[Fan Fiction] Dorothy's and Mika's bet.

Shadow dorothy 07-08-2006 10:33 PM
This is an RD+RS fanfic. Mika's a character I came up with. And she always making bets.
This is my first fanfic and I hope it's good.
Here I go(and don't laugh.)

Mika was fidling witha hat one foggy Paradigm moring and decided to ask Dorothy a question "Dorothy you ever wear hats?"
"No" was Dorothy's simple responce.
"Well here put this one on and wake Roger up, I wanna see his reaction." Mika had an evil smile on her face Evil and said gleefully"It gonna be funny."
"I do not wish to"
"O come on it'll be funny"
"No" Dorothy got the last word in quickly.
"Fine" then Mika shouted "Norman I own you $5 on that bet ok."
"WHAT you had a bet on me?" Dorothy asked a little angery.
At this point Norman comes in the room and says"Very well Miss Mika."
Rundown is heard played a little faster than normal at that moment in Dorothy's attept to get Roger up, he was starting to be come obliviuos to her moring rampages.
And..."R.DOROTHY WANYRIGHT" looks at clock "It's 9 in the moring why am I up this early?"
"Norman and Mika are making bets on me" a slite tone off tone.
"O is that all? okay you two stop, I don't want to get up at 9 every mornig for this." Roger said slietly chuckling.
"Thank you, and sorry for waking you up so early." Dorothy apolgized quickly.
"That rather kind of you Dorothy you care if I go back to bed?"
"Thanks I'm going backto bed now." Roger werily said.
"Good night." Mika said to Roger and then turned to Dorothy and asked "You remember the deadline for our debt don't you?"
Good than you know what you are supposed the do tonight then?"
"Good than see you at dinner," Mika replied happily and ran off.

End of first part of 3 parts, tell me what you think so far.
Shadow dorothy 07-09-2006 12:21 PM
Dorothy was dreading dinner that night for what she had to tell Roger "He will hate me," she had though about what to say and could not find the right words, "How shall I tell him."
Mika looked though the door and annouced "Dinner is ready, are you?"
"As ready as I can be."
Mika precided to the dinningroom rather fast as Dorothy walked behind her more slowly ever so dreading what could happen that night. Mika was sitting down by the time Dorothy came in and just stood there.
"What wrong Dorothy?" asked Roger confused.
"Roger, I love you" and after saying this she bolted from the room.
"wha-" Roger said confused.
"You are a fool Roger, you thought since Dorothy was an andriod she did not have feelings, but all girls have feelings and all girls want someone they care about to love them," Mika said with slite furastion and then said calmly "She's proably crying."
"You should go talk to her," Norman chimed in.
"Yeah alright, I guess I'll eat later." And with that Roger went to look for Dorothy.
"All going as planed wounldn't you say Norman."
"Yes Miss Mika all going as plan."

end of the second part of 3 parts
tell me what you think so far.
paul1290 07-11-2006 09:12 AM
Really good. You had the Roger and Dorothy relationship show up a bit early, but I guess that can't be helped since it's only a 3 part fan fiction. Keep up the good work.
Shadow dorothy 08-01-2006 01:21 PM
Sorry i haven't posted in a while-heres whats let of the story.

Dorothy was packing her items in hope of leavine the mansion and not having to face Roger. He was going to be mad at her and would want her gone away. Little did she know that roger was watching her from the Door way.
"What are you doing?" Roger asked in a bit of a sad tone.
"I'm packing my things."
"Because I know your mad at me so I'm going to leave."
"Mad at you, Dorothy I'm accuatly glad you told."
Dorothy spun round and gave her a sad look before she started to cry, Roger couldn't believe it and was next to her in an instant.
"What's wrong why are you upset."
You wouldn't understand," Dorothy stated still crying.
"Your right I don't understand unless you tell me." Roger said while stroking her cheek hoping to calm her down.
Dorothy just looked at him and smiled"Ok I'll explain."
So the next few hours Dorothy explained that she made a bet with mika, how she had fallen in love with Roger, and why she didn't tell him sooner.
"Hm, well falling for me was a good thing because I love you to."
They embrace and kiss passionately only stopping for air.
"Hmf, I've never kissed before."
"Then I supposed that was pleasent."
"Yes, I love you Roger.

The End
R. Daniel Olk 01 08-05-2006 08:16 PM
Well, it was simple and kinda cute. Not bad, but not outstanding...

Actually, I was hoping for a massive practical joke towards the end. What with all the bets flyin' around, I thought Dorothy was just leading Roger on!... For da moneeey Drooling
Shadow dorothy 08-06-2006 01:01 AM
You want funny, fans getta funny.
The Part We Didn't See
As the two lovers went into their first embarce the Butler and Strangeling watched.
"You now owe me $50, ow, ok $45." after being knonked on the head
"This is not the time for that at the moment we must plan a wedding"
"You think they'll go that far." asked Mika a bit suspious.
"If they are truely in love than yes" and Norman went off to plan.
While Mika on the other hand went to go call a few people.
"Hey does someone by the name of Angel live at this residance"
"Yeah" and you heard the man who had picked up yell for a girl named Angel.
"Who is this?" Angel never got calls that weren't from the police and she was hoping it was not them.
"Hey Angel, it's me Mika, remeber that bet you made with me?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Lets just say you owe me some money." was Mikas only response
"No way, you serious." and Angel had to come up with something fast she was broke "I don't have money on me right now..."
"I already now that your broke and thats ok pay me latter."click and all Angel could was stare.

"Now to call Beck" Mika said queitly to herself, then quikely dailing the Pirsion"Hello can i speak with a Mr. Jason Beck."

Contiuned in squeal.