[Other] Fullmetal Horror Picture Show

Green_Bird 07-09-2006 12:16 AM
If you couldn't tell by the subject, The following are Fullmetal Alchemist videos using songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. After I did the Sweet Transvestite video I desided to turn it into a series. I never imagined any of my AMVs would have such a cult following. The success of these videos have caught me off guard ^_^ ...

The cast list changes video to video, but Lust as Magenta, Gluttony as Riff Raff, Envy as FranknFurter, Bradly as Dr. Scott, Scar as Rocky (exsept for the time warp one), and Greed as Eddie will stay the same through out the series.

Currently I only have four songs finished, I do plan on doing others whenever the urge hits me...Here's the list of completed videos....

Sweet Transvestite - Envy, Ed, Lust, Wrath, and Al.
Youtube | AMV.org

Dammit Winry [Dammit Jannet] - Ed and Winry (with a ton of random characters)
Youtube | AMV.org

Time Warp - Lust, Gluttony and Wrath (with a ton of random characters)
Youtube | AMV.org

Hot Patootie - Bless my Soul - Greed, and the rest of the devil's nest (- a few members, I ran out of room for clips on my computer >_<.)
Youtube | AMV.org

Some of the videos do containe spoilers so becareful if you haven't seen all of FMA or haven't been spoiled. Some also contain subtitles. I know this, I didn't figure out how to remove them until the Hot Patootie video...Anyway...please enjoy and comment Smile !