I'm Here!!!

Valdoom 09-15-2006 09:17 PM
this really should of been my frirst post...
I absolutly love anime and thats why I'm here.
spelling, I don't have much ability in it, so when ever it's required moderator should correct my spellings. (unless it' a bad joke, then leave it)
Lexx 09-15-2006 09:29 PM
hello valdoom!
welcome to paradigm city!
my name is lexx,
one of the many Alan Gabriel fangirls.
and trust me theres a lot of them.
they just dont know it yet
have fun!

feel free to PM me if you wanna chit chat.
Big Grin

i like yur sig. that show is pretty sweet.
Chitter-Box-Kat 09-15-2006 10:34 PM
Welcome otaku-lite!

I'm one of the friendly resident psychos and Alan fans Lexx is talking of.

Have fun, and PM me if you want to have mindless conversations.
R.Smith 09-15-2006 11:36 PM
Welcome Valdoom! Big Grin I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Paradigm-City.com Pleased

Please check out the Orientation thread for a quick guide of what's here to see, and the Visual Rule Guide. And stop on by the Forum Rules to get an idea of what's ok, and what's not.

Also, if you have a question, feel free to pm me.Big Grin
David Ryder 09-16-2006 06:47 AM
Welcome to the forums. Do enjoy your stay here!