Is Beck a tomato?

Nazrael 09-05-2006 08:18 PM
It certainly would explain why he has so many different memories of the past.

What do you think?
Zopwx2 09-05-2006 09:17 PM
Not so sure, but he definately somehow has memories of the past.

But not every young person with memories was a tomato...... or were they?

All I know is that we thought megadeues/andrioid technolgy died with wayneright but apparently it didn't
Mr. Peabody 09-05-2006 09:29 PM
Yes, Beck is a tomato....A soft tomato. Tongue
Inigo Montoya 09-05-2006 10:16 PM
So he's been on the vine too long, has he?
SEELE 08 09-06-2006 07:06 AM
No, No, No! Beck is a fried green tomato!
Nine Kuze 09-06-2006 10:23 AM
Isn't he a tomato because he apparently has memories of the past?

Originally posted by SEELE 08
No, No, No! Beck is a fried green tomato!

So... he's a clone of Kathy Bates?
Nazrael 09-16-2006 11:31 PM
Thought I'd bring this back since I've found some evidence.

In Act 15, Dorothy scans a small piece of R.D.'s disk. She says that all congressman's counterparts have been killed except for one, and it isn't the man from before. Now, this leads us to believe that this person is Roger, but for all we know R.D. could've had orders to kill him too (over 90% of the disk's info was missing) so there's a chance that Beck could have been the counterpart. When R.D. had gone on a killing spree, Beck was safely locked away in jail, so of course she couldn't get to him.
The Lexx 09-19-2006 04:36 AM
Beck is a tomato.

You are a tomato.

Everyone is a tomato.

Deal with it. Tongue