just asking for some picture ideas

NVWC2006 09-19-2006 08:56 PM
perhaps this belongs somewhere else, but i thought this was the closest to right place, if i'm wrong, feel free to move the topic, i apologize in advance.

i want to make Big O screensavers for my cell phone. the screensaver setting basically let's me select a jpeg or or gif, and in the case of gif, it can be animated.

so i'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for an animated screen saver, idealy something where the picture is fairly constant but something in it is moving, but not neccesarily that.

so far, i was thinking Act 12, finding a few frames where Big Duo is flying, I think I remember some where the only animation was the propellers spinning and the rockets firing.

Act 4, when Big O's eyes light up after being called upon.

I have the first season DVDs, so any ideas from the first 13 episodes, i can make on my own, but anything from season two, i'd need the pictures themselves to do it.

one built-in animated picture on the phone that takes full screen is 176x220 and it appears quite nicely on the phone, i assume that's a minimum size. pictures the phone takes are 480x640.

built in wallpapers are perfect squares, and when used as screensavers, they don't zoom in or anything, there's just white space to accomodate the difference, so something with the above ratio is good. or, if someone had pics, or if i make them myself, i'll just crop it on my own.

actually, i can even replace the opening image from when the phone turns on of an animation too, that doesn't even have to loop, ha.
ZeroKirbyX 09-19-2006 09:26 PM
I've already got two gif's I made a bit back; One where its the last spinning segment of the theme with the three images, and the other with the blue ring on his watch flashing in and out if you want em.
Revan 09-20-2006 11:49 AM
One idea is in Act 13 at the start, there's the scene where R.D's reflection is seen in a shattered mirror with a smoking gun.

I once made a looping gif image out of that and (briefly) used it as my avatar when I first signed up.