Dastun Seeing Dastun

SpookyElectric 09-16-2006 10:29 PM
Okay. Here it is. What is for me, probably one of, if not the biggest issue. Even though there are other problems and details to consider, we can all generally accept the idea that in some way, Venus caused some kind of reset at the end of 26, even though it may have been with everyone remembering everything or not. BUT, there is still the enormous problem of Dastun seeing himself as a child going into a movie starring himself when he was older, which means 3 Dastuns existing at the same time, with a girl who is probably a young Sybil Rowan, aka the girl from Winter Night Phantom (I would never have thought of that myself, I read that idea somewhere and loved it).

Obviously no one has the answers to explain these mysteries, that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking to hear all you guys' best ideas and theories about this. Personally, I REFUSE to believe that the over-arching explanation of the Big O story has to do with them all LITERALLY being actors playing parts, so I believe there has to be more to this, but even if that is what you think, I want to hear it.
Big Money 09-16-2006 10:32 PM
What about how the movie is a live feed from a plane that doesn't exist? I say its a live feed because the tower over Paradigm Dome is broken in the movie...
Nazrael 09-16-2006 10:39 PM
Perhaps Dastun was having a somewhat similar experience Roger had. The two children probably triggered the memory of the poster/movie. Oh my god, I just had a thought while typing this, what if Dastun's actual name came from the poster of the movie? Maybe Dan Dastun was some lead actor that played a cop in the movie, and because of seeing the movie, Dastun unconsciously lived his life accordingly to the role played in the movie. As did his sister, the Sybil Rowan look-a-like did by becoming the Winter Night Phantom.

I believe that both of them were foreigners and had recently moved to Paradigm/New York before the incident.
Dharma_Infinity 09-16-2006 10:44 PM
Even more proof that we need a season 3. I've always wondered about this, I don't know if that was even really happening to Datsun, I think it was tho...he just lapsed into a memory like that...it's hard to tell what reality is at that point.
SpookyElectric 09-16-2006 10:48 PM
Big Money, that is a good point. I always get chills seeing that shot on the movie screen of the black and white view of a plane coming up over the domes... just another question to add to the pile.

Nazrael, good idea. The fact that this thread made you think of something new about it is great, it's exactly what I wanted. I'm looking to hear everyone's opinions and thoughts about this, inspire more discussion. What you say now brings up another interesting question, Nazrael: do you guys think that the two children WERE actually Dastun and Rowan, as in the same people, or manifestations of memories, or what?

I just had a thought: remember how in season 1 Dastun remembered watching the movie in the theater? What if the Dastun and Rowan that he saw on the street going into the theater were the ones that were next in line to become Dastun and Rowan, after Venus caused the event again in 26? So that that Dastun could then also have a previous memory of watching the movie?
Nazrael 09-16-2006 10:58 PM
Here's the poster.

If you think about it, it's exactly like Roger's experience in Act 14. In fact, didn't Roger see the same movie? Just as Roger came face to face (literally) with himself, Dastun came face to face with his younger counterpart. Roger realized that his life was simply his previous self's favorite newspaper comic, so he thought that all he'd done was a lie, but realized that he didn't have to be who he might've possibly been 40 years ago. And...I don't know, I'm confusing myself.

Edit: To answer your question, It could go either way, it could've been the children Dastun and Sybl, it could've been a complete hallucination, or maybe it was just two regular children that Dastun hallucinate into looking like himself and young Sybl.

And for your last point, you there have a paradox. In the end of "Winter Night Phantom" we see young Dastun and sleeping Sybl watching the end of the movie. In Act 24, Dastun interrupts in the middle of the movie, and the theater is bombed before it ends.

I love Big O. It makes me think so much. >_>
SpookyElectric 09-16-2006 11:05 PM
True, that line of thought does seem to work. "Roger" became the character he loved reading about in the comic, "Dastun" became the actor he loved watching in movies. After the event they just automatically assumed these identities. It could be.

But here's my problem. Aside from really disliking the idea that they are nothing more than actors living out the lives of characters, I never took Act 14 as being what really happened, but just a kind of breakdown Roger was having in the cockpit. Act 14 is it's own crazy puzzle I guess.

Another thing I'm thinking about is, the movie poster on the street of Paradigm and the movie playing there couldn't always have been there, or else Dastun would have seen it sooner. It must have either just appeared there then, or came about as a natural result of the timeline that kept repeating. It couldn't have been there from the beginning.

Edit: You are right about it being different that time, Dastun interrupted it and they didn't get to see the end. It could be theorized that the point of Big O is that what we are watching is what finally leads to the breaking of what has been repeating for so long, that when Venus resets it in 26, it is the first time things have ever been different. But not everyone agrees that there was always a repeating timeline.
Nazrael 09-16-2006 11:07 PM
The theater was probably always there, it's just when Dastun saw the children that he probably began to visualize the poster, the movie, etc.
SpookyElectric 09-16-2006 11:09 PM
I didn't mean that the building of the theater itself wasn't always there. But I meant that the poster and the fact that a movie was playing there with Dastun in it couldn't have always been there, it must have just come about very recently as a result of some change of events or something, the timeline had reached that point when child Dastun went to see the movie. Or, as you say, he only visualized the whole thing, but I'm not sure about that due to the part afterwards with the children being hurt and him calling for medical attention, etc.
Nazrael 09-16-2006 11:16 PM
Hmmmmmm. Maybe Angel discovering that her past was completely fabricated sent out a "shock wave" to everyone in Paradigm. Roger dealt with his many fears in the underground, Dastun meeting himself in the theater, Alex finding out he's a tomato (via Big Fau), "Schwarzwald" discovering the stage lighting, and even Beck is questioning himself by Act 26.
Valdoom 09-17-2006 10:45 AM
SO MANY QUESTIONS! so few anwsers...
I'm going with the story that Angel unbeknowest to anyone including herself transported Paradigm and everything in and around it in to another dimention(excuse spelling) This might of happened any time between act: 1 and act: 3(beacuse Schwarzwald played such an important part until the end, there is no way he could have been left out). Which has the stage lights and everything else. This would explain why the stage lights, Dautsun seeing him self in the past, Angels "wings"(act 26), Act 14, Big Venus evaporating everything, and asorted other stuff that doesn't make any sense is possible.

Also this just goes to show you that Animes never make perfect sense (no pun intended)