The Union is Nothing?

Robot7290 09-23-2006 01:13 AM
Hey guys, I'd just like to get a few extra opinions on a question I have.

When Gordon Rosewater states that the Union had never existed, because of it being on the outskirts, past civilization and the eyes of those observing the Big O as a show (i.e. the audience, or Us watching our televisions), what did he truly mean? Yeah, I know he didn't say all that, but he did say that the Union had never existed.

Now I'm guessing that something not exisiting out of not knowing it's there has something to do with maybe something in sociology or something along those lines. I just kinda want someone to clear this up for me. Because surely something existed, because there were the congregations of the so-called "Union", and the places flying in the air, but then very calmly Gordon says that it had never existed.

Did it never exist because we never saw the Union, save for the few little snippets of gatherings and the shot with the planes and Vera? Or does it exist?
Nazrael 09-23-2006 04:02 PM
I believe that the union members were led to believe that they're foreigners from Europe. When in reality, they were just an inferior crop of tomatoes. People like Alex and Vera were the first attempts at the cloning of the original statespeople. Until later, a much more successful way of cloning was produced. Thus creating all of the people that R.D. killed.
Dominus of Requiem 09-23-2006 07:27 PM
the whole named of ¨the union¨is a lil over the top for all we know they all could be clones,androids, or outsider that may be well the case
but also vera could be a dominues as well.
on another note theres still a possibility that they are all like roger
ScionofDestiny 09-27-2006 08:41 AM
I think that the Union was actually smaller than Vera and the other Union members in Paradigm City were led to believe. Remember, Vera isn't the leader of the Union (that I know of) - she is just a high-ranking officer. It is quite possible that while Vera and all the other members of the Union in Paradigm City are actually all the Union that there is. The rest could just be 'phantoms' in the desert.

In short, the Union isn't an international movement to bring down Paradigm. It's just a bunch of rotten tomatoes who have been driven mad by their memories.

I think what Gordon Rosewater meant was that the Union is just a few people out in the desert who are conforming to whatever memories they have. Possibly, there was a Union which existed prior to forty years ago, and the rotten tomatoes we see are clones of certain members which infriltrated Western countries (you know - during the war).

And remember, Gordon Rosewater thinks that if something doesn't exist right now, it never existed to begin with. That is his 'life philosophy'. Since the Union doesn't exist right now (at least, not in the way Vera and the others think of it) it might as well have never existed at all.