"The name's Ace! This is Big Billy, and the transexual is Little Arturo!"

"Don't think I'm easy because I'm a girl!", said the small girl.

"Yo. The name's Snake, but people call me The Green Sailor Man!"


That was fast.

"Hmm... My gun can't kill these guys."

And so... "We'll let you go this time, but don't cause trouble on our turf!" said the Z Girls.

"Wait! Why should we let you wimps win? I want a rematch!"

"Duh.... I'm hungry, Ace."

"Fine. We'll eat. Then we'll fight some more!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen! The BATTLE OF THE CENTURY will now begin!"

And the crowd goes wild!

"We'll win the match this time, gang!"

People are even watching the match in HIGH DEFINITION!

Looks like one of the members decides to watch the show instead.

"Ready? FIGHT!"


"Hahaha. You cannot resist my sexy hands, little girl!"

"Oh yeah. Right there. That's the spot..."


"Hehehe. She'll 'fall' for our trap soon!" *rimshot*

"What's happening? Why isn't she turned on by my sexy hands?!"

"That's because I'm not easy like Bubbles!"


"Throw them out of the arena!"

Looks like that's the end of the Green Dudes...

The next day...

The gang's hangout place.

"OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!11one I no longer have the magic touch!"

And so, the day is saved, thanks to-- hey, whatever happened to the other girl?

Asirt 10-16-2006 11:17 AM
A sexy day in Tokyo City!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the "Most Beautifulist Girl in the World" pageant, has now begun!

Bought to you by, The Great Asirt! Better get your seats while you can!

We've got a lot of sexy girls this time around, as they get ready for the ULTIMATE BATTLE!

We've even got some sexy judges to vote on the best and worst dressed!

Transformation belts are the latest craze in fashion!

Which is worn by none other than these cute girls!

"You girls look great! You'll win the contest for sure!"

"All right, sexy girls! Time to show your good stuff!"

"I can't wait to see these sexy girls!" said the professor.


Make way for our new sexy contestant!

"BOW DOWN TO MY SEXINESS!!!!!!!111one"

"Woo Hoo! You go, Monkey!"

WOAH! Sorry, monkey, but these girls got you beat!

"That's hot!" said the little boy.

I think I speak for everyone when I say this woman's the worst dressed.


And so, everyone was scared for life, thanks to SEXINESS!


Episode 15.5 - Lunch Time With The Z Girls!

A boring day in Tokyo City!

Guess what, a new ramen resturant has opened!

"Let's go, girls!" "Yeah! I'm starving!"

"Wow! There's quite a selection of Ramen here!"

"Look, girls! This place is so fancy, that they even have a Ramen mascot guy on HIGH DEFINITION TV!"

"So, ladies, what would you like to have?"

"Lots of ramen, please!"

And so...

"You guys ate the entire supply! GET OUT!"

"So full... Ate too much ramen..."

And so, this episode sucked, thanks to RAMEN!



I remember the Gang Green Gang. Didn't Buttercup have a crush on Ace the leader for a minute or something.

Yes. That happened in the episode "Buttercrush".

Oh my, why do I remember all this?

That's not a question I can answer. Tongue

Also Asirt, I liked the pregency angle you were playing with (with the old pans in the other thread) rather than the ate too much ramen line.

Had there have been more pans of the Fat Z Girls, I would have kept them pregnant. Most of the time, preview pans will NOT be an accurate preview of what will happen next, so be aware of that.
Nine Kuze 10-16-2006 11:28 AM
I remember the Gang Green Gang. Didn't Buttercup have a crush on Ace the leader for a minute or something?

Oh my, why do I remember all this?

Also Asirt, I liked the pregency angle you were playing with (with the old pans in the other thread) rather than the ate too much ramen line.

Some strange pics (the rubbing teh legs one for example) but damn good stuff as always, Asirt.
Asirt 10-19-2006 02:24 PM
And so after a few days have passed, Asirt comes back with over 50 new pans for this week's episode, making it the biggest episode to date! In fact, it's so big, that it'll take two posts to complete the episode!

Because Asirt has now caught up to the amount of episodes aired so far, here are the new specs for this week:

Total number of pans: 419
Number of episodes aired: 16
Number of episodes expected: 52
Current Status: 31% Completed

Asirt expects himself to be doing this for at least a year, and he's sure as hell isn't going to stop anytime soon!


A peaceful night in Tokyo City!

"Stay tuned for the newest living sensation, Haruhi Suzumiya!"

"Not again! I can't get any sleep because of that stupid girl!"





Later that night...

"It's not fair! This Haruhi person is standing out more than me! I'm the one people should be praising, not her!"

"I'll smack that stupid girl's face good!"

..."with this handbag!"

OH NOES! The redheaded princess is back! Go girls GO! Oh wait...

"Ahh! This song's awful!"

The people seem to agree. Well, as long as she's not causing trouble.

The girls captured her anyway.

"Before I kick Haruhi's ass, I'll kick THIS ONE'S ASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111one

The next day!

"So tired..."

"Can't focus..."

"Must kill Haruhi..."

Another day passes...

Hey! Pay attention to me!

"Hey, girls. Let's spy on Himeko for no reason whatsoever!" "OK!"

Lunch Time!

"Hmm... Let's see what she eats for lunch!"


Such pigs!

The ladies' room!

"OMGWTF???!!!!one" [I guess rich people want to feel special even when they're taking a dump.]

And so...

"Let's go for a little ride to her house."

That's quite a big mansion!

What misadventures will the girls have?! Find out soon!
Asirt 10-20-2006 02:12 PM
A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

"This mansion is HUGE!"

And with many fancy doors!

"Hey! I recognize these people!"

And here's a picture of the Shirogane family!


"Our first daughter is so much better than Himeko! She SUCKS!"

Himeko: Frown

Time for yoga!

Back with the girls!

They continue to get lost...

When they come across a room with a BIG SCREEN HD PLASMA TV!

"Look! Himeko's got the SUPER ULTIMATE EDITION OF AIR! You can't even get it anymore!"

"Let's watch it!"

"WOW! This is the saddest series I've ever seen! I always cry at the end."

Himeko is quite the anime fan...

Himeko practices with her organ.

"Grr... Must... Be... Great..."

OH NOES! The black aura is back!


OH NOES! Princess Redhead comes back to life!

"She has better transformation music than us!"

What's that in the sky?

It's newest living sensation, Princess Redhead?!

The Princess plays the piano!

Time to cheer for her, for our sake!

"Great job, Himeko. You're better than that Haruhi girl!"

Hmm... Himeko's cat scratched the professor and Ken, lol.

"In other news, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has now been cancelled."




Episode 16.9 - The Final Battle!

The city slumbers for the night...

"HAHAHA! I will destroy the city so that I can take over the world!"





And so, the day is saved, thanks to THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Z!


Original Pans -

Asirt 10-23-2006 02:46 PM
Every once in a while, narrators tend to have short breaks, especially with all the action around this city. I'm free from narrator for a while, so I'll just have some lunch as I wait for the paperboy to deliver my paper.

"I hopes these photos will please Asirt," said the paperboy.

"Wow! I wish I was the one delivering Asirt's paper! He's so cool."

"It's not really worth it if you ask me," said the tomboy.

"Traffic sure looks awful today," said the paperboy.

"Hey there, son. We're new to the planet, and need some directions..."

"That's the place where Asirt is. He's probably having lunch at the top of the building."

Ah, there's the paperboy! Smile

Mojo, I know you're busy trying to kill the Z Girls, but at least give me my newspaper.

Thank you.

"Z Girls spotted throughout Tokyo City." Where are they? I only see dots.

"Z Girls saves the day again!" Same old, same old, huh?

Let's see what else is in here...

"EXCLUSIVE! Z Girls pose for Maxim Magazine!" Wondered how long it would take for their popularity to rise.

"Hey, Asirt! Your break's over!"


Episode 17.5 - Toei's Running Out of Ideas...

An Unoriginal Day in Tokyo City!

Another day of school is over.

"Miyako sure smells good today," said the tomboy.

There's no time for that now! Hurry, Girls! You must stop the ULTIMATE MONSTER!

And that is... A Cell Phone Monster? THAT's the best you can come up with this week?

I guess the rumors about cell phones giving you cancer is true...

Well, so much for that, huh?

And so, Toei ran out of ideas, thanks to LACK OF CREATIVITY!


I hope the next episode will be a lot better this time...

Asirt 10-28-2006 12:55 PM
Man, I'm just not feeling this show anymore. The same old villains over and over and over again; it's boring me to death!

A peaceful day in... whatever.

"Girls! Mojo Jojo, The Fuzzy Hustla, and the Green Dudes are causing trouble! Hurry up and save Tokyo City!"

"Hmm... We don't feel like it."

GIRLS! TRANSFORM NOW, OR I'll KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111one

"Fine, we'll do our stupid dance for you... But it's gonna cost you $50 extra..."

Err.... [Checks wallet] Forget it. JUST TRANSFORM ALREADY!!!!!!!11one


I clearly don't get paid enough for this job...

HEY! You're suppose to announce your arrival!

"Yeah, we're the Powerpuff Girls Z and sh**..."

"Err... Yeah..."

"BWAHAHAHA! I have finally defeated those brats!"

"We finally did it!"

"As a celebration, let's eat, drink, and be marry!"

"Isn't it great that we, The Lazy Team of 7, defeated the Z Girls?! There is just one small detail, though..."

"We demand a cut of the profit, Mojo! Just because you formed this team doesn't mean you get all the money!"


"NO! The Z Girls are DEAD!!!111one..."

Space. The Final Frontier...

I'd make a heartwarming speech about how the earth needs you and stuff, but I'll make it short: SAVE THE FREAKIN' WORLD, DAMN IT!!11one

Fine. If you won't do anything about it, I will.

All right, dudes! You're totally gonna get PWNED, by Super Narrator!

"OH NOES!!!!!11one"

You're joining the girls!

And so, the day is saved, thank to SUPER NARRATOR!


And now, Asirt's Random Thought of the Day!


This has been Asirt's Random Thought of the Day!
Asirt 11-05-2006 02:41 PM
A musical day in Tokyo City!

It's time for school!

That's such a nice tune.

She's playing an old favorite of mine: Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Turkish March” - (The Ruins Of Athens Op.113 No. 4)

Uh oh! Trouble!

Who you gonna call? No, not "them".

"I WILL EAT YOU!!11one"

Go girls GO!

"We're the Powerpuff Girls Z! Now with 50% more posing!"


And so...

"All right, everyone! It's time for your first lesson!"


"Hurray! The monster is defeated!"

And so, the piano has returned back to normal.

And so, the day is saved, thanks to LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN!


Episode 19.5 - Escape From Miss Keane's Class!

A peaceful day in Tokyo City!

A normal day in school.

Today we look into the life of Miss Keane, a hard working teacher who always makes sure her kids never leave class.

"All right, class. Today we'll be learning about math!" Happy


"CHOMP CHOMP! This pizza is good, mojo. I will surely take over the world now!"

"Uh oh. Miss Keane! I have to go to the ladies' room!"

"Well, you should have done that before class. Happy As I was saying..."

And so...

"Time to eat some more, mojo!"


"Here's some medicine for you girls. I know you've been leaving school often because you're always sick, so I've made sure that you will feel very well soon." Happy


"OH NOES! Mojo Jojo's destroying the city and the Z Girls still haven't stopped him?!"

"All right! Lunch break's here! Time to save the world!"

Finally. Go girls GO!

"We're the Powerpuff Girls Z! Expect delays if requesting emergency help!

"Your service stinks!!111one"

And so, the day was not saved, thanks to MISS KEANE!

"Hmm... wonder where the girls are, Mojo..."
Asirt 11-11-2006 03:27 PM
As we all know, PPGZ has met its doom! I, Asirt, give you the WORLD PREMIERE of the first episode of the new spin-off series, It's Nasty and Manly! Rowdyruff Boys Z!

An evil day in Doomsville!

A dark night for Doomsville...

"I know Whoop@$$ Z is in here somewhere..."

"Let's have a look around!"

"Screw this! I, King Mojo, will blow this place to pieces!"

"Hmm? This straw... It shall be useful for my plan!"

The next day!

"Ken, Professor! Someone broke into our house!"


"When I become the surpreme ruler of Doomsville, I shall live in a giant castle, not this trash!

"Those humans... always happy and laughing! I shall destroy them all!"

"This machine will give me the hope I need to become the ruler of Doomsville!"

"My creation was a success!"

"We're the Rowdyruff Boys Z! Awaiting your orders, King Mojo."

"Your first job: go and defeat those evil villians, the Powerpuff Girls Z, NOW! They are extremely dangerous, so do not underestimate them!"

"OK! Bye, Dad!"

These boys are now on a life-long mission: to maintain the peace of Doomsville and defeat the Powerpuff Girls Z! What will become of our heroes? Find out soon!
Asirt 11-11-2006 07:15 PM
"Time to get ROWDY!"

"Got to use the bathroom before fighting. REMEMBER THAT!"


"There's trouble! Let us summon the Z Girls now!"

"It's King Mojo! What evil are you planning now?!"

"HA! BOYS! Come here and meet these girls!"

"Who are you losers?" said Brick.

"We're the Powerpuff Girls Z, and we're here to destroy Doomsville! We shall become the new rulers of the new city, Girlysville!

"You think you can defeat the Rowdyruff Boys Z?! Think again, evil villians!

"OH NOES! Whatever could these new guys do to us?"







"HAHAHA! What a bunch of sissies!"

"Ah fu**! They're too strong for us..."

"HAHAHA! You cannot stop us, the ROWDYRUFF BOYS Z!"

"Good job, Boys! Now it's time for King Mojo to finish the job!"

"What's happening?! I can't be defeated!"

"I'm doomed. I couldn't defeat the girls..."

"Father!" "MY CHILDREN! You've made you father proud."

Elsewhere... heh.



NEXT WEEK! The RRBZ have a new pet to mess around with!


How's THAT for a world premiere?!
Asirt 11-19-2006 10:06 AM
Today is Wii Day, and people are rushing to the stores to get the new gaming console, "Wii". Everyone is probably having fun with their little "Zelda" game and "Wii Sports", but that's not what I'll be covering today.

An announcement came on TV Tokyo Saturday revealing a new video game is in the works. It of course stars none other than our favorite heroines, the Powerpuff Girls Z! I've managed to get a sneak peek of the game, and from what I've seen, it looks promising.

A kind soul on the Internet managed to get exclusive footage of the cutscenes in the PPGZ game shown at TV Tokyo, and have shared this with the people all over the world. I've also managed to obtain a "beta" version of what the game box will look like:

Now then, without further ado, the cutscenes!

You have the choice between the three heroines. There are rumors about secret characters, but none are announced at this time:

It looks like at one point you must help Peach get the ball:

Night time in Tokyo City will be play a part in this game...

Peach plays with the rubber ducky...

OH NOES! The rubber ducky is eating too much soap!


Using your Wiimote, you must help the Z Girls stop the KILLER RUBBER DUCKY!

In another part of the game, you must defeat a giant army of vegetables! The Wiimote's possibilities are endless!

Use the optional microphone accessory to make an insult to the leaders of the army!

If you fail to destroy the army, it's game over!

There's a reason why you must defeat the vegetables.

Ken hate vegetables, and you must teach him that it's good for him, for the sake of the world!

Can you say "Worst Storyline Ever"?!

There are already rumors that a minigame can be unlocked by a mod called "Hot Candy". Tongue

But anyway, the day will be saved, thanks to You and Wii!

Happy Wii Day, Everyone!
Asirt 11-25-2006 05:42 PM
A peaceful night in Tokyo City!

It's night time in Tokyo City, where everyone is resting for a new day.

Some spirits, however, never rest in peace.

This old house... I don't like the looks of this.

What's this? An old mummy?


And so, morning has come and gone.

Everyone's waiting in line for the new squid meatballs!

"Oh man! I can't wait to try those squid meatballs!"

Just then, the Z Girls arrive on the scene!

"We don't like you, Mojo, so we're beating you up!"

"Well, then. Bring it on, Z Sissies!"


"OH NOES! Forget Mojo, girls! The mummy's eating all the meatballs!"

"There's the meatball stealer! You're going down!"


"HAHAHA! You cannot defeat the Ultimate Evil, little girls!"

"That's IT! I've had with this motherfu**ing mummy on this motherfu**ing city!"

That was easy.

"You're next!"



Hooray! The evil has been defeated!

...but wait a second! Just who is the Ultimate Evil?

"Brr! It's freezing in here! Anyway, the curse has been lifted, and I can now spread evil to this world!"

"Time to unleash the END OF THE WORLD!"


And so, it's now doomsday, thanks to... ..."HIM"!

Nine Kuze 11-25-2006 07:58 PM
It's cool that HIM finally made his appearance but compared to the original (hell, not even compared to the original), he looks like crap.

What happened? Also, I hope he still has that freaky high pitched voice because that just fit him oh so well.
Asirt 11-27-2006 11:25 AM
Originally posted by Nine XXVI
It's cool that HIM finally made his appearance but compared to the original (hell, not even compared to the original), he looks like crap.

Don't let that fool you, though. He's still the "ultimate evil" in this series, as in the original. He just looks even more ridiculous than ever. Just remember that he's known as "Kare" (which means the same thing anyway) in this series, as he was called that in the PPG's Japanese dub.

That mummy really did a number on the Z Girls. The final fighting scene did feel like I was watching the original if only for a little while. Thanks to their powers, they were in some way responsible for reviving "HIM". This is the best episode yet, in my opinion (considering the lame episode last week).

What happened? Also, I hope he still has that freaky high pitched voice because that just fit him oh so well.

Don't worry. Nakao Ryusei (of DBZ fame) has the right idea for "HIM", so as far as his voice goes, he's OK in my book.


The Z Girls in Kimotos, and the Roach Coach makes a comeback?!
Asirt 12-03-2006 01:04 PM
Asirt's Room:

Hmm... Since Asirt's sleeping today, I, The Ice Cream Manager, will tell the story of this week's episode.

Last time, the Ultimate Evil, or as some people call it, ..."HIM", has unleashed the end of the world. It won't long now until our doom will be realized. During this time, he has revealed evil demon spores that spread across Tokyo City...

The story begins with some yummy ice cream!

The evil spore went to the ice cream and a poor wimpy little man ate it.
The end result: this guy, AKA, The Weirdo Monster!

This monster has some altered DNA that allows him to use his sorrow attack.

"Zap", the monster went, as he tried to take over the city.

The Weirdo Man has made everyone in Tokyo City cry like little babies!

Ah, suck it up, you bunch of crybabies!

The old saying "Cry me a river" applies here.

Of course, the professor and his son can't hear the cries coming from the city.

"Oh yeah. Summon those... what did we call them again?"

Just then, these girls came. "Hello, Mr. Monster. We are the members of the Drama Club, and we need great talent that makes people cry like yourself. Won't you join our club?"


"Please, Mr. Monster?"

"OK. I'll join the club. These people cry too easily."

Just then, a helpless girl is about to drown! "Help me!" "Don't worry, Miss. I'll save you!"

The wimpy little man has managed to save the girl from death.

"You saved me!" "It's nothing. After all, the Z Girls did jack this entire episode, so I had to do something!"

And so, the day is saved, thanks to DRAMA!


But wait, there's more! "More, you say?!"

Yes, my friend! However, it shall be told another time, maybe Asirt will be awake by this time.
Asirt 12-03-2006 06:06 PM
Asirt's Room:

Hmm... Since Asirt's still sleeping, I, The Ice Cream Manager, will tell the rest of the story for this week's episode.

A recap:

Last time, The Ultimate Evil, or as some people call it, ..."HIM", has unleashed the end of the world. It won't be long now until our doom will be realized. During this time, he has revealed evil demon spores that spread across Tokyo City. The first demon spore was used on a wimpy little man gone mad. Who will be the next victim?

Our story begins in this school...

"You lost again!"

"WHAT?! I want a rematch!"

"You suck! You'll never be the ultimate champion again, Nerd!"

"I'm bored! When are we going to the nightclub? Free drinks, people!"

"Hold on! I want to show you guys my roach! He'll be in the BIG ROACH BATTLE COMPETITION this year.

"He's a top of the line roach with fast legs, incredible strength, and a sharp eye!"

"Wow, Ken. You sure are an 'otaku' when it comes to icky little bugs."

The next day, Ken and Kaoru spent a lot of time preparing for the main event.


"HAHAHA! Eat, my little roach, EAT!"

"I remember winning the first competition! And thanks to my roach, everyone treated me with respect!"

"I will make sure that NO ONE defeats me! HAHAHA!"

And so, the day of the roach fight has arrived.

People from all over the world brought their roaches to fight to the death!

Needless to say, Momoko and Miyako were quite excited for this event.

Now it all came down to the final match!

There's quite a big crowd today!

There's a lot of tension in the players...

Hurray! Ken won the match!


"Hold on! I didn't see the match at all!"

"Of course you did! It was that "BOOM!!!!!!!!!!111one" animation, remember?"


Wait, what's this?! It's the Roach Coach, and he isn't too happy about losing.

"Come on, you guys! Get up and FIGHT!"

"But Buttercup, we don't like icky roaches!"

Just then, Blossom came up with a plan that everyone thought was stupid!

"Let's give the roach some candy!"

And so, the Roach Coach admits defeat!

Great job, Girls! For once, your candy obsession finally paid off!

"Wow! I'm not afraid of roaches anymore!"

"O RLY?"

"HAHAHA! That Momoko is such a loser. Isn't that right, Miyako?"


And so, the day is saved, thanks to -- HEY!

Asirt: Sorry, pal. Let an old pro show you how it's done.



Ken's first day of school! Isn't he just so darn handsome?

Asirt 12-09-2006 10:31 PM
Asirt: Man, I'm running out of ideas! Could this be narrator's block?! I've got the pans, but this episode is confusing to me. This web page isn't helping any either.

What's this? An automatic storyteller that explains each pan without thinking? I'll buy one from this web site!

I must test this out now!



Last time, on Ken's Boring Life...

"I must save the world, father! For the sake of the people living here!"


"Good morning, son! I made some hot breakfast for you, just the way you like it!"

"I still cannot believe this! Momoko Akatsusumi is actually my birth mother? This is impossible!"

"HAHAHA! I shall capture you, and you'll never see your mother again!"

"It's horrible! Ken's now a SUPER MONKEY!

"Mom, I know you have to save the world, but I'm tired.

And so, Ken's life was normal once again.



A romantic day in Tokyo City!

"I'll become the smartest kid in school!"

"And maybe have a girlfriend along the way."

And so...

"Well, here goes nothing."

"Please welcome our new student, Ken Kitazawa! You can sit over there."

"Hi! I'm Kuriko Akatsusumi, the cutest girl in all of Tokyo City!"

"Akatsusumi? You're Momoko's little sister?"

"Yeah, I'm Momoko's sister. She's always hanging out with those wierdos at school."

"All right, class. It's time to learn about science!"



"Hey, man. You better stay away from my woman, or they'll gonna be some blood at recess."

"Woah, Kuriko! Those boys are fighting for your love!"

"Well, of course! I am the cutest girl in Tokyo City after all."

"HA! Step aside, silly girl! I'm now the cutest monkey in all of Tokyo City!"


"What?! How dare you laugh at me!"

"Fine! I'll destroy you all!"

What's that in the sky?!

"HAHAHA! I will destroy the school so that I can take over the world!"


"Look, Ken! I made this drawing of you! See, you're the red ranger!" *cue "aww" track*


"HAHA! See ya, stupid monkey!"

And so, the day is saved, thanks to CUTENESS!


"Aren't we looking lovely today, people? ...what's wrong?"


Extra Pans -

Looks like the machine couldn't figure out where to put these pans. Oh well.
Nine Kuze 12-10-2006 12:23 AM
Wait, Blossom has a sister? That's crazy, man. Somethin' so crazy.

She doesn't have any super powers as well, does she? And whatever happened to ol' boy HIM?