quick question...

Valdoom 09-16-2006 05:45 PM
I have a question. Where do you guys watch all of that anime? I love anime, but it also just so happens that I'm poor. Right now I watch adult Swim to see mine. So, I can't afford good anime, and even If I could, going and buying random anime without seeing it first isn't too smart. (last time I checked anyway...)
David Ryder 09-16-2006 07:08 PM
I usual get my from best buy. As I find their prices to be quite reasonable, in the range of 20-30 bucks. Boxset are also a good deal cheaper, at around 80 bucks for something that usual sells for $120-160.

Edit: I also watch it on my DVD player. Tongue
Sharpshooter005 09-17-2006 08:50 AM
Shady dealings on the ARPAnet and/or whatever they bother to license for AS.

Which largely explains why I haven't watched much of it lately.
ZeroKirbyX 09-17-2006 12:41 PM
Youtube has alot of stuff people uploaded. Of course, if you like something, you should buy it just because the quality is so much higher on dvd, but youtube is a good way to explore stuff that isn't on television.
Schoolie 09-17-2006 02:42 PM
I don't do uploaded/downloaded stuff, for all the copyright issues.

But I watch AS/Cartoon Network, and then do some purchasing (often of shows I first see on TV). Since anime is expensive, most of my shopping is from the discount/used shelf. But I also do a LOT more internet shopping than anything else. Without advertising, there are some places with good deals - Right Stuf, animenation.com, even adv.com. (Feel free to delete this part, moderators, if it's advertising.)

Other than that, I also rent anime from my local comic book shop, and, even cheaper, I go to my public library, which has a collection of 50+ DVDs. Great way to put those tax dollars at work!
The Baker St. Irregular 09-17-2006 08:02 PM
I don't have cable/ satellite, so I download whatever I can't already buy (except for One Piece... Ain't no way I'm giving those 4Kids mofos my money for that. Mad )

Buying anime is very underrated, in my opinion. I, for one, take pride in my hard-earned collection of anime DVDs on my bookshelves. Pleased (I also am very tickled by the fact my mom is a big anime fan, so she's contirbuted kindly to the collection, too.) I like to hold my anime in my hands, be able to watch it on a TV screen with big soundspeakers, trade it easily with my friends, and just see it when I wake up in the morning. Besides, it's really to our benefit if we give anime companies our money.
Pie_Junkie 09-17-2006 08:27 PM
For cheap anime I go to my friends and the pawn shop. Wouldn't belive what you can find at a pawn shop.
Valdoom 09-18-2006 03:14 PM
thanks for all the help, but what can I do with NO MONEY WHAT SO EVER?
Xel 09-18-2006 07:52 PM
Originally posted by Valdoom
thanks for all the help, but what can I do with NO MONEY WHAT SO EVER?

become an hero.
Nazrael 09-18-2006 08:14 PM
Originally posted by Valdoom
thanks for all the help, but what can I do with NO MONEY WHAT SO EVER?

Pillage and burn! Pillage and burn!

minespatch 09-18-2006 09:19 PM
wherever it's play'in, i watch.
Schoolie 09-19-2006 09:56 PM
A lot of my "collection" is VHS tape-recordings of shows from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

And seriously, go check out your local library. And if they don't have anime DVD's, then be persistent in getting your friends and such to fill out comment cards for what the library should offer.
Valdoom 09-20-2006 03:36 PM
thank you we have an anwser for the poor, now all we need is an anwser for the poor and lazy...