Doctor Who Series 2 talkback thread

IanC 09-28-2006 05:12 PM
Getting it up early, in readiness for tomorrow.

Episode 2-X The Christmas Invasion
It is Christmas, but there is little cause for celebration as the Earth is invaded by the alien Sycorax. It is up to Rose and the newly-regenerated Tenth Doctor to save the world once again, with a bit of help from her boyfriend Mickey and her mother Jackie. But will the Doctor recover in time, and can Rose trust a Doctor with a new and unfamiliar face?

Episode 2-1 New Earth
In the year five billion and twenty-three, after the destruction of the Earth, the Doctor takes Rose to the New Earth. There, in a hospital facility, the feline Sisters of Plenitude can mysteriously cure any diseases, but, in the basement, an old enemy of the Doctor is out for revenge.

(you want alien planets? Episode 1 baby Cool )
ZeroKirbyX 09-28-2006 05:50 PM
The new series is awesome, but I still say they can never beat Tom Baker. WHen and where are these coming on anyways?
IanC 09-29-2006 09:39 AM
Sharpshooter005 09-29-2006 07:10 PM
old enemy of the Doctor is out for revenge.

Obligatory "it's the master" speculation (or probably not)

edit: I usually don't try to find out spoilers for things beforehand this season do they write off Rose and replace her as the companion, or at the very least stop having the TARDIS repeatedly return to her apartment building? Thats...getting very, very repetative.
pen1300 10-06-2006 05:08 PM
So...watched it last week. That movie was kind of dull but ending totally saved that movie for me. He looked so much like Arthur Dent. The first episode was WICKED!!! I like this new Doctor and I can't wait for the new episode tonight at 8 PM!! (I think it's 8...) This show can only get better!

Sharpshooter005 10-06-2006 06:07 PM
Also is 'torchwood' which is mentioned in the extra long episode by the prime minister like...the replacement for UNIT, as in some secret anti-alien paramiltary group, or just the name for that green energy beam thing they blast the mothership with.

Or do they explain this later on.
IanC 10-07-2006 02:11 PM
Originally posted by Sharpshooter005
Or do they explain this later on.

Torchwood is this seasons badwolf. All will come out in the brilliant finalé.

Also - Torchwood is the name of the spin off series starting this month iin the UK.

I forgot to post about last nights ep didnt i?

Episode 2-2
Landing in 1879 Scotland, the Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria, travelling with her to spend the night at the Torchwood Estate. However, a group of warrior monks have sinister plans for the monarch, and the full moon is about to summon a creature out of legend.

I enjoyed this one on first watch, nice horror stye stuff. Next weeks was the highlight of the early part of the season tho.......
Pygmalion 10-08-2006 01:57 PM
I'm really enjoying this new season. Tennant's Doctor seems to be trying to fend off his despair with energy. He also seems considerably younger than his previous incarnations (a bit of Merlin there, perchance?). Rose is a very good companion, and it is good to see the characters in small parts using initiative to fight this week's monsters; I'm thinking of Lady Isobel and the maids cooking up a stew for the invader Wink .

Sharpshooter005 10-08-2006 03:00 PM
Also I'm already guessing the "prophecy" the big giant head in the jar in episode 2 (I forgot what they called it, big giant head works well) is going to be something like
spoiler (highlight to read):
Theres another timelord, or "Heres a map to Gallifrey" or something which would sort of nullify the whole concept of this being the 'last' regeneration
IanC 10-13-2006 06:31 AM
Up early again.

Episode 2-3 School Reunion

There are strange goings-on at a comprehensive school — UFOs, over-intelligent children, and odd-tasting school dinners. This attracts the attention of the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey Smith, as well as a couple of old friends…
Pygmalion 10-13-2006 12:41 PM
Originally posted by IanC
Up early again.

Episode 2-3 School Reunion

There are strange goings-on at a comprehensive school — UFOs, over-intelligent children, and odd-tasting school dinners. This attracts the attention of the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey Smith, as well as a couple of old friends…

I am so looking forward to this story, and meeting "old friends."

LillyRose 10-18-2006 04:57 PM
"School Reunion", quite frankly, was the highlight of an otherwise abysmal Series Two. Here are my thoughts on the episode. (There's also a quick, passing reference to the Big Finish Audio The Gathering, when I talk about the fates of old friends. Under what I didn't like.)

What I Loved :

spoiler (highlight to read):
Elisabeth Sladen's performance, especially the moment when Sarah Jane sees the TARDIS again.

Sarah Jane and Rose's cat fight/ one up contest, which Sarah Jane owns by yelling about the Loch Ness Monster.

Rose and Sarah Jane giggling about the Doctor, and him looking all nervous and put out about it.

Kenny blew up the school!

Mickey Smith is not the Tin Dog, Micky Smith is THE MAN.

What I really wasn't that hot on:

spoiler (highlight to read):
The beginning of the end for Rose's brain, independence, and likeability Wonder what was in those chips...

Anthony Head was *wasted* in this ep. If TPTB ever lose their minds and bring back the Master -again!- he should be played by this man.

I'm not sold on Sarah Jane's characterization. She always seemed so strong to me, far too strong to be hung up on the Doctor for so very long. However, she did have one of the most traumatic/dramatic leavings *ever*, so I suppose she may have a right.

(At least she's not insane. Or suffering from an alien brain tumor. *grumbles*)

All in all, my favorite episode of the series. Its excellence *almost* makes up for "The Girl in The Fireplace", coming straight for your gag reflex next. (Stephen Moffat, I expected better!)
IanC 10-27-2006 05:14 PM
Episode 2-5 Rise of the Cybermen by Tom MacRae

After the TARDIS makes a crash landing on the Earth of another universe, Rose discovers her father is alive and rich, Mickey encounters his alternative self, and the Tenth Doctor learns one of his oldest and deadliest foes is about to be reborn.
Sharpshooter005 10-27-2006 06:32 PM
Rose discovers her father is alive and rich

I'm getting incredibly, incredibly sick of any scene even remotely involving her family.

On the plus side, cybermen.

edit: I can't remember, did the cybermen have that "delete" catchphrase in the old series too or is this a new thing, like the equivilent of "exterminate".

edit 2: I can't believe I haven't posted this in a dr. who thread yet..but..if you enjoy cardboard daleks, and 1968 Ford Galaxies then you'll love this
IanC 11-10-2006 05:11 PM
I keep forgetting...

Episode 2-7 The Idiot's Lantern by Mark Gatiss

In 1953 London, the police are abducting people from their homes. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronation — but something strange is affecting the signal.