BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

Scourge 08-26-2006 12:34 PM
So has anyone else read or watched this little gem?

Well here's the run down.

For the first 14 years of his life, Yukio Tanaka has been one heck of a boring guy. He has no hobbies, weak taste in music, and only a small vestige of a personality. He yearns for an exciting life, but his shy, and somewhat neurotic personality make him his own worst enemy. Little does he know that his life will be forever changed when he meets Ryusuke Minami, a wild and unpredictable 16-year old fresh from America, who happens to be in a rock-and-roll band named after his Frankenstein-like patched dog--Beck. - From Tokyopop

Up until recently this show was only aired in Japan but a few months back Funimation bought this property.

If you want the typical shonen or shoujo title this isn't for you, it is about band life and the vast struggles of making it to the top of the music world.

If like music and enjoy a good laugh, I suggest you checked this title out.
Generalissimo D 08-26-2006 07:25 PM
Dude, Beck is so for the win.

I remember when a friend of mine showed me the first ep subbed.

I was going all "wtf" when the American guys came in swearing.
Scourge 08-26-2006 09:33 PM
What really makes BECK great is the manga. The Anime is good but the animation and the Engrish are sometimes annoying.

I wonder how BECK will be dubbed most of the dialogue is in Japanese, but there is also a lot of English spoken as well. So I want to know how Funimation will handle this.
seraphjei 05-05-2007 02:52 AM
I recently picked up this anime i must say it has some of the best music i've ever heard in an anime. I bought two OST's immediately. I have not yet finished the show I don't a have much to say. The music is VERY good though. "Follow Me" by the fictional Rocket Boys is an amazing song. "Moon on Water" is also catchy.

So far, anyone who is into music should definitely check out this anime, get your ass to the nearest outlet that sells anime and pick this title up. This rare jewel of an anime is seriously unappreciated.
Scourge 05-06-2007 12:14 PM
If you like the music in BECK you should look up The Beat Crusaders, Goofy'S Holiday, and Husking Bee.