[RPG] Stop the Dark Gods from Coming Into Power!

Inigo Montoya 08-30-2006 06:17 PM
Once, in Ages Past...

Will this take long? I have to use the toilet.

You should have gone before I said "Once, in Ages Past." Now hush.

I don't get it. Is this whole story important?

Of course! Didn't you notice that Ages Past was capitalized? That means important.

Ah. Kay. Continue.

... As I was saying... Once, in Ages Pas--

Is there a dragon in this story? Dragons are neat!

OH, FOR THE LOVE OF-- Look, the Dark Gods are trying to resurrect their fallen leader, and this is bad, okay? Stop them by defeating the High Priests or Priestesses of all 8 Dark Gods. You get it? Good. Now go stop ‘em already.

I have a headache...

This is a fantasy set RPG. Your character has three stats, Mind, Body, and Heart, each with scores ranging from 1-10. You have 15 points to assign to your stats. This isn’t for dice rolls or anything of that sort, it is but a visual representation of where your character’s powers lie and a scorecard to ascertain what powers s/he receives. Your character gets special powers depending on his/her Stat Level. You may increase your stats later on if you gain Stat Points. You get these from encounters and completing quests. Minimum party size should be at least three members. Max is eight members.

Body – Lv. 6+: The PC May do greater melee damage. S/he starts with +9 extra damage. The PC gets an additional +6 damage for every point in Body past 6.

Mind – Lv. 6+: The PC may use offensive spells. S/he starts with any three on the list. The PC gets an additional 2 spells for every point in Mind past 6.

Heart – Lv. 6+: The PC may use defensive spells. S/he starts with any three on the list. The PC gets an additional 2 spells for every point in Heart past 6.

Race: (available races)
Human – No powers gained or lost.
Elf -- +1 Mind, -1 Body.
Dwarf -- +1 Body, -1 Mind.
Halfling -- +1 Heart, -1 Body.
Hit Points: (Body x5)
Magic Power: (Heart x4)
Equipment: (you start with one wooden weapon of your choice only. This weapon deals 4 damage no matter what, plus your Body Bonus)
Misc. Magic:
Misc. Equipment:
Gold Pieces: (you starts with 250, but you can gain more)
Skills: (Non-Combat skills, pick a number equal to Mind x1.5)
Summarized Backstory:
Summarized Personality:
Campy Quirks:

Available Spells

Offensive Spells
Magic Missile (fires one dart of unerring accuracy that inflicts light amounts of magical damage)[2 MP](3 damage)
Bolt Ray(weaker form of Lightning Bolt)[3 MP](5 damage)
Flamesphere (weaker form of Fireball)[3 MP] (5 damage)
Ray of Light (a smiting force of holy light that deals superb damage against the wicked undead)[6 MP](3 damage, 8 damage to undead)
Force Push (does damage and knocks weak enemies over)[7 MP](7 damage, enemies with 5- Body scores fall over and cannot attack on their next turns)
Shatter Armour (destroys low-grade armour that many monsters may have. also works on clothing, as more resourceful wizards have learned)[8 MP](no damage, effective against iron and weaker)
Shatter Weapon (destroys low-grade weapons that many monsters may have. also works on improvised weapons, as more resourceful wizards have learned from bar-fight experiences)[8 MP](no damage, effective against iron and weaker)
Beam of Shadow (negative energy that does heavy damage, but heals undead)[10 MP](12 damage to all hit, heals 12 damage to all undead within 10 feet of beam)
Fireball (this spell summons a raging ball of fire, burning everything in its 14 foot diameter)[12 MP](18 damage)
Lightning Bolt (a forward charging bolt of electrical energy that deals impressive damage)[12 MP](18 damage)
Baneful Gaze (one enemy now suffers horrific fright and can do nothing but whimper and run away for the remainder of combat)[14 MP](no damage)
Spite (lowers all enemies Body, Mind, and Soul scores by 2 for three turns)[16 MP](no damage)
Black Blade (summons a ghostly blade of malevolent force that will fight for you for three turn)[18 MP](attacks twice per turn, 12 damage per strike)
Destructive Gaze (kills one enemy entirely)[30 MP](no damage, enemy dies)
Annihilation (destroys all enemies)[80 MP](kills all enemies in combat)

Defensive Spells
Cure (cures 5 HP for every point in Heart)[4 MP](conversely, does 10 damage per point in Heart to undead)
Antidote (cures poison)[6 MP]
Invisibility (makes the recipient invisible for five turns. This effect is lost the instant the recipient attacks)[7 MP]
Blessed Panacea (removes Curse and Slow)[8 MP]
Remove Disease (cures one disease)[10 MP]
Sanctuary (caster and one ally cannot be targeted by enemies for two turns)[12 MP]
Shield (caster and all allies take only 50% damage from enemies for four turns)[11 MP]
Blessed Strength (one ally now does an extra 10 damage with every attack for three turns)[14 MP]
Charming Aura (people are friendlier to the caster, making items 30% cheaper than list price, as well as making information gathering much easier)[16 MP]
Faithful Charge (restores 10 MP for every point in Heart on a target)[18 MP, may not target self]
Faithful Cry (summons a creature to do combat by you. creature summoned depends on area)[20 MP]
Raise the Fallen (raises one dead ally at 5 HP)[30 MP]
Raise Allies (raises all dead allies at 5 HP)[40 MP]
Resurrect (raises one dead ally at full HP and MP)[55 MP]
Resurrect All (raises all dead allies at full HP and MP) [70 MP]

Brewing (allows the PC to brew potions)
Mercantilism (allows the PC to sell items at ½ the listed price instead of ¼)
Demolitions (allows the PC to build incendiary devices of varying types)
Gaming (allows the PC to gamble with skill, earning 30 gp per night in town, has a chance to lose 60 gp)
Performing (allows the PC to perform for money, worth 10 gp per night in town)
Lockpicking (allows the PC to pick and open locked doors, chests and such)
Trapsetting (allows the PC to build, find, and disarm traps. a chance of setting the trap off remains)
Pick Pocket (allows the PC to steal straight from a target. a chance of detection remains. amount of money and/or goods stolen depends on target)
Knowledge, Anatomy (allows the PC to nonmagically heal people and do +10 damage in combat against other humanoids. however, since some races are slightly different, this has a chance of failing in both regards. it does not work on undead)
Knowledge, Items (allows the Pc to identify hidden curses in magic items, or to simply identify obscure and exotic devices and tools. some devices may be too rare for identification)
Knowledge, Monsters (allows the PC a chance to know what a monster is, its weaknesses (if any), strengths (if any), and possible tactics to defeat it. some monsters may be too rare to use this skill on)
Knowledge, Puzzles (gives clues to the PC when faced with mental puzzles, making solving them easier. Some puzzles are too difficult to find clues and so must be solved with no aid)
Animal Training (allows the PC to train and domesticate animals and monsters. monsters are more difficult to train, and so there is a higher chance of failing to train them)
Tracking (allows the PC to track down and follow enemies or just a creature or person in general. the likelihood of failing to track depends greatly on the terrain)
Smithing, Armour (allows the PC to repair armour without paying a blacksmith)
Smithing, Magic (allows the PC to repair magic weapons and armour without paying a blacksmith)
Smithing, Weapons (allows the PC to repair armour without paying a blacksmith)
Hide (allows the PC to hide from others. chance of detection)
Sneak (allows the PC to sneak past and around others. chance of detection)
Weapons – Blunt Instruments (allows the PC to fight with bludgeoning devices)
Weapons – Long Blades (allows the PC to fight with long blades)
Weapons – Ranged Weapons (allows the PC to use ranged weapons)
Weapons – Other Weapons (allows the PC to use other weapons not mentioned previously (axes and flails), and to improvise weapons (beersteins, chairs, tables))
Weapons – Short Blades (allows the PC to fight with short blades)
Hobodoken 08-30-2006 07:47 PM
Name: Gregor Naismith
Age: 23
Race: Human
Body: 4
Mind: 5
Heart: 6
Hit Points: 20/20
Magic Power: 24/24
Weapons: Wooden Stave
Armour: -
Misc. Magic: -
Misc. Equipment: -
Gold Pieces: 250
-Bolt Ray
-Beam of Light
-Force Push
-Blessed Panacea
-Knowledge, Anatomy
-Knowledge, Items
-Smithing, Armour
-Smithing, Magic
Summarized Backstory: Gregor lived a normal life. He studied magic some. That's about it.
Summarized Personality: Quiet, angry, aloof.
Campy Quirks: Hates stray hairs. As in, human hair not attached to a head.

<_< That good?