My Theory... (pretty long)

Tsukaggin 08-27-2006 12:22 PM
First of all, this isn't a court room, you aren't a judge, and I'm not debating jack crap. Get off your high horse. I'm stating the fact that I don't like your theory. That it would feel forced in my opinion. That it's relying heavily on extrapolation. Just as I'm now stating the fact that I really think the lions share of these theories are just to heavily based on interpretation and need to stop. Yes, it holds water. I've said it multiple times. Your theory holds water. But it doesn't mean it fits the show. Especially not to me. If we'd seen the world turn in to circuits, or any inclination towards computers whatsoever between episode 1 and 26, I might be inclined to agree. But lets look at the themes.

We've got Acting, we've got Stages (All of paradigm city.), we've got Post-apocalyptic, and hints of it all being in Rogers head (Only in act 14.), JUST to name a few. From that I could say that the world is all really a big TV show, with Roger being the next Joe Schmo. they wipe their memories for the most realistic reactions possible.

OR it could all be Rogers fantasy, where he's a suave hero in Paradigm City, his mind one big stage, and Angel is his subconscious who, in act 26, tries to snap him out of it and fails. I can make both of those theories hold water. But it doesn't mean their true, or that others will be inclined to agree.

I don't like your theory. I think it relies heavily on extrapolations, and that if this had anything to do with computers, we'd have seen more tangible hints. That's my opinion. Everything you listed as evidence, while all possible, are still personal interpretation. An interpretation I disagree with. You're still free to think your theory is true, but I remain unconvinced. Give me more solid proof of computers anywhere, and we'll talk.
OpVines 08-27-2006 04:36 PM
Well you're not very good at interpreting text. I challenge you to find where I said this was a courtroom or that I was a judge. I'm stating an example that a person who argues has to explain why they disagree or else they'll end up looking like a retard, i.e. "It just doesn't feel like it fits!"

And I hate to tell you, there's no rule that says when an anime follows a plot scheme it can't follow more than one. So just because you don't like something even though it can hold water it doesn't mean it's not true.

Also, I noticed you've said I don't have any tangible proof, yet you just said all those things I listed as evidence. Aside from my interpretation, there are still many hints of computers throughout the series. There's not much to interpret when you see a giant grid filling the sky as far as you can see. Or when you see giant mechnical gears underneath the city. Or the fact that Roger has a flashback seeing robot versions of him in mass production. Or the fact that most people have barcodes in their eyes. Hell, even the androids and Bigs are complex machines themselves. Yeah, I guess there's no tangible proof there. Wink
Tsukaggin 08-27-2006 05:01 PM
Where do I say you lack proof? I don't. I said your proof is heavily extrapolated, and based on opinion. Just as it all is when theorizing on Big O of course. But to me your extrapolations and opinions feel forced. Some of your jumps would scare the sh** out of Evil Knevil.

And tell me, how does grid come to mean computer? You act as if that's the end-all be-all of evidence. While it's your BEST evidence, a grid can mean a lot of things. It was just a white tile pattern. There's still PLENTY to interpret. Show me CIRCIUTS or BINARY in the sky, and we'll talk. Gears don't mean computers either. In fact, gears borderline arguing AGAINST computers. I don't know about YOUR computer, but mine isn't analog (or, by relation, as big as a house =P). There is no definitive reference to computers. It simply isn't one of the themes, as you have admitted.
I think the final answer will be closer to the hints and story that we've seen so far. Post Apocalypse, clones, imagination, play, what have you. There are hundreds of possibilities. Yours is the very last one on my list. That's what I'm saying.

That's all I'm saying. In my opinion it feels forced, stretched, and less credible then most of the others. There's nothing to argue. It's my opinion on your theory.
Nazrael 08-27-2006 05:53 PM
Whoah now, let's not go crazy over this...

I think what Tsukaggin is trying to say is that although your theory is very well put together and detailed, it just doesn't fit the style of Big O.

He does have a right to disagree. It's nothing to get bent out of shpae for.