CDJapan's Special Summer sale

IanC 08-07-2006 02:43 PM
Thought this might interest some people on here:

As they say:
Campaign Period: August 1, 2006 18:00 PM - September 28, 2006 12:00 PM

This is your chance to get popular anime DVDs with rare bonus items! (posters, post cards, stickers etc.) During the sale period, anime DVDs on the campaign page are available at special prices with rare items (primarily unavailable in stores). The bonus items will remain secret until you receive your order, so look forward to an adventure in your mailbox!

I noticed one or two things some users on here might like

DRAGON BOX THE MOVIES [Limited Release] This is a really limited (and expesnive tho the sale takes the edge off) boxset of all the DB (and DBZ) movies re-mastered and looking better than ever. Also comes with some weird headset thing.

AIR MEMORIES [Limited Release] Im not sure if our resident "AIR head" has this or not, but its a special compaltion of the AIR TV series and some extras

POKEMON Advance Generation - Pikachu no Natsu Matsuri (Pikachu's summer vaction) A special short film that aired on a Japanese airline. Theres others in the series too (search for POKEMON) but they arent in the sale.

Theres lots of other stuff too, like Transformers (with LE toys), Gundam (Zeta movies and SEED Destiny SEs) and more.