[Fan Fiction] A Look Through My Eyes

Zayne 09-05-2006 12:25 PM
Told through the eyes of Victoria Collins. I will have a picture of her in about two hours roughly. This is the first installment.

Paradigm City High School
A Look Through My Eyes

In the words of some, Paradigm City High School wasn't big enough for the student population. In my opinion, it was too big! Though I lived in the same dome in which the school resided, the commute from my apartment, across the school building, and to my first period Ceramics class took a good ten minutes with all my books for the day in a canvas bag. It wasn't that I terribly minded it; it was more the fact that my best friend wasn't there to talk to along the way. Jacklyn Wright (Jacqui) was being treated for severe depression and hadn't come to school all week, and the majority of last.
Such was my thought pattern as I sank into my chair and set my books down. There were 6 minutes left till the tolling of the bell, so students were trickling in slowly. My present tablemate was a bright blonde sophomore dressed in bright yellow T-shirt and pants. He was the class clown, but when it came to it, he got his projects done.
Since uniforms were instituted for the girls, I had been nervous around all but the freshmen boys. Yes, our blue plaid skirts came to our knees, as did our white socks, but there was always a look on those teenagers' faces that worried me. I always wore my white polo shirt straight and had my black leather shoes polished.
"Mornin', Vic!" the blonde said with a goofy grin. As I glanced up, the stinging of my eyes at his vibrancy made me hope that the boy's uniforms would be delivered soon.
"Morning, Beck," I replied politely. "I'm surprised you showed up today." This was Jason Beck I was talking to; he liked to skip first period since it began at 7:15 in the morning.
He shrugged in his usual careless manner "Nothin' worth doin' at home."
"No heists planned?"
I rolled my eyes skyward as I recognized that voice. Before my parents got divorced, Roger Smith and I were childhood friends. His mother Helen watched me when I left home during Mom and Dad's screaming matches. Roger was a year older that me, and was ready to graduate at the end of the school year. I still wasn't sure if he was going to the college funded by the Paradigm Corporation in West Dome #5.
Angel Lexus, also a senior, stood shaking her head behind Roger. With her hand on his arm, she said, "He's only a sophomore, Roger. He's not worth getting upset over."
Not that I didn't agree, but I felt compelled to defend Beck, probably because Angel hated me and I hated mer. "You were a sophomore once, Angel," I said coolly. "Does that mean you aren't worth getting mad over?" Since moving, I had a different crowd of people to hang out with. As such, my personality had gotten more defient.
Angel's face turned red, and she stumbled over several words before simply refusing to reply and sitting down. It was a small victory for me; Angel was a bit of a brat, and wasn't used to not getting her way. Roger even ruffled my hair as he passed me, bound for his seat beside Dorothy Waynewright, who was currently absorbed in Dracula. Dorothy was easy to get along with, especially when there was an intelligent conversation to be had.
Dominus of Requiem 09-05-2006 01:59 PM
sweet story i liked it
one lil problem where am i in all of this?
Nine Kuze 09-06-2006 11:16 AM
You know that one Neon Genesis Evangelion spinoff known as "Angelic Days" where the characters are thrown into a soap-opera high school setting where Rei is actually human and her and Asuka are fighting over Shinji with barely no Evas shown at all.

Yeah, this is definetely like that. Although, I kind of like where this is going.

Just some questions and comments I have:
- Roger in high school. That's hilarious, enough said.

- Why is Beck only a sophomore? I would think him and Roger would be in the same grade.

- Please tell me that Schwarzwald is in your debate class, Alan Gabriel is in your Drama class, Vera in your French class, and Alex in your finance class.

- I wouldn't have thought that Dorothy would be into Dracula. It makes sense mind you but I kind of see her as "The Secret Garden / Pride and Prejudice" type. When no one is looking that is.

Not a bad start, I hope to read more soon and nice work is what I'm trying to get at basically.
SEELE 08 09-06-2006 07:25 PM
I'd laugh if Alex and Allen were caught making out in the boys bath room...and god please don't tell me you like Angelic Days...ugh there isn't even any SEELE or Keel and Rei is...reitarded! I much perfer the Raising Shinji Ikari and Re-Take doujings...oh Retake-4 you finally came out...
Nine Kuze 09-07-2006 07:03 PM
Calm down and reign in your Eva infactuation. I was just giving an example on what I felt like this story reminded me of.

Also Zayne, I got your message and thanks for the answers.
Dominus of Requiem 09-07-2006 10:35 PM
my dream is that they made a episode where shinji gets mad
and both him and his eva transform into this Devil May Cry thing


with red eyes fangs and eva turns into a deathscythe hell but way cooler and totaly masacre the angels!!!!!

OHHH YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zayne 11-20-2006 12:25 PM
Lunch was one of the only times that I felt truly lonely. I had first lunch with Dorothy and Beck, which barely made for conversation. Dorothy was usually absorbed in her books, and Beck was usually trying to start food fights (I'd had to ask several teachers in afternoon classes for an extention owing to pudding or some such substance swearing across my work). And so, I was left to my own devices, which was homework the majority of the time. If I was lucky, I was allowed to go to the library for reading and quiet work.
Today I went to the library and sat reading quietly to myself, feeling my spine tingle whenever the door opened. My boyfriend, Rufus Harker, was in the lunch after mine, and I knew that to see him meant I was late. Part of me longed to see him, but my duty was first to school. I thanked Helen Smith for that, because my own mother was really no help at all.
I looked up at the clocks and saw it was time to leave, so I packed my things and went. In the back of my mind (no doubt because of the book I was reading), I heard my father's voice calling after me, but I kept walking. It was a memory and a habit that I knew so well; I did it everytime I heard him in the streets.
I caught up with Roger outside of Psychology and gave him my usual nod, though without enthusiasm. I wasn't feeling very optimistic after the memory of my father and mother.
"Are you all right, Victoria?" he inquired, concerned. I knew this because he and Dorothy only call me Victoria when they're worried about me.
"I miss Jacqui," I lied quickly, and convincingly it seemed, for Roger gave a sympathetic nod.
"She'll be fine," he told me. "And she'll be home soon."
I wished I could have believed him, because at that instant, I heard: "WILL THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS REPORT TO THE MAIN OFFICE PLEASE: VICTORIA COLLINS, ROGER SMITH, DOROTHY WAYNEWRIGHT, RUFUS HARKER, ELENEOR WATTS. AGAIN, VICTO-" The bell cut her off, and Roger and I headed for the office.
When I saw Rufus, I stretched my hand out to him and took his, worried what we were there for. He gave my hand a squeeze and leaned over to kiss the top of my head. Chocolate brown eyes stared down at me comfortingly, and I brushed back his black hair as I often did.
"I'm sorry to tell you, students, that Jacklyn Wright has...." Time seemed to slow as the principal's words fell. "....committed suicide."