Gasaraki--is it my next stop?

Paradigm Dog 09-09-2006 11:19 PM
Since the Gundam SEED sagas really aren't doing it for me like older Gundams (Wing, 08th MS Team, 0080, etc), and I was blown away by RahXephon and Yukikaze, should Gasaraki be my next watch?

Now, keep in mind, I didn't like Evangelion much at all. I've heard Gasaraki is a mix of politics, spirituality, and mecha. That's my favorite mix when done right (RahXephon), so it sounds like I shouldn't have passed this up when it first came out! I've heard differing reviews of it--some say it was too slow, but was that just because the reviewers didn't like deep anime? Regardless, while I see a lot of potential for this series, I've haven't noticed much notoriety for it over the years so it makes me a bit suspicious.

WITHOUT SPOILERS, what are the thoughts here? Is the animation as strong as it seems? Does the heavy intrigue keep you hooked, or is it poorly executed and droning? Is there enough action to balance out all the story and keep it kinetically progressing? Given my like of RahXephon, Yukikaze, and Gundam pre-SEED, do you think it'd be a good choice for me? Thanks in advance.
David Ryder 09-09-2006 11:34 PM
I personally hated Gasaraki. It's boring, Dull, and is it ever unnecessarily slow. Not to mention a bad dub thanks to the folks at ADV. The animation is, in my opinion plain, and dull but it does fit the show, which is also plain and dull. Yukikaze was simply a average show, however it's better than say Gundam SEED. Also the show is far from "Deep" as alot of people say. It's just an anime, nothing more.
SpookyElectric 09-12-2006 10:53 PM
I bought the first volume of Gasaraki a long time ago. Didn't even get through the whole first episode. Case never left my shelf since.