Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Asirt 12-29-2006 11:21 AM
Won't be long now...

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z set to premiere in CN in 2007

Cartoon Network divulged new features for 2007 in Brazil. In the next year, the channel will be airing Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z. Doesn´t have a date for start. The announcement was for the Brazilian market, but Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z will debut in all Latin America simultaneously. The title is alternate Japanese version of the CN series The Powerpuff Girls by Craig McCracken. Others informations about anime in official website.

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Also, Asirt is now world-famous, lolz. Tongue


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Asirt 01-31-2007 12:17 PM
For those who are trying to download the menu music from the PPGZ DVDs, I've rehosted them on zShare, since the previous host no longer has the files. For those who missed them the first time, here are the two songs from the DVD Menu.

DVD Menu Music # 1: Transformation - 0.84MB
DVD Menu Music # 2: Unknown Piece - 0.82MB

Also, PPGZ will finally air on CN Japan April 1st. With the Latin America airing under way, will the US also air the series as well? Only time will tell.
Asirt 02-17-2007 10:36 AM
The Powerpuff Girls get a season set

Warner Bros will release the first season of The Powerpuff Girls on June 19. The 2 disc set will include all 13 full-length season 1 adventures, along with some exciting bonus material that includes:

* Original Pilot Pitch
* Never before seen footage
* Cool episode commentaries
* ...and more!

Episodes on the set include:

* Monkey See, Doggie Do / Mommy Fearest
* Insect Inside / Powerpuff Bluff
* Octi Evil / Geshundfight
* Buttercrush / Fuzzy Logic
* Boogie Frights / Abracadaver
* Telephonies / Tough Love
* Major Competition / Mr. Mojo's Rising
* Paste Makes Waste / Ice Sore
* Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts
* Cat Man Do / Impeach Fuzz
* Just Another Manic Mojo / Mime for a Change
* The Rowdyruff Boys
* Uh Oh Dynamo

Suggested retail price for the set is $26.99.

Why did I post PPG news on a PPGZ thread? Because when an old series gets re-released on DVD, it usually means that the new series will follow shortly. I already have the R2 DVD's for the first four seasons, but still good for those without access to those DVDs.


For those who checked my first post, the TV ratings in Japan have been less than stellar for PPGZ. Will this mean the series will stop at 52 episodes? We'll find out soon enough.
Asirt 02-19-2007 10:09 AM
Heavy Metal Instro 02-20-2007 03:45 PM
The new powerpuff girls are more risque, than the other ones. But those were for children and these are probably for teens. O well, wonder if it'll be any good.

When is it coming out?
If it has already, where and all that good stuff?
Asirt 02-20-2007 05:58 PM
Originally posted by Heavy Metal Instro
The new Powerpuff Girls are more risque than the other ones, but those were for children and these are probably for teens. O well, wonder if it'll be any good.

The target audience of PPGZ is for little kids (and maybe an older audience as well if the sense of humor suits them), whereas PPG was for everyone young and old to enjoy (for a kids' show, though, it was very violent.)

When is it coming out?
If it has already, where and all that good stuff?

It came out in Japan July 1st and is currently airing on TV Tokyo. There is currently no official word for a US broadcast, though I wouldn't be surprised if it came around the fall of this year. For those tuning in to my new show, PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid!, you're getting a sneak peek of what's to come. Wink
Asirt 02-25-2007 11:46 PM
What's this? Have the haters finally succeeded in their plans to keep PPGZ in Japan where it belongs? Maybe.

The CN Upfront has revealed new shows, movies, and new blocks for 2007. However, PPGZ was nowhere to be found in the Upfront. Not even an official announcement that the series is licensed.

In other news, the New York ComicCon 2007 is going on, and also has no word regarding PPGZ as well. This raises a couple questions. Does Cartoon Network no longer think the series is suitable for the states, or are they waiting until April 1st when it airs on CN Japan to make a statement?
Green_Bird 02-26-2007 12:02 AM
It'll probably come to the states next year sometime....meaning that the annoucment if they do decide to pick it up will be made later in the year or at the start of next year. It takes a while for a long running series to be picked up. Namely one as such PPGZ.

There is no doubting that PPGZ will make it's way over, but not right now. I mean CN had their foot in the door when the anime started, so we'll see it soon so don't worry about it...
Asirt 02-26-2007 12:18 AM
Originally posted by Green_Bird
It'll probably come to the states next year sometime....meaning that the announcement if they do decide to pick it up will be made later in the year or at the start of next year. It takes a while for a long running series to be picked up. Namely one as such PPGZ.

Right now, PPGZ will only have 52 episodes, and will have more if it proves successful (and thanks to the low ratings in Japan, the chances of that happening are low). If anything, CN is still figuring out how to bring this show to TV, since it's the first of its kind (American cartoon gone anime), so there's still a chance it may come out in the fall or early next year.

Don't worry about it.

I'm not. It's obviously no skin off my nose if the series doesn't come to the states. I know some people who haven't seen the show who have been looking forward to it, so I hope for their sake that the series make it to the states.


For the record, Mojo Jojo has appeared the most with a whooping 23 episodes! No wonder people got tired of the poor monkey. Wink
Asirt 03-22-2007 06:28 PM
PPGZ makes it debut on Cartoon Network Japan this April. CN Japan has promoted the series at the fair. This image is interesting, though (note the TV):

Also, random Japanese man looks at Hyper Blossom over at the Toei booth.

[Images + Video provided by Moetron]


For those excited about the PPG Season 1 box set:

Asirt 03-24-2007 02:28 PM
Earlier today was the opening of the new PPGZ home page from Cartoon Network Japan. To celebrate the airing on CN, they are running a contest that lasts for five weeks. Answer the questions correctly, and you have a chance to win items ranging from a magic kit, to the PPGZ Collector's Edition DVD, to a $50 dollar gift certificate.

This contest is only for Japanese residents (duh!).

In other news, PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid! will be delayed for a little while as I work things out with the two contest winners. In the meantime, view the latest entries at Moetron for some of last week's pans. I will return to do episode 39 and the rest of the series. Look forward to that! Big Grin
Asirt 03-28-2007 04:40 PM
Title: Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z: The Video Game (working title)
System: Nintendo DS
Company: Bandai Namco
Release Date: June 14th
Price: 5040 Yen (about $43)

No other info is given in terms of gameplay or graphics.

[Source: Read Me! GIRLS!]

I wouldn't be surprised if a PPGZ Wii game comes out later.
Asirt 03-30-2007 02:42 PM

[Provided by Moetron]

Mario Party PPGZ style, anyone? Also, Bubless?
Asirt 04-01-2007 08:11 AM
WOOT! An announcement came from the Cartoon Network that should have the fans raving: PPGZ is finally coming to the US! I can't believe it! I thought this series was so horrible that it would never make it here, but it looks like the US fans are eating this up! While Cartoon Network will be distributing the series, the dubbing will be done by none other that the successful company 4Kids Productions.

It will air on Adult Swim later this year.

Fans are already raving about the new series coming to Cartoon Network. Take a look at what they're saying!

Originally posted by PPGZlover05
OH. MY. GOD. I can't believe this is happening! I loved the Powerpuff Girls, and I can't wait to see how 4kids will edit all the Japanese culture out. Hell, I think this show is guaranteed for success.

Originally posted by Al Khan
We at 4Kids are proud to be working with Cartoon Network on this series. This show is successful in Japan, and we hope for the same in the US.

From [as]
We simply can't wait for PPGZ to air on [as]. It will be a fresh change from the usual crack comedy that we're well known for.

Woah. Stay tuned for more info...


I swear, some people are not feeling April Fool's today. Guess we all grew out of that, then. Smile
Asirt 04-01-2007 06:02 PM
While PPGZ is not licensed yet in the US, the first two episodes aired on CN Japan yesterday, and was surprisingly well-received in the ratings. Sukaponta explains that the DVD footage is used this time, rather than the old one, which was riddled with mistakes.

PPGZ Panoramic Images: The Second Raid! will have a double-feature soon. Episode 38 has yet to be posted, but I suspect we'll be seeing it this week.